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This Blog is 18+ please be advised, there's is art and writing that may not be suitable for younger people. Art and comics of adults in diapers.  I'm a transwoman in a monogamous relationship and artist in my late thirties living in the U.S.

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    It’s rumored that emergency rooms and psychiatric wards are more active at the full moon. It’s rumored that crime spikes. It’s rumored that people get a little crazed and don’t know what to do with their bodies. You’ve heard these rumors. From bartenders and nurses and nursery school teachers. Maybe you’ve felt it your very self. I saw a neighbor on the street and asked how she was doing. “It’s the full moon, you know,” she said, “so I feel completely demented.” It made news that a town in England put more cops on patrol on full moons. Sylvia Plath knew: the moon “drags the sea after it like a dark crime.”

    The Moon in Full” series continues at the Paris Review with the Thunder Moon in July.

    illustrated for Richard Wagner’s opera Lohengrin or Swan King ~ 1895 ~ pencil and coloured chalks ~ by Walter Crane (British artist, 1845-1915) 

    “Lohengrin is a character in some German stories of Arthurian literature. He is the son of Parzival (Percival), he is a knight of the Holy Grail who is sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a girl who is falsely accused of murder. He must never tell anyone his name. His story is a version of the Knight of the Swan legend. It is particularly famous now as an opera, Lohengrin by Richard Wagner.” 

    Found this too: “And now let us return once more to what Initiation brings in its train. The seeking soul finds the spiritual world; the soul finds the Holy Grail which has now become the symbol of the spiritual world. Individual Initiates have experienced what is here described. They have gone the way of Parsifal, have become as kings looking down on the three bodies. The Initiate says to himself: ‘I am king over my purified astral body which can only be purified when I strive to emulate Christ.’ He must not hold to any outer link, to anything in the external world, but unite himself in the innermost depths of his soul with the Christ Principle. Everything that binds him with the world of sense must fall away in that supreme moment. Lohengrin is the representative of an Initiate. It is not permitted to ask his name or rank, in other words, what connects him with the world of sense. He who has neither name nor rank, is called a “homeless” man. Such a man is permeated through and through with the Christ Principle. He too looks down on the ether-body which has become Life-Spirit, as upon something that is now separate from the astral body. By this ether-body he is borne upwards to the higher worlds, where the laws of space and time do not hold sway. The symbol of this ether-body and its organs, is the Swan who bears Lohengrin over the sea in a boat (the physical body), over the material world. The physical body is felt to be an instrument. ~ Rudolf Steiner, The European Mysteries and Their Initiates, 1909