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    by stargaeze_art: “When you asked if I had known love, I could tell the answer was yes. And that it was now.”

    Here’s to #Pride#ShareWithPrideRaise your flags ️‍🌈…



    You're my mommy because...

    You’re my mommy because I like how you hold me. You’re my mommy because you never forget about me. You’re my mommy because I know you’ll always be there. You’re my mommy because I trust you with my most innocent form. You’re my mommy because you care about me, sometimes more than I do. You’re my mommy because you play with my hair. You’re my mommy because you make me feel safe and wanted. You’re my mommy because you do your best for me everyday. You’re my mommy because you love me, but I’ll always love you more. ❤️

    I love you mommy ^~^


    All of the feels.


    Happy Pride Month! Here is a depiction of me celebrating:


    It’s that time again! Happy Pride Month! Here’s a depiction of me celebrating:


    Happy Bi Visibility Day! Here’s a depiction of me celebrating:


    Happy Bi Visibility Day 2020! Still celebrating


    Happy Pride Month! Still extremely bi and having a great time!


    Just warning I am going to post a rant.

    I mean this if you think ddlg = pedophilia fuck off my page and have a nice fucking life.

    I am going to try to be as nice as possible, but seeing people in the kink community say littles are equivalent to pedophiles or daddy doms are pedophiles. Is wrong if you do not understand the dynamic or the lifestyle that is fine it isn't for you. However to say it is pedophilia is dangerous and so false.

    I am a mom and a little. My little side rarely comes out because I am busy caring for my kids and it does stress me out not being as little as I want. To go into this I need to hit some triggering stuff about my past. I knew I was little when I was 13. I pushed it aside and put myself in harmful situations.

    Being little as dressing in onesies and cute clothes isn't the same as being attracted to minors or children. Most not all littles have trauma that leads them to being little and others love the feeling of being small and cared for. Who doesn't? The biggest difference is ddlg is 2 CONSENTING adults! You people speak so much consent things then say shameful and harmful things like ddlg is the same as pedophilia Pedophilia is finding children attractive. Last time I checked an adult isn't a child.

    Now I am sure you're going to want to bring up how some littles and daddy doms have sex while the little is in little space. Anyone with a brain in their head knows it isn't the child-like behavior that gets them off. IT is the vulnerability it isn't pedophilia because to be into pedophilia you need to be attracted to a minor or child. Last time I checked * opens the book on ddlg and closes* yep TWO CONSENTING ADULTS.

    Take it from someone who has dealt with pedophiles all my fucking life as a teen. To the point, I met up with one when I Was 14 because I thought he was my friend. He didn't hide behind a fake account I knew who he was and thought we were friends. To the point that is how I lost my virginity by a pedophile so to see people try to call me out or shame me for being one all because I am a little is a fucking joke. No, I never told or got him in jail because I didn't want to shame my family knowing I was that dumb to trust someone online.

    There are so many differences between ddlg and pedophilia. To see people shame littles or daddy doms because they don't understand how someone could want ot act little. IT takes us back to either a place that feels safe to us or to give us a chance to be little when we had to grow up as a child.

    As both a mom and a little those people shaming DDLG, but claim to be kink-friendly are disgusting. Learn the difference between the two before making a stupid assumption. Do peods hide behind ddlg? yes they do they will always behind stuff or try to be accepted, but it is up to all of us to shame them back into the hole they came out of.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk. IF you try to argue this with me you'll be blocked and can fuck off:)

    *please if someone wants to add some stuff please do. I got a little heated because it triggers me when I see idiotic people say crap they are uneducated about.


    I can’t skip this. We all need to learn. There’s the difference:

  • pedophilia disorder, in conventional usage, a psychosexual disorder, generally affecting adults, characterized by sexual interest in prepubescent children or attempts to engage in sexual acts with prepubescent children.
  • Pedophiles at the end of the day wouldn’t go and engage sexual interaction with m/f adults who CHOSE THIS LIFE STYLE AS A LITTLE. yes, being a sub or a little has the prepubescent characteristics but they are still full on adults who know what danger is lurking, who know what pedophiles can do, how and why they choose their CHILDREN victims. A pedophile won’t be interested in a woman “disguising” as a child - he wants an actual child to rape/molest because other than the MENTAL aspect there is the PHYSICAL aspect.
  • Pedophiles don’t want women or man with developed sexual body parts (and you know which ones i׳m talking about) they want the real deal - they want undeveloped body parts of children.
  • Plus, pedophilia is not a kink - it’s a disgusting, repulsive, shameful and awful mental disorder and people like them should always seek help before causing any harm.

  • And on the other hand there’s the DDLG kink by definition of the site “Sexual Alpha” : DDLG in its core is a kinky age-play/role-play between two consenting adults and is a close cousin to BDSM. DDLG has NOTHING to do with incest, it’s a play between two CONSENTING ADULTS.
  • Play. Consent. Adults.

  • Their words, not mine. But I think that as well😂. This whole kink is based around AGE PLAY / ROLE PLAY. Being a dom for a “little girl”, in the bubble of this kink, means to be attracted to a full on CONSENTING AND GROWN WOMAN who is aware of her place in this relationship and what it means, while she is acting out a vulnerable, child-like side of herself that makes doms feel attracted to it.
  • DDLG IS ATTRACTION AT MINDSET FIRST. An attrection to vulnerability and child-like behavior, in DDLG, doesn’t mean that those doms will go out and look for a child to rape because of their innocent doe eyes- doms of this sort are not pedophiles. They are attracted to a certain type of women who lowers herself before him, almost making herself extremely and utterly weak before him. Man, naturally, are attracted to “damsels in distress” - this is exactly what those lg are acting out and doms are attracted to this behavior.
  • DOMS ARE NOT INTRESTED IN UNDEVELOPED , CHILD BODIES. When talking about the actual DDLG, the attraction is the mindset first and then the physical come along. They’re attracted to WOMEN, not kids, WOMEN.
  • Pedophiles don’t want role play or age play with another consenting adult - they want the real deal. They want a child in their filthy hands whilst being a dom in the DDLG bubble means being 2 fully grown adults who are consenting to be in this role play relationship.

    Pedophilia has nothing to do with consent. No child will agree to be raped if they only knew what it truly means. DDLG is consent and adult thinking based, not related to that mental illness.

    Her words really touched me because I could see how frustrated and upset she was through her writing and I felt like I need to pitch in.

    Thank you.


    Thank you for explaining it better then I could.


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