It’s 3:45 am and Marvin is in deep sleep. Mommy decides to flip on the WiFi controlled vibrating hush firmly seated in Marvin’s bum bum. Listen and watch as my baby begins thrusting and wiggling all over. He can’t make it stop. Is diaper wetting monitor shows that he’s soaking wet and he’s got 3 plus more hours before I wake him up. He’s not having much fun that’s for sure

    Mommy said i looked too much like a boy in the last video, even though i was whimpering and whining like a sissy girl while i spurted in my diapies after all of 2 seconds.

    ‘So you’re gonna put on a dress and show all your followers what a pretty wittle gurl you are!’

    Mommy is tired of me posting pics of others online. So she messaged me:

    “You like cumming to sissy porn? Then you’re going to cum like pathetic sissy bitch you are! I want to see you humping your diaper with your bullet buzzing in your ass. I want everyone on your tumblr to see it too so they all know how pathetic you really are”

    So this is me...the real me...posting my first ever video of myself on the internet. And i didnt even last longer than one minute before making cummies in my diapy. 😣

    - wittlesissybaby


    right now i have my bf in a cage with his wrists and ankles locked to the bars and a dildo lodged in the bars and in his front hole, and a clamp w bells on his dick. he has to keep grinding on the dildo enough for me to hear the bells jingling while i watch tv or ill shock him with a cattle prod


    Oh, the bells are a nice touch. Filing this away for later.