“Diaper or bells today, Sasha?” her Mistress retorted.

    It was a decision she was permitted on the rare occasion when her owner, Mistress Kitra, was feeling overly generous.  Normally, Sasha had no say in her daily attire as each piece to her pathetic and overtly feminine wardrobe was selected by Mistress.  

    It was a difficult decision for her to make, nonetheless.  Choosing diapers would prohibit her from any potty breaks the remainder of the day.  She had become all too familiar to the feeling of her urine soaked garment forcing her legs further apart as the day drug on. Each tinkle from her chaste clitty would betray what little humility remain.

    Likewise, wearing a diaper meant breaks would be an unnecessary and unwarranted interruption throughout the day.  She knew, from previous experience, that she would be required to work interruption free until bedtime later that evening.  

    Alternatively, wearing her locking heels adorned with cute bows and jingling bells meant her every motion would be monitored.  “A jingling sissy is a busy sissy.” Her Mistress would remind her.  If Mistress didn’t hear her charge jingling from someplace in the house, it was safe to assume she was misappropriating her energy.  Discipline was certain to follow if that occurred.

    “Well?”  Mistress asked once more just before the doorbell chime echoed throughout.  

    “It seems our first guest of the day is early, sissy.  Since you’ve waited too long you’ll be wearing both today.  Now finish getting dressed and meet me in the foyer for today’s orders.  We’re going to have a very full house soon…”

    Sasha’s heart sunk at the realization she was going to experience the worst of both choices.  

    As she made her way down the stairs she could see her ex-fiancée and her new husband waiting in the foyer for her.  

    “Oh my, what a sight you are today, Sasha!  Erick and I can’t wait to see and hear you pamper us throughout the day.” His ex said with a sly smirk.

    “I’ve got just the thing to keep you dry while you’re at work sweetie! You see, when girls leak throughout the day, they have to wear a pad to protect their panties. Well when wittle sissies like you leak through their wittle chastity device from all that pent up fwustwation, they wear diapers! That way we can keep your panties dry the wholllle day!!”

    Sixty seconds is not that long. Not in the grand scheme of things. Goes by in a flash. Blink a few times and it’s over. But…when you’re standing in the busiest public park in your city in your diapers and holding up your shirt to show off your pretty bra, and your mistress has ordered you to stand in that position for 60 seconds, well, one minute can last forever.

    60 long seconds. Sixty seconds standing there in soiled diapers, cursing the fact you ever met your domme. Sixty seconds exposed in Pampers, wishing you weren’t controlled by these perversions. Sixty seconds with your titties encased in a bra, hoping and praying nobody walks by. Sixty seconds hoping the odds are in your favor and that somehow people won’t walk through the most popular spot in the whole park. Could you do it, sissy? Well you better, or all those pictures of you in your diapers are going to your family and friends. Just hold that pose, slut. Eventually you will hear voices and all you can hope is that the people will walk another direction. Who’s going to find you? A young couple who will be appalled and disgusted at the diaper sissy in their midst? Imagine someone like this in their town! Might call the police. Or maybe a local school group checking out the birds will see you. How do you think the teacher and teen boys and girls will react? Imagine the laughter! The cruel taunts by that clique of girls! The threats by the football players to beat you up, you pansy! Or imagine some gay guys come by. Oh my. Imagine they like the look of a helpless, submissive sissy exposed in diapers and a bra. Imagine they think you are hot. Imagine they put you on your knees on the gravel and force you to suck cock while wearing messy diapers. Oh, boy. What a scene. Sixty seconds, slut. Not very long, is it?

    Oh, did I surprise you? My my, look at you in that onesie! And such a saggy sodden diaper you’re wearing. Did your Mommy diaper you? No? You diapered yourself, didn’t you? When your wife told you she’d be out of town until tomorrow, you decided to dress and diaper yourself as a Baby. Well, I have more surprises for you. I’m going to stay here with you as your babysitter. I’m going to have fun making you my little infant grandchild. At least until your Mommy gets home with her boyfriend. Oh, didn’t she tell you she’s found you a new Daddy? They’ll be back tomorrow to set up your baby nursery in the spare bedroom. Oh, stop whimpering! You know my daughter never should have married you. Well, be a good little baby and lie down so I can change your wet diaper!

    “I could watch him groan and moan all day. Listening to his diaper crinkle as i tease him and berate him for being such a pathetic little slave. I’m not sure what hurts him most: his swollen balls, his caged cock, the 4 inch plug, or his damaged pride.”

    “That’s it baby!! Goo goo and ga ga and beg me to make you go goo goo in your diapy!! Tingle and jingle your rattle, baby! Don’t you wish I’d pull your Pampers open and make the wittle bow with a bell around your pee pee jingle too?! Awwww!! That’s it! Suck your thumby and tell Mommy what you’d do just for a chance to cream in your crinkly diapurrs!!”

    Ugh, I hope she likes this

    I snapped a quick picture of my outfit - skirt, doubled-up diapers and and all, and sent it to Jess. She was out with her date, and she’d asked me to get dressed up and send some pics - no doubt she wanted to make sure to show me to her new ‘friend’, whether or not they went further and whether or not they ended up in her (or if she’s feeling especially cruel, my…) bed tonight. I wanted to get it right, I had chores to do and playing dress-up for Jess to humilaite me from afar was seriously digging into my schedule.

    Within a few minutes she responded - 

    “You look lovely, babydoll. Can hardly tell you’re a big boy, lol. Should I show this to my date? He keeps grabbing my ass at the bar…I dunno if I’m gonna make
    it back tonight ;)” 

    My response was servile as ever:

    “Thanks Mommy! I know…I really like the pink :c it’s up to you if you want to show him, it’s embarrassing yeah but I just want you to feel good and enjoy yourself tongiht :)”

    I sighed and sucked on my pacifier - it was pathetic how that last phrase had made my little dick twitch in its chastity cageshe’d be enjoying herself with his dick, for sure. I couldn’t help but dribble some pre-cum into my padding…

    Another text: 

    “Oh, Mommy’s going to feel great tonight, I think ;) hope you’re staying nice and dry and not rubbing your pampers too much…if you manage to keep yourself from wetting so much that you leak like last timeI might give you a special reward. 

    btw, he thought it was your Halloween costume at first…he can’t believe that’s what I come home to…I told him most women would be jealous ;)
    Mommy loves you, my Pretty Little Princess. talk to you soon”

    Ugh, of course she showed him the pic. Hopefully it’s nobody I know all that well…

    Carrie read the text from her friend Kim.

    “Nick was in Chicago last week, right????”

    “Yeah, why. He had a business conference.”

    “You need to read this Yelp review of this Marriott RIGHT NOW.”

    Confused, Carrie clicked the link.

    And there, embedded with the yelp review, was a picture of her boyfriend, Nick. Nick, sprawled out on a bed, hands and legs tied, gagged, and….diapered??? She couldn’t breathe for a second and then she read the five-star review.

    “Awesome place! If you have a diaper slut who sneaks away from his girlfriend several times a year on ‘business trips’ and spends those trips being humiliated and punished, I can’t recommend this Marriott enough. Just a few things I love about it. –The walls are fairly thin. So when you take your diaper slave, let’s call him Nick, strip him of his manly underwear and put him over your knee and spank him 50 times on each cheek, you can be assured the people on either side of your room will hear his screams. If they complain, as did happen here, all you have to do is gag his faggy mouth and it’ll shut him right up. Use a ballgag, a pacifier, underwear, a towel, whatever. –Extremely caring housekeeping staff. Each morning when they came in and found my diaper slave tied up in the closet, they never said anything, simply took the $20 tips. They were fine with emptying the trash of diaper slave Nick’s wet and poopy Pampers and were also extremely considerate about putting a bedwetting plastic sheet on the bed for my little bedwetter. They were also fine when I told them the diaper slave would clean the bathroom and they even supervised him and chastised him a few times when he missed a spot with his toothbrush while scrubbing the shower. One even slapped him and told him in broken english he was a “Stupid diaper man.” Harsh but true! –Room service is very considerate. When I called to ask for a warm bottle of milk, they rushed it up and the kindly worker didn’t even blink when I started feeding it to the diapered slave tied up on the bed. –Amazing pool! When I put diaper slave Nick into his swim diapers and made him go swimming, he had lots of space to waddle around. The front desk even provided some little waders we used on his arms and the girl manning the desk said she’d be happy to babysit sometime. And fellow Marriott guests are supernice. All of them took pictures and posted them online when I took him to the restroom to change him back into his normal Pampers. –Ice machines are all easily locatable. When diaper slave Nick went toddling down the hall sucking his pacifier and wearing poopy diapers, he only had to walk down three halls to find it. –Get a room with a balcony if you can! highly recommend. It’s great if you have a diaper slave named Nick to diaper him up, bring him out there and feed him his bottle as everyone can see and also to spank him over the railing whenever he gets a bit naughty. –All in all, this place is extremely accommodating for anyone who owns a diaper slut named Nick.”

    Carrie saw another text from her friend.

    “I didn’t want to tell you this but the review is kind of blowing up all over now. Reddit has a huge thread on it, I’ve seen it popping up on Facebook and apparently the local news station is doing a piece on it. I’m so sorry.”

    Carrie was too. Sorry about what she had to do as she used Nick’s Facebook login to go onto his page and post as him, complete with the Yelp link: “Hey guys, I’m going viral!”

    She never wanted to see him again. But she wanted everyone everywhere to see that diaper slut Nick.

    Mrs. Henderson practically sprinted from her car to Miss Jones’ house. She couldn’t wait to hear how things had gone. Nine hours earlier she’d dropped her 23-year-old son Mark off at Miss Jones’. Her son, god bless him, was a good boy, but had never had a girlfriend. Had never had a date, as far as she knew. Her husband had left when the boy was just three and she didn’t know if this lack of a male role model led to his shyness around girls or what, but finally one day at dinner she blurted out, “Mark, honey. Are you still a virgin?”

    The poor boy had practically spit out his steak and gone instantly red, confirming her fears. He’d started crying and admitted, yes, he’d never been with a girl. Never fucked one. Never had a blowjob. No handjobs. Hell, not even a kiss. Girls were just so scary!

    She decided to fix it and called up Miss Jones, a 55-year-old homemaker who everyone in the neighborhood knew through the grapevine had once been an escort. Mrs. Henderson had heard that Miss Jones had helped another boy in town lose his virginity at the age of 21. So she’d set it up and despite Mark’s protests, had dropped him off. “But mom, I’m scared.” “Mark, you need to learn how to fuck if you ever want a woman and to move out of my home. You need to learn how a pussy works and how to please one. You need to know how to stick your cock in a pussy. You need to learn how to be a man, for god’s sake.”

    Tough love but needed.

    And now she rang the doorbell and waited to see her freshly fucked son who’d be ready to strike out in the world!

    Miss Jones opened the door, welcomed her in and brought her into the living room. And…what in the hell? There he stood. Her beloved boy Mark. Standing in the corner. Sucking on a pacifier. And…wearing a diaper? A diaper? With the words DIAPER BITCH written on the back. Diaper bitch? Mark? She demanded to know what the hell was happening.

    Miss Jones shook her head sadly and sat Mrs Henderson down on the couch.

    “I’m afraid your son is a lost cause,” she began. “I do what I do with all virgins. I got him naked, got myself naked and allowed him to take in the beauty of a naked woman. I made out with him. Kissed him, fondled him. His 1-inch limp dick stayed utterly soft. No movement. Pussy does not turn him on. So then I started whispering some words while cuddling him. ‘Aww, little Marky doesn’t like women is that it? Is little Marky just a little sissy? Is little Marky just a little sissy girl who wants to be in panties and bras and pigtails? Does little sissy Marky want to be over mommy’s knee and get spanked? Does Marky want Mommy to plug his pussy and put his little bitty clitty into a cage so he never spurts again?’ Well, that got his cock leaking and hard, as hard as it gets. And I knew what he was. So I kept talking. ‘Wait, I bet little Marky wants to wear something else than panties even, right? How about diapers? DIAPERS for little Marky? That’s right. Big Pampers for my big girl. Thick, crinkly bulging diapers. Marky wants to poop and pee in his diapers. Mark wants his mommy to take him to the mall and have the girls laugh at him, right? Make fun of his big diaper butt? Marky wants to be in diapers the rest of his life, right?’ And guess what happened? Your son spurted his juice all over my bed. And so, we’ve spent the entire day introducing your son to the world of diaper discipline. Petticoats. Frills and thrills. Anal play. Bondage. Spankings. And humiliation. Your son, as you can see, is a diaper bitch. There is no hope for him, I’m afraid. He’s a virgin now, he’s a virgin forever and he will be pussy-free and in Pampers forever. Now, you can see if you can find a girl online to care for him but that’s highly unlikely. More likely, you are now in control of a fully grown adult baby. One who needs constant discipline and humiliation to be brought to heel. I’m free to babysit and consult.”

    Mrs. Henderson just stared at her son’s diaper butt. She moved to take him away and asked where his clothes were. “Oh no,” miss Jones said. “Those were burned. Walk him home in just his diaper so everyone sees that he is a diaper bitch. I’ll take your car home for you. I don’t want any women in the area being confused by his good looks so everyone needs to see who he really is. Take your diaper bitch home, Mrs. Henderson. I’ll throw in a case of diapers. I think you can tell by the smell that he is also a stinky diaper bitch.”

    And with that Mom and Sissy son, both now in tears, one clothed, the other clad in his permanent new outfit, made their way to the door.

    “Wait. Hold up. You mean to tell me he asked for this?”

    Brittany tossed her blonde locks and simpered. “You better believe it! Listen, Jenna - I told you he was weird as hell. Now I’m not one to kink-shame, you know that. I love getting tied up and flogged more than anyone I know.” She smirked and cocked her head in the direction of the crib, where lay the struggling, onesie-clad form of her boyfriend. “But I must admit, when he first told me what he was into I wasn’t quite sure if I should even keep dating him…”

    Jenna cast a glance at the wide eyes and hunted expression of the man trapped inside. “Oh, but it would have been a shame to miss out on this, wouldn’t it?” She chuckled. “I reckon he’s not the type to take charge, though. Girl, I can’t imagine him even fucking you, much less tying you up…”

    Brittany giggled. “I know, right? No, he’s not really that type of guy. But you know, that’s okay too. As long as I get to have at least some fun…” She poked a finger through the rails at the swollen mound of padding between the helpless man’s legs. “It’s actually kind of fun to keep him locked up like this and pissing himself. Makes him that much more eager to eat me out when that’s the only way he gets a change!”

    The two women erupted into laughter. “Damn, maybe I should try that out for Jared!” Jenna chortled. “But then again, I wouldn’t even dream of being able to afford this kind of setup. I mean, what is this enormous crib, anyway? Must have cost a fortune…”

    “Oh, it did,” Brittany agreed, stroking the satiny wood beneath her fingers. “All this shit cost over a thousand bucks, no joke. But-” and she cut off Jenna’s gasp of surprise with a raised finger, “When I told him I’d set all this up for him, I swear he couldn’t hand over that stimulus check of his fast enough. Even told me to use any extra money left over to treat myself! Speaking of which…”

    Brittany giggled and beckoned Jenna closer. “Come on. Why don’t I show you what just came in the mail yesterday? It’s gonna be quite a treat indeed - for me…” Her eyes twinkled as she cast a backward glance at her captive boyfriend. “Don’t worry, baby. We’ll both be back to play with you before you know it!”

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