Here's a story about the funniest thing that has happened since the internet was invented, starring Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate:


    Imagine being 36 years old and finally getting your comeuppance for your sex crimes because you felt the need to try and berate a 19 year old over twitter 😭 so glad for his victims that he’s finally getting what he deserves though ❤️


    I think that all terfs who call themselves "females" should watch this video


    Video transcript:

    This is page 45 in the book "Females" by Andrea Long Chu.

    In the United States the man known as the father of gynecology, J. Marion Sims, built the field in the antebellum South, operating on enslaved women in his backyard, often without anesthesia — or, of course, consent. As C. Riley Snorton has recently documented, the distinction between biological females and women as a social category, far from a neutral scientific observation, developed precisely in order for the captive black woman to be recognized as female — making Sims's research applicable to his women patients in polite white society — without being granted the status of social and legal personhood. Sex was produced, in other words, precisely at the juncture where gender was denied. In this sense, a female has always been less than a person.


    Acknowledgement of this, however, would require terfs to give a fuck about black women. Which they never do.


    Person off screen: what are five things you would never do after working as a lawyer?

    Man on camera: well the first thing I would never do after working as a lawyer is call the police. I think people need to be very careful, when they consider of the issue of whether or not to invite the police into their world, their life, or into their home.

    The second thing I'd never do after being a lawyer is to talk to the police.

    Number three, I would never allow the police into my home without a warrant. But to invite the police into your home, is to grant them permission to make observations to what's inside. And who knows? You may have left your bong out.

    Number four, I would never consent to a search of my vehicle, my home or my property. If police want to search my person or my home: get a warrant.

    And the fifth thing I'd do: never submit to an interview without an attorney present. They tell you "you have the right to remain silent" and they also tell you "you have the right to have a lawyer present" before you ever speak to them.

    I won't be talking to the police.


    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen



    Why mentos???


    Because it's the Fresh Maker


    This truly was made for people old enough to remember these references


    me when I accidentally pulled out some fuckin pizza hut rewards card from back when they had X-Men themed shit out of my wallet instead of my ID