just got reminded of the funniest tweet ever, some guy genuinely suggesting that the united states military perform a land invasion of russia through siberia in the winter


    No this is actually a really good idea the US should commit 50k troops to this ASAP


    here's an easy to follow diagram of how the US can enter Russia's "backdoor"


    this is the fucking funniest thing ive ever seen im in tears of laughter. (right axis) . this is a work of fucking art


    As you all can see when I started to purchase $10 pocket knives at gas stations in late 2017 and continued to do so once a year every year the gap between my annual military expenditure and that of the U.S. quickly began to close.


    here it is on one axis lmao


    ok so i watch a lot of youtube videos about chess despite barely knowing how to play and something really funny happened on which is the site people go to to play chess online

    basically they have a bunch of chess bots you can choose to play against at various different power levels (~100 is total noob, ~2500 is like, mega grandmaster). and recently they released a bunch themed bots?

    but the noteworthy one is the cosmic horror known as Mittens.

    Mittens has a listed power level of 1. However, that is a deception. Mittens is actually incredibly powerful, defeating top players with ease, and actually holding his own against the most powerful chess bots in existence.

    also he sends you these weird messages like

    absolutely wild


    chess youtube is full of these videos now lol