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This Blog is 18+ please be advised, there's is art and writing that may not be suitable for younger people. Art and comics of adults in diapers.  I'm a transwoman in a monogamous relationship and artist in my late thirties living in the U.S.

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2021-06-19 17:37:31

    Look, it’s me and my friend Skye.  We’re trying out the podcasting thing, this is the first (pilot) episode of our bratcast!

    I hope people like it!  It was fun to make.

    Jasmine Becket-Griffith is making appearances for a special Artisan Showcase at Disney Springs as part of “Celebrate HER Story”


    the atlantic loves writing longform horror stories that seem intentionally crafted to horrify me specifically


    When [Forever 21] filed for bankruptcy in 2019, some interpreted it as the end of an era. If Millennials killed homeownership, golf, and department stores, perhaps Generation Z consumers, who claimed to prize sustainability and transparency, would be the death of fast fashion. In study after study, young shoppers said they preferred eco-friendly products from socially conscious companies; surely they wouldn’t support an industry notorious for its alarming environmental toll and history of exploiting workers.

    *raises arms as roller coaster ascends*

    My birthday is in less than a month! 2/11/21!!! I turn 30 so to celebrate my big day my OnlyFans is on sale now for $5.10 for a month! Cum check me out and let me know if you like what you see!


    I had the privilege of talking to Kollaboration San Francisco about the misrepresentation of the Tibetan people in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I deeply appreciate them using their platform to amplify the voices of lesser known Asian groups like Tibetans. 

    If you’ve interacted with my previous Tumblr posts about Tibet and Avatar I kindly ask you share and check this interview out, as I wrote my Tumblr post years ago and I have definitely improved my writing and ability to express myself since then. I hope this interview can serve as a complete and comprehensive resource for why there are aspects of Avatar: The Last Airbender that are deserving of critique and deeper analysis in regards to how it participates in the greater phenomenon of orientalism and how the West perceives and depicts Asia in their media. 

    And a very special thank you to Veronica for reaching out to me for this interview! I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and the interest.

    Disocver the beautiful work of Justin M Zielke, People’s Choice Winner of the 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, in this exclusive interview!

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    My wlw short story collection about mermaids in zoos, astronauts on doomed space missions, cursed princesses, floating islands, and bog witches is now on Goodreads! Feel free to put it on your tbr 😄

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