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    Divination Fundraising Drive for Helping Hazel Find Her Voice.

    I have known Hazel for a very long time now. We lived together as roommates in our younger days. She has shared so much of her knowledge and experience with me. She is a genuine woman who lends a helping hand whenever any of her friends needs help. She also is a great mentor to other transgender people and to witchcraft seekers. Follow her blog @sleepyoldowl if you aren't already. Now it is time for her friends to help her! I am beginning the drive by offering readings and she and her friends may step up to offer other services in the coming weeks, so keep watching.

    To help her raise funds for her voice feminization surgery, I am offering tarot readings in exchange for donations to her gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-hazel-find-her-voice

    What you get:

    For a $25 donation, you get a 3 card reading for your question from your choice of one of my decks, a photograph of the reading and a detailed typed explanation of how it answers your question.

    For a $50 donation, you get a Celtic cross card reading from your choice of one of my decks, a photograph of the reading and a detailed typed explanation of how it answers your question.

    For a $75 donation, you get a Celtic cross card reading from your choice of one of my decks and a video call on Facebook messenger or Skype to go over your reading and detail how it applies to your question.

    How to donate and redeem for your reading:

    1) Donate to Hazel's gofundme.

    2) Email me a copy of your receipt at sarasuperid at Gmail and explain your question. 3) I will confirm the donation with Hazel, then send you your choices of decks, confirm your question, and tell you when you can expect your reading or schedule a video call.


    Appreciate it SO MUCH!


    I don’t have many followers but y’all should defs consider helping my friend, Hazel, if you can!


    I will also be offering readings after this week! Look out for a posting update!

    Cords and ribbons were often used in spells to create protective barriers or bind dangerous entities. Knots were most commonly used in groups of four or seven, both potent numbers in Egyptian belief, but some exceptional spells called for as many as 365. Black cord was preferred for many spells, and often held associations with Anubis. Red ribbons of the Seven Hathors (seven emanations of Hathor who had protective powers) were used to bind demons. Other spells called for images drawn on white linen, which was then knotted a prescribed number of times.

    - Circle of The Sun, Sharon LaBorde


    🔹️▫️origami witchcraft ideas▫️🔹️

    🔹️Make altar items like animal statues and symbols out of origami

    🔹️use it as an offering, especially for craft, art, and earth deities and fae

    🔹️use it to get in a meditative state


    ▫️for biodegradable spells, make an origami box and bury it

    ▫️same for fire spells but you can also draw a sigil on it and then burn it or something

    ▫️low energy witchcraft spells by imbuing it with intent as you fold it

    ▫️good for hidden/ secret witchcraft

    ▫️draw sigils on the paper before you fold it and chose to fold something that reminds you of the sigil (like using a calm/cleansing sigil and folding a fish -or a butterfly for creativity)

    ▫️some origami correspondences / an amazing origami magic post


    Fantastic idea for offerings, a way to enter meditative or trance states, or as a spell on and of itself!


    I just purchased some safari diapers for my little.


    Thanks diaperfurrydude! … i wanted to reblog this for anyone who might be interested, hope that is ok!


    Thank you !!

    For the list

    “What is it that the child has to teach?

    The child naively believes that everything should be fair and everyone should be honest, that only good should prevail, that everybody should have what they want and there should be no pain or sadness. The child believes the world should be perfect and is outraged to discover it is not.

    And the child is right.”

    — Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

    I’m a proud AB/DL Switch!

    I’m in the middle of a pretty substantial little streak, but I know that I’m just as much of a daddy as I am a little.

  • I love wearing diapers because they make me feel safe and cozy, but I love putting other people in diapers to be dominant and to care for others.
  • I love drinking water out of my baby bottle because it makes my life easier to lie around and just drink until I have to pee, but I love feeding babies because it’s so intimate to provide for someone else.
  • I love taking baths because I love being in the water and being clean, but I also love giving baths because it’s an opportunity for bonding in an intimate moment.
  • I love being put down for a nap because I need to get more sleep and someone can make me do it, but I also love being in control and telling someone to lie down for me so that they can rest.
  • I love wearing onesies because they’re freeing and comfortable, but I also love putting littles in onesies because no one doesn’t look cuter in one.
  • I love having “accidents” in my diaper because it’a a feeling of secrurity and comfort, but I love making littles have accidents because it makes them feel helpless and small.
  • I love getting my diaper changed because even though I can do it myself having someone tell me I can’t makes me feel small, but I love changing littles’ diapers because they want to feel that small too.
  • I love playing with toys because I need a break from being an adult, but I love getting toys for littles because the look on their face with a new stuffie is precious.
  • I love being spanked because sometimes I want to cry and be punished to feel something so intense, but I love giving spankings because I get to choose what’s best for someone else when they need it.
  • I’m so glad that I get to enjoy both sides. When I find my mommy, or my little girl, or my switch, I can’t wait to also have time to be big together as mommy/daddy, having little play dates as a boy and a girl, and being able to play with MDLB and DDLG if they are comfortable with that. Being an AB/DL switch is so much fun!


    A little Bedtime Routine

  • Change into your favorite pjs
  • Take a stuffy with you to go brush your teeth
  • Do any face/skincare routine you need, little one 💕
  • Take any ninight time meds you need :)
  • Make sure to get a cup of water to drink in the morning, and set it on your nightstand.
  • Get all snuggled up in bed with allll your stuffies.
  • Pop a paci in if youd like, it's time for ninight 💕