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 Potential Lover(s) This is me, my aspirations, and my life. Not all these pictures are mine but all the thoughts are @TeejayHughes

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2021-07-30 00:15:20

    Life has beauty all over the place, it’s the perspective that you have to change in order to see it 👀 📸 Sending you flowers via your feed today 🌸 - I hope you’re able to smile and appreciate all the beautiful thing in life around you ❤️ Tell me one think you’re happy about this week. • • • • • #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisgood #flower #flowerstagram #summer #photo #friends #family #instadaily #lifestyleblogger #positivevibes #beauty #goodvibes #lifequotes #polishgirl #loveyourself #travelphotography #picoftheday #instagram #beautiful #happiness #smile #nature #photooftheday #photography #travel (at The World) https://www.instagram.com/p/CLp8N_lDfzS/?igshid=1wdafoapcpcy0

    🐣Happy Easter From My Quarantine🐣 To everyone who is celebrating Easter, I hope you’re somewhere safe and with family 💕. I know it’s hard times, especially during a big holiday... wish everyone some love warmth and happiness 😊 - For everyone not celebrating, I hope you’re somewhere safe too 🏠. If you haven’t seen yet, I’ve been posting posing tutorials on my IG and tiktok! Make sure you check it out 😉 • • • • • #bed #photograph #filipino #cuteboys #instagay #sleepy #pinoy #cuteguys #easter #spring #love #photos #happyeaster #wielkanoc #polishgirl #family #happy #gayboy #familytime #sun #instagood #wakingup (at Quarantine) https://www.instagram.com/p/B-52k2kjHBK/?igshid=ktukx1ndub97

    It's been a journey for you, but I want you to know how proud I am of you. 😊 You've had little brother eyes watching you from the age of 4 years old. You've taught me so much from me just watching you grow throughout the years of living with mom and even more so when you moved away. I'm so happy successes are falling into your lap. It's about damn time! Haha. Thank you for always supporting me, and talking me up to your friends. ❤️ I love you, and can't wait to see all your future accomplishments (hopefully it's not more Rolexes). I'll see you later tonight in STL! 🚕 Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂

    Adulting has never been closer... Thanks for supporting me and everything I do. I would not have worked as hard as I did if it wasn't for these two. They loved and supported me all my life, no matter how crazy I would be. I look forward to showing the world what I can do, and I know you'll be there just like you have all my life. #Classof2016 🎓

    Honestly, this babe here is one of those friends that'll be there for a lifetime. I doubted it when you refused my Vanilla Wafers freshman year in high school... But throughout the 5-6 years of friendship you've made up for; BARELY. You need to hurry and get our ass to Europe, because I'm counting down the days until I can see your beautiful face again. London, Paris, Milan, and Malta isn't ready for us. And We NEED to sing our hearts out to @samsmithworld. Although, I'm still kind of nervous because you're basically falling apart without me. I know it's not your birthday in America, but Europe is better anyways. Happy birthday beautiful. 😘Try not to break anything else tonight...@nicole_gagne . #TheLastGirlThatStoleMyHeart #willyoulovemeh #love #family #friends #friendship #birthday #happiness #europe #cute #ugly #AndEverythingInBetween (at Teejay's Heart)

    Well, Belo Honzonte it was a blast; here's what you taught me.

    Lessons learned in BEH:

    -They speak the worst type of Portuguese haha. -Stop signs are optional -and so are one ways  -They make the best Pão de Queijo -Every destination ends up passing that damn brazil flag square  -My french is better than my Portuguese which is nothing -Alaskan's aren't total freaks -Thumps up means is the same in brazil -So does your middle finger  -50% of women have boob jobs especially at Projeto Sabor  -Coconuts are still gross in the Philippines, Kansas City, and Brazil  -Never be afraid to speak/learn a new language - Pedro Colen is the best host a friend could ever have. He's the best tour guide BEH has ever seen. And finally, He's one of kindest humans this world has ever known.  - But you must also remember the philosophy that "Everyone makes fun of Pedro Colen"

    I'm off to Florianopolis tomorrow for some more life lessons.

    Shoutout to my awesome, talented, loving, beautiful, genuine, and amazing followers. You guys have always been the most supportive and loving group of people. All the likes, reblogs, messages, retweets, etc, aren’t just a tally of numbers. Each one brings that much more love, happiness, and passion to everything I do. I can’t express enough how much you’ve all influenced my life. Thank you followers. I love all of you with everything I am.