I really hope this impacts the devices we’ll have access to in the US.

    Every argument for embedded batteries is a facade for charging customers more for the most common phone repair. All other reasoning is dishonest.


    Fuck yes please.

    Even aside from the repairability, do you know how hard it is to make sure a device without a removable battery is actually off? And not just dark with all the sensors active?


    I miss being able to yank the battery out if the entire phone was unresponsive, as opposed to waiting 20 minutes poking it in the hopes it will respond (when the usual manual options aren’t working)

    The World Professional Association for Transgender Health has recently released their newest Standards of Care and for a short period of time (until January 16) it’s open for public comments before revision. SOC 8 is essentially going to determine how trans people are treated in healthcare settings for the next ten years, so this is really important. If you have the time, I’d strongly encourage reading over it and commenting on anything that you find concerning.


    Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we’ll find out which. Unordered list of fun things I learned:

  • google has a secret deal with facebook called “Jedi Blue” that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they’ll cover for each other if anyone finds out 
  • google appears to have a team called gTrade that is wholly dedicated to ad market manipulation"
  • Google had a plan called “Project NERA” to turn the web into a walled garden they called “Not Owned But Operated”. A core component of this was the forced logins to the chrome browser you’ve probably experienced (surprise!)
  • Google is willing to do almost everything to prevent people from circumventing their ad exchanges
  • This is what AMP is about
  • Google habitually insider trades on their ad exchanges in every way you can think of and every way you can’t. Too many ways to list here.
  • The exchanges are also rigged so that google wins on bids where they aren’t the highest bidder
  • A large amount of people inside google are aware of all of this
  • If Google ever tells you some change will increase your ad yield, run. In fact anything they tell you is a lie
  • Google has worked with Facebook and Microsoft to discourage them from increasing user privacy, lamenting occasions where they prioritized their reputation over their collective business interest
  • 100% accurate results, every time!

    (Submitter’s note: please take the quiz I beg of you. gender neutral, no sex/romance questions, no timed questions, one “do you care about your star sign” question but it doesn’t list the zodiac and there’s a “no” option)


    EXCITING NEWS: the British Museum has a 3D scan of the Complaint to Ea-Nasir free to download (with a free SketchFab account), which you can then take to your local public library and have 3D printed!!!! (Also dozens of other museums with all kinds of cool stuff, but this one’s a meme, so…)

    Wow. I'm sure this is why cable news is so angry all the time, too. That makes it more engaging and thus, more profitable.

    This is horrendously dystopian stuff, folks, and it's all because people want more money -- for themselves and not for you, of course.

    Hours before actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of "Rust" with a prop gun, a half-dozen camera crew workers walked off the set to protest working conditions.

    The camera operators and their assistants were frustrated by the conditions surrounding the low-budget film, including complaints of long hours and pay, according to three people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment.

    The camera crew showed up for work as expected at 6:30 a.m. Thursday and began gathering up their gear and personal belongings to leave, one knowledgeable crew member told the Los Angeles Times.

    Labor trouble had been brewing for days on the dusty set at the Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe.

    Shooting began on Oct. 6 and members of the production said they had been promised the production would pay for their hotel rooms in Santa Fe.

    But after filming began, the crews were told they instead would be required to make the 50-mile drive from Albuquerque each day, rather than stay overnight in nearby Santa Fe.

    The cinematographer who was accidentally killed, Halyna Hutchins, had been advocating for safer conditions for her team, said one crew member who was on the set.

    As the camera crew — members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees — spent about an hour assembling their gear at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, several nonunion crew members showed up to replace them, the knowledgeable person said.

    A member of the producer staff then ordered the union members to leave the set. She said if they didn't leave, the producers would call security to remove them.

    "Corners were being cut — and they brought in nonunion people so they could continue shooting," the knowledgeable person said.

    There were two misfires on the prop gun on Saturday and one the previous week, the person said, adding "there was a serious lack of safety meetings on this set."


    Judith Butler: ‘We need to rethink the category of woman’ | Life and style | The Guardian

    Gender is an assignment that does not just happen once: it is ongoing. We are assigned a sex at birth and then a slew of expectations follow which continue to “assign” gender to us. The powers that do that are part of an apparatus of gender that assigns and reassigns norms to bodies, organises them socially, but also animates them in directions contrary to those norms.


    I checked twitter to see if terfs were throwing a fit about this and the first thing that came up was that, apparently, the publishers went back and deleted an entire section where Butler talked about how damaging and fascist-aligned the whole terf/gender critical sphere is lmaoooo. Fortunately some people had it saved so here it is if you didn't get to see it before:


    Screenshot transcript:

    It seems that some within feminist movements are becoming sympathetic to these far-right campaigns. This year's furore around Wi Spa in Los Angeles saw an online outrage by transphobes followed by bloody protests organized by the Proud Boys. Can we expect this alliance to continue?

    It is very appalling and sometimes quite frightening to see how trans-exclusionary feminists have allied with rightwing attacks on gender. The anti-gender ideology movement is not opposing a specific account of gender, but seeking to eradicate "gender" as a concept or discourse, a field of study, an approach to social power. Sometimes they claim that "sex" alone has scientific standing, but other times they appeal to divine mandates for masculine domination and difference. They don't seem to mind contradicting themselves.

    The Terfs (trans exclusionary radical feminists) and the so-called gender critical writers have also rejected the important work in feminist philosophy of science showing how culture and nature interact (such as Karen Barad, Donna Haraway, EM Hammonds or Anne Fausto-Sterling) in favor of a regressive and spurious form of biological essentialism. So they will not be part of the coalition that seeks to fight the anti-gender movement. The anti-gender ideology is one of the dominant strains of fascism in our times. So the Terfs will not be part of the contemporary struggle against fascism, one that requires a coalition guided by struggles against racism, nationalism, xenophobia and carceral violence, one that is mindful of the high rates of femicide throughout the world, which include high rates of attacks on trans and genderqueer people.

    The anti-gender movement circulates a spectre of "gender" as a force of destruction, but they never actually read any works in gender studies. Quick and fearful conclusions take the place of considered judgments. Yes, some work on gender is difficult and not everyone can read it, so we have to do better in reaching a broader public. As important as it is, however, to make complex concepts available to a popular audience, it is equally important to encourage intellectual inquiry as part of public life. Unfortunately, we are living in anti-intellectual times, and neo-fascism is becoming more normalized.


    Narcissus taking a selfie is the ACTUAL best.


    Painting recreations are my favorite thing to come out of quarantine.




    A gigantic glowing orb, as wide as the London Eye and almost as tall as Big Ben, is planned to descend on Stratford, bulging on to the skyline like a great artificial sun, dazzling the East End with the power of 36 million LEDs.

    The building’s facade is a five-acre spherical TV screen, like Times Square rolled into a ball. It is set to glow 24 hours a day, covered with animated adverts for half the time, flickering right outside people’s bedroom windows.

    Imagine having to live in the vicinity of this


    what the fuck happened to all these austerity measures we’re allegedly living under????????


    new brain lore dropped

    i wish the whole tory government a very eat shit and die the fucking fascists

    keep the backlash coming. our government cannot keep getting away with this.


    Absolute baller move by Chinese millenials

    “A new viral term promoting slow living has taken China’s cyberspace by storm, and authorities are moving quickly to stamp it out.

    Tangping (躺平), or “lying down flat” is a counter-culture philosophy championing minimalism and anti-consumerism.

    The “lying down flatist” believes that people are more than mere extensions of capital. The “lying down flatist” is in open rebellion against the hard-working, credit-hungry, striving existence promoted from the top down in China.

    The idea originated from a short post, “Lying down flat signifies justice”, published on a mainland Chinese forum, Baidu Tieba, in April.”

    Given that China(the gov’t)’s Imperialism (and its relationship to US/EU Imperialism & Finance) is literally a huge driving factor in Capitalism and literally destroying many countries in Africa and other continents, lying down is, indeed, literally justice.

    “I haven’t been working for two years, I have just been hanging around and I don’t find it a problem. Pressure mainly comes from comparisons with your own peers and the conventional values of the older generation. These pressures keep popping up…Messages about “fertility” are pressed upon you by an “invisible organism”. But, we don’t have to abide by these (norms). I can live like Diogenes and sleep inside a wooden bucket, enjoying sunshine. I can live like Heraclitus in a cave, thinking about the “logos”. Since this piece of land had never had a school of thought that upholds human subjectivity, I can develop one on my own. Lying down flat is my philosophical movement. Only through lying down flat can humans stand at the center of the universe.“

    Godspeed to ppl everywhere opting out of being used as tools of destruction by greedy assholes


    i hope people read this and realize that chinese people arent just the helpless drones that western propaganda have made them out to be. unlike what people who so staunchly think that chinese people are just sheep who obey out of fear believe, chinese people are indeed politically aware and participate in activism by protesting against their capitalist government (emphasis on the capitalist, just in case anyone’s understanding of china is still stuck in the cold war era)

    once again, the people all over the world have more in common with each other than they do to their governments. realizing this is an important step in building global solidarity in the fight against imperialism and capitalism. continuing to operate under the idea that asians are somehow less capable of critical thinking and political awareness will only undermine these efforts


    This post starts off as ha that's funny there's a movement where you just lie down big mood and ends with oh sheet they right that's like super meaningful and punk of them

    Godspeed to them (the god in question being hypnos god of sleep)


    “In March 2018, Peter-Lucas Jones and the ten other staff at Te Hiku Media, a small non-profit radio station nestled just below New Zealand’s most northern tip, were in disbelief. In ten days, thanks to a competition it had started, Māori speakers across New Zealand had recorded over 300 hours of annotated audio in their mother tongue. It was enough data to build language tech for te reo Māori, the Māori language – including automatic speech recognition and speech-to-text.

    The small staff of Māori language broadcasters and one engineer were about to become pioneers in Indigenous speech recognition technology. But building the tools was only half the battle. Te Hiku soon found itself fending off corporate entities trying to develop their own indigenous data sets and resisting detrimental western approaches to data sharing. Guarding their data became the priority because the only people truly interested in revitalising the Māori language were the Māori people, themselves.”


    “‘They suppressed our languages and physically beat it out of our grandparents,’ Jones says. ‘And now they want to sell our language back to us as a service.’”

    “It would mean entrusting data scientists with no connection to the language to develop the very tools that will shape the future of the language. And worst of all, it would mean that Māori would miss out on the economic opportunities created using the language that belongs to them, much like they didn’t see the economic benefits of the land that belonged to them.”


    From Abbotsford to Yoho National Park, a heat wave shattered temperature records in British Columbia on Saturday — and meteorologists expect the weather to get even hotter over the next couple of days.

    The Village of Lytton was the hottest place in the country Saturday, with a record-breaking 43.2 C according to Environment Canada. The previous record there was set in 2006, at 39.9 C.

    Other notable highs include the Fraser Valley, which broke 40 C at Cultus Lake for the first time yesterday.

    In the Cache Creek area, temperatures soared to 42.5 C, and Lillooet set a new record at 43.1 C. Temperatures in the Pemberton Valley are so high an evacuation order has been issued because of rising river levels caused by snowmelt.

    Continue Reading.

    Tagging: @politicsofcanada


    For all Americans keeping track 50c is around 123f i think. It’s what the summer temps in Arizona and New Mexico are like usually.


    And for anyone who would like to say “lol that’s just summer here, nbd,” these are places where homes and most businesses do not generally have air conditioning. It doesn’t get hot enough during the summer to have a/c. Care homes might not have a/c in individual rooms. People are going to die from this. Forests are going to burn because of this.


    Texan here.

    Put foil on your windows and block with heavy blankets or curtains to keep sunlight out, that’s where the majority of your cool air leaves.

    If you can’t get a hold of fans buy ice packs and stuff the freezer with em, you can place wrap them in towels and place them on pulse points on your body to keep you cool and avoid heat stroke.

    If you do have a fan place a bowl of ice behind it to spread that cold air around the room

    Wear your lightest clothing both in fabric and color WEAR LONG SLEEVES IN A LOOSE LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC IT TRAPS SWEAT AND IT KEEPS YOU COOL, heat is attracted to dark colors.

    Drink water no matter how thirsty you are, mix in gatorade to keep electrolytes up. Try to avoid ice cold though because it causes your body to heat up even more.

    I hope this helps any of my Canadian followers. Some of us Texans still suffer so help these tips we use down here help ya’ll up there.


    So it IS true that “this is just summer” where I am, but that means I know survival things you don’t and y’all were very kind to Texans during the polar vortex so from an Arizonan to all my overheating Canadians:

    1) strip down to nothing. Pick out a light shirt and pants. (I like pajama pants for this.) Put them on. NO UNDERWEAR, it’ll make the next step suck. Now go get in a cool shower. Yes, with your clothes on. You can sit on a towel when you get out if you have cloth furniture. If you have long hair, use this opportunity to braid and bun it. It’ll stay wet longer, and keep you cooler.

    2) stay indoors as much as possible.

    3) If you have box fans, put a tub of ice water behind each one and aim it toward the ceiling on a 45-degree angle. Cool air sinks, so this will help circulation in your space and keep it cooler.

    4) try to sleep during the day, if you can—body temperature automatically lowers during sleep. Dampen your top sheet and sleep under only that, in the nude if your living situation allows.

    5) NO SODA. NO COFFEE. NO TEA. If you must drink these things, keep it to a minimum. In extremely hot weather, they can dehydrate you (especially soda).

    6) find a friend or family member you can check in with at least once a day. Extreme heat can make you sluggish and disoriented even if you’re not in danger of overheating. Having someone to touch base with can help keep you engaged.

    7) plan cold meals and do any necessary cooking at night. If you can stay awake this long, 2-3am will be the coolest part of the night and the most ideal for cooking. You’ll want lots of things like sandwiches, cut fruit, meat and veg that you like when they’re cold. Cooking during the day will heat up the house and you won’t want what you’ve made because it’s warm.

    8) in the same vein, plan on 5-6 small meals rather than three moderate-to-large ones. You’ll find that you’re not actually all that hungry, and it’ll be easier to have a sandwich now and another in two hours than to eat a soup and sandwich and fruit right now. If you have an eating disorder and eating this way concerns you for your recovery, find a buddy to check in with, and remember: THIS IS HEALING. This is allowing your body to digest small amounts at a time so it’s not overwhelmed by unusual heat. You are eating the same amount overall, just in smaller bits.

    9) buckle your seatbelts when you get out of the car, and if you have to park outside, leave your windows open by a couple of centimeters. This will prevent heat buildup (the hottest I’ve ever registered the inside of my car was 142 degrees—about 61C). If you have access to a piece of cardboard, put it inside your windshield to block out the sun. It really does help.

    Stay safe, friends. Take care.


    as a fellow Arizonan, i turn nocturnal in the summer. Legit the only way to survive in mid-summer.

    Temperature wise- 3-6am is the good time to be outside, 11pm-3am is okay but not great, like 7-11am is okay.

    DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GO OUTSDE BETWEEN 1-5PM. This is the HOTTEST part of the day. You don’t want to be outside then, unless you have to be. Or you’re swimming. If you’re swiming- PUT ON SUNSCREEN. It doesn’t matter if you sunburn or not, you put on sunscreen. Typically sunscreen lasts an hour, so be aware of that and try and stay in the shade anyways.

    Anyways it was 113° earlier and the wind feels like it’s from an oven, rn it’s 110° but we’re managing to keep the house 79° + fans


    All of this is useful, but I want to mention that the further north you are the hottest part of the day may be later. I was in London, UK during a heatwave one summer and was always caught off guard by the timing of the heat. I’m from a place where it always gets hot in the summer and the hottest part of the day is between 12 - 4 pm. In London, the hottest part of the day didnt start until 4pm.

    Do all the things listed above, but be aware of your location and how it might affect the timing of the day’s heat.


    Another Arizonan here!

    Put your feet in water and/or get your hands wet. Even with room temperature water, it will help cool your body down.

    If you do have to go outside for any reason, try and find some shade. It may not feel like it, but it does make a difference. And if you are outside for swimming, WEAR SUNSCREEN. I cannot stress how important this is. Make sure you drink some water while you are swimming too. You can still get dehydrated.

    If you do get a sunburn, crush and dissolve some aspirin in some water and use a cotton ball or something like that to put it on your burn skin. Aloe is also a good solution. It is EXTRA important that you stay hydrated when you have a sunburn. You need to keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t crack and peel as much. And your body is already trying to get rid of heat and it takes water to do that.

    Something you can do to stay cool if you don’t have ac is getting towels and/or washcloths wet and freeze them. You can sit on them or use them as a cooling pack of you get overheated. Make sure you aren’t putting frozen things directly against your skin for long periods of time.

    If you start to feel dizzy and you start to loose your bearings, like your vision going dark or your heartbeat rising in your ears and not being able to hear anything, GET WATER IMMEDIATELY. You are overheating and your body is shutting down systems in order to keep the important stuff working. If you can, rest until you feel well again. Maybe eat some food as well.

    Air circulation is important. If you don’t have ac, keep a steady air flow through your house. Open windows and doors if you can. It might still be hot air, but having a steady air flow is much cooler than sitting air.

    If you live/work in a building that is multiple stories, stay on the lower floors. Heat rises.

    That’s all I have for now but stay safe everyone!!


    Arizona, coming through with the advice!




    You should be going pee every 2-3 hours. This keeps your kidneys healthy. Healthy pee should be clear (it MIGHT be cloudy or bright yellow if you have excess amounts of vitamins, this is a feature not a bug) and smell quite mild.

    If you aren’t peeing all that often, or your pee is dark yellow and has a strong smell, YOU AREN’T DRINKING ENOUGH. If three hours have passed and you have no urge to pee, go drink a glass of water immediately. You have no idea how much water you’re sweating out (it’s more than you think, A LOT more), and if your body doesn’t have enough water left to make pee, that’s a problem.


    Just to clarify one thing:

    “For all Americans keeping track 50c is around 123f i think. It’s what the summer temps in Arizona and New Mexico are like usually.”

    50 C is 122 F, which is the all-time record high temperature in Phoenix. This kind of heat isn’t normal even down here in the desert.


    To whoever following me who isn’t HERE, an extremely hot day at the peak of noon mid-summer used to be 34ºC. Stores are sold out of fans and AC units. Our homeless population is 300% over our normal max capacity, and more people are being bussed in to escape the hotter mainland. The streets are hotter and more dangerous than they have ever been here, and the forest fires haven’t even begun yet. This is our first month of summer


    Some conservationists were approaching a poacher’s gorilla trap to destroy it when an actual gorilla stopped them and warned them off while two other gorillas came by and took the trap apart. They had to have thought the humans were going to get caught in it

    Also they know what these traps are and are fighting back themselves


    ORDINARY PEOPLE: drive cars while not wearing fedoras

    CREATIVE PEOPLE: fly while wearing fedoras


    ORDINARY PEOPLE: watch that newfandangled Tele Vision Programing like BRAINLESS SHEEPLE DRONES

    CREATIVE PEOPLE: read BOOKS, REMEMBER THOSE, MILLENIALS??? Also while wearing their fedora indoors. It just never comes off I guess. Okay.


    ORDINARY PEOPLE: sad that their mean asshole sexy boss isn’t a witch and hogs all the glasses

    CREATIVE PEOPLE: how the tables have turned



    CREATIVE PEOPLE: engage in some wholesome, intellectually stimulating racism I guess


    The shocking truth revealed:


    For my 9th grade social science class I’m doing a report on how trans people are treated by doctors/nurses in the United States. I request that you please share this around so I can get more data!

    The following is based on true events.

    I want you to meet Jack. He could be a Fellow Worker like any of us, but there are a few things that, like any of us, make him unique. Jack is class conscious enough to feel empathy for the plight of other working people. Perhaps like us, Jack likes to be informed about social issues, but his world view, while progressive in many ways, doesn’t include a full examination of notions like “patriarchy” or “intersectionality.”

    He’s a white guy over forty and he knows racism, sexism and discriminating against people for any reason is wrong. Yet he sees himself in the guys at the bar and doesn’t flinch when he hears “locker room talk.” He follows progressive politics and pays his union dues.

    He’s worried about climate change ever since he saw a documentary that made some serious projections about the severity of climate crisis. So he starts searching YouTube for advice on how to prepare for the types of natural disasters he may encounter based on his geographic location. Thanks to the algorithms, what begins as a search of ways to weather proof your home turns in no time to video after video about survivalism and prepping.

    He wants to spend less money supporting the oppressive capitalist system, and starts to research homesteading, canning, and living off grid.

    He barely notices it when the content he is directed toward becomes filled with coded language. He hears people talking about the need to “take back their rights” and “protect what’s theirs.” He hears people in the videos talking about the affluent corporate class and none of this is new to him. He’s well aware of the disparity of wealth in the U.S. What is new, had he noticed it, is the increased use of tropes that are actually anti-Semitic in nature. But he doesn’t recognize these harmful tropes. He hears words like “state’s rights” and “getting back to nature,” and “individual liberties.” No red flags go off because these words sound completely reasonable to him. What’s more, they align with his priorities and values, or so he thinks.