I’m trying to sort all the details out in my mind, but it’s hard to focus 💆🏼‍♂️ Sometimes it’s better to just say them out loud verse trying to come up with it all in your head... Here’s to speaking about your emotions even when the words don’t sound quite right yet. The gesture can be just as important as the wording... it’s never good to bottle it all up for too long 😔 To everyone struggling with situations in your life, I’m sending energy your way to confront them ❤️ • • • • • #menswear #mensstyle #strength #menstyle #dapper #focus #exposure #mental #mentalhealth #capture #health #motivation #love #fitness #menwithstyle #life #composition #physical #mentalhealthawareness #mensfashionpost #art #happy #training #mentalillness #depression #gym #mind (at Austin, Texas) https://www.instagram.com/p/COrEjgVjYQE/?igshid=yuit5cm573lq

    Despite how dreamy these photos look, it was BITTERLY cold 🥶 My hands almost fell off from the cold air and I had such bad wind burn on my face 🥺... but it goes to show you that working through hardship can pay off beautifully. ❤️ - So here’s to working through hardship and spreading as much love as you can in the world ✨ Are you a hot or cold person? Or both 🤪 • • • • • #edinburgh #scotland #visitscotland #thisisedinburgh #instascotland #scotspirit #igersedinburgh #igersscotland #hardship #love #insta_scotland #life #motivation #edinphoto #mindset #lifequotes #motivationalquotes #happiness #hardwork #inspiration #success #failure #quote #daily #loves_scotland #lovescotland #dedication (at Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) https://www.instagram.com/p/CIZVZXpjs7s/?igshid=10xuf7yvrlxrf

    The drama in this photo is... 🔥 But the drama in my life is minimal... which is calming. It also gives room for a lot of self-reflection. 🤔 - That self-reflection time is long overdue for myself—as 2020 closes out (54 days left) I’ve wanted to really evaluate what I’ve learned this year, where I’ve grown, and where I’m going. It’s important to recalibrate yourself throughout the year towards your North Stars. Sometimes life pushes us into weird places that weren’t part of the plan, and if you don’t recalibrate your trajectory you’ll lose your way and your time. ⭐️ - Have you had some time to self reflect lately? What are some things you’re reevaluating? • • • • • #lisboa #lisbon #portugal #filipino #pinoy #selfreflection #selflove #selfcare #reflection #love #mindfulness #motivation #selfawareness #meditation #growth #mentalhealth #loveyourself #gratitude #life #beautiful #inspiration #mindset #reflections #personalgrowth #goals #positivevibes (at Lisbon, Portugal) https://www.instagram.com/p/CHWXWTHjhWM/?igshid=trt3ooavn7h6

    New horizons are coming, and there’s so much to look forward to in the coming days ☀️ Life has so many twists and turns and it’s important to let it take you sometimes... it may lead you into opportunities that you’ve never dreamed of... here’s to new opportunities for you in the future 💕 - Is there something you’re excited about that is coming up soon? • • • • • #sf #live #sanfrancisco #sanfran #happiness #sanfranciscobay #bayarea #horizon #newbegining #instasky #love #happy #filipinopride #newlife #newyear #life #fitness #2020 #blessed #motivation #blackandwhite #northcalifornia #goals #californialife #newme (at San Francisco, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/CD2rvuYjJCf/?igshid=qw732zqnoig8

    There are moments in life that numb your heart; where you feel shit about yourself and you're completely broken down. Then the realization comes that you just have to get over it; so you start to justify it by telling yourself "you're being a baby", "you just want attention", or "you're being needy" No one deserves to feel like this. And it's sad because when you finally get to that point, where you're just paralyzed emotionally, the next time you're just a little sad you start to think you deserve this feeling. It's like a never ending cycle of self destruction. The numbness, where you feel completely alone, is something you never forget.

    Thoughts after 23 years of silence

    My birthday always makes me sad. I feel unimportant. I feel old. I feel forgotten. I've never really shared why, but here we go: Ever since I was little my biggest fear has been having a birthday party and no one showing up. It's probably why I've never planned a birthday party on my birthday. Sure, I'm a very social person, I know a lot of people, but I have this deep feeling that everyone would have something more important to do on my birthday. It's nobody's fault but the day my birthday lands on each year is the 31st of August. This is always the first week back at school. Everyone is swamped with back-to-school activities, meeting people they haven't seen all summer, various party invites, and end of the month deadlines. I think if Facebook didn't remind people, I would go pretty unnoticed. Also the fact that my mom's work has loads of end of the month deadlines every August, so even she can't see me on my birthday. I know it's not anyone's fault, but (for lack of better words) it just sucks. Maybe I'm just craving attention... Or I'm being needy... maybe seeing how happy other people are during the birthday surprises I've been at over the years is fuming jealousy... I don't know; I feel stupid for feeling this way. All I want is to be: -Drinking a cheeky beer at some dive bar with all my friends dressed in all-white-dapper attire (because that's the theme someone chose) -Laughing in the background while holding those dorky silver balloons shaped as numbers that denote my age while people try to embarrass me -Blowing out candles on a homemade cake that someone baked at some ungodly time the night before - And drunk; Plain. Old. Happy. Drunk.

    I remember learning about how massive the earth is during elementary school, and day-dreaming that I was one of those crazy people who “sold everything they had” to adventure around the globe; but, I never knew how I would accomplish it because the stuff I own probably totals to $200.

    And now, I’ve just motorbiked through a gorgeous city named Padova in Italy and here I am sitting in the largest square in Europe (Prato Della Valle). My Europe trip is coming to an end. I’ve realized that the world ISN’T so massive, and that money ISN’T the sole determining factor that allows one to travel.

    As banal as this phrase is: “if there is a will there is a way” is the most appropriate explanation of how I’ve managed to travel. For the sake of not being completely Cliché: “If there is a AUTHENTIC, persevering will, you’re going to get what you want because NO is not an answer.” .

    That’s my (TTTT): Teejay’s Tiny Tip Today. 😉 . ———————————————————- .

    I think everyone expects two things from me: 1. A shirtless selfie 2. A long post about my time in Malta. I'm going to give you half & half because honestly everyone is probably over seeing my vain shirtless-ness and Facebook wouldn't be able to process the amount of characters that is needed to describe every magical moment I've had in Malta. You'll just have to wait for my upcoming book: "Drunk, Tan, and Paceville" All jokes aside, It's so hard to write about an event that has been such a large chunk of my life. I wish I could just smash your head against mine and transfer how beautifully chaotic, completely spontaneous, yet wonderfully enriching my study abroad experience was. I know this post won't reach all of you, but a GIGANTIC thank you to every single person in these past 9 months that I've: met, hugged, kissed, partied with, laughed with, sang with, drank with, tanned with, explored with, traveled with, and ultimately shared a part of my life with. It's not the location that made this study abroad, it's all the experiences everyone contributed that made it so special. To sum up, in the words of my HomeGurl Nicki: "My anaconda DON'T" Wait... "ASS FAT... ...yeah I know." ...Actually I think this one fit better: "I wish that I could have this moment for life." See you around Europe, 😘 Teejay