Night vision is a growing worry among motorists. It seems like new cars have ever-more-powerful headlights, which ruin your ability to see anything other than a retina-scarring cone of light. And that’s if you’re the one driving the new car. If you’re like me, and operate a rickety old car whose headlights are most generously described as “present,” you can easily be blinded by every asshole on the road who can fork over a down payment.

    Worst of all, there’s no way to get back at them. Until now.

    A couple years ago, I was introduced to a guy who was really into headlights. Making sure they had good bulbs, clear lenses, cutoffs, properly aligned, all that important stuff that nobody does. The thing he wanted to express to me most about my car, of course, is that it had shitty wiring feeding the headlights. When the headlights turn on, they’re limited by how much juice they can pull through that shitty wiring. He recommended that I get thicker, beefier wiring, like the kind you’d use to run a welder, or accidentally electrify your neighbour’s fence when you’re sick of him playing party rock at 4am.

    At the time, the price of copper was pretty high, so I never took the opportunity to follow his advice. After getting an impromptu suntan on my drive back from work the other day, I now see the error of my ways. A quick visit to a nearby electrical substation equipped me with some exceptionally thick wire, and a bit of hammering and crimping got me the rest of the way. And of course the stock headlights wouldn’t do much: a subsequent quick visit to the airport filled the trunk of my car with some of those sodium bulbs that they use to warn airplanes not to crash into the airport. Perfect, I thought, and went along my merry way.

    I didn’t have to wait long until a RAV4 bumbled into my path, shining its misaimed lights directly into my soul. Now, at last, the moment of my revenge was at hand. Also at hand: the high-beam switch. The exact memory of what happened next is a bit jumbled, but I’m pretty sure that the antagonistic Toyota was erased from existence only femtoseconds before my battery caught fire and exploded. Scientists are still confused about how, even long after my car has left the area, there remains a cone of perfectly lit road at all hours of the day, hovering ominously.


    Aging is hot. Gray hairs are hot. Smile lines are hot. Get with it.


    Baldness is also hot. Literally get with it.


    Everyone reblogging this post to add that people don't exist to be hot and bodies can be neutral: you're right. Make your own post about it. This post is about signs of age being hot. I am an adult attracted to other adults. People don't exist to be hot but if you have these traits you are hot, perhaps against your will. Sorry. Happy milf monday.


    sorry but there is no romance in bluetooth earbuds. they're very handy and nice but nothing will ever compare to sharing a pair of corded earbuds with someone to listen to music or watch a video and leaning together so the earbuds don't get pulled out. even now when i get handed a bluetooth earbud to share i lean close out of instinct. we need to bring the cords back for the love of god


    and before anyone says it, the rituals are NOT intricate. the rituals are MUNDANE, UNSELFCONSCIOUS, and EARNEST, and therefore they are HOLY


    in recent events of that zoo losing the clouded leopard, it reminded me of the time i went to a large petting zoo and there was a free roaming little black sheep. cutest little guy i ever saw, soi went to the zookeeper nearby and said ‘i think its really cute how you have a sheep thats allowed to just walk around. ‘ then the zookeepers eyes widened and he grabbed his walky talky and ran 


    *opens tinder*

    *sees the name “Brantleigh”*

    *closes tinder*


    *reopens tinder*

    *closes tinder*


    Hey I’m having an aneurism


    I don’t even have anything to add with this one




    it’s drittney bitch


    it’s drittney ditch


    ditches de like


    You know those aesthetic image posts that float around tumblr? I'm . . . starting to see a lot on my dash that are obviously ai-generated. Are non-artists having trouble telling the difference between AI images and real photos, or are people starting to stop care about the stolen art that gets fed into those programs?


    I have no actual art training, so I want it known that if I ever DO reblog some ai stuff please let me know. It was unintentional and I would like to know. Thanks~


    Yeah, I figure this is the case for most people. I’m going to put up a guide to spotting AI images after work!


    I think people know by now how to tell if an image of a person is AI-generated. Count the fingers, count the knuckles, check the pupils, yadda yadda. I've seen several posts circulating about what to look for. However, I think people are a LOT less educated about backgrounds, and about the specific distinctions between human error and AI error. So that's what I'm going to cover.

    Now, don't feel bad if you've reblogged or liked any of the images I'm about to show you guys. This is just what's crossed my blog, so it's what I have to work with. (Actually, thanks for providing the examples!)

    I also generated a few images from crAIyon purely for demonstrational purposes, because I didn't have anything on-hand to show my thoughts.

    Firstly Keep in mind that AI has a difficult time replicating "simple" styles. Think colorless line-drawings, cartoony pieces with thick lines, and pixel art.

    Looks unsettling, right?

    Why is this? Well, when a human makes art, we're more prone to under-detailing by mistake than over-detailing, because adding detail in the first place place is more effort. A skilled artist should be good able to capture an idea with minimal, evocative shape language.

    But when an AI makes art, it is the opposite. An AI doesn't understand what it's looking at, not in the way that you or I do. All it can do is search for and replicate patterns in the noise of pixels. As a result, it is prone to mushing together features in ways that a human artist . . . wouldn't intentionally think to do.

    It also over-details, replicating what it knows over and over again because it doesn't know when it's supposed to stop. Blank spaces can confuse it! It likes having detail to work with! Detail Is Data!

    Again, this is why we count fingers.

    These general principles still apply when we're looking at styles that an AI is better equipped to imitate. So . . .

    Secondly AI's tendency to over-render details makes it easier for it to pick up heavily detailed styles, especially if the style will still hold up when certain details are indistinct or merge together unexpectedly.

    Scrutinize images that utilize a painterly, heavily-rendered, or photo-realistic style. Such as this one.

    Thirdly An AI piece that looks pretty good from a distance falls apart up close.

    The above image looks almost like a photograph, but there is architecture here that you wouldn't find in a real room, and mistakes that you wouldn't find in the work of an artist that is THIS good at rendering. Or most beginner artists, even.

    Can you see what falls apart here? Hint; we're counting fingers again.

    Check the window panes. Isn't the angle that they all meet up at a little off? Why are the panes sized so inconsistently? Why doesn't the view outside of them all line up into a cohesive background?

    Count the furniture legs. Why does the farther-back case have a third leg? Why does the leg on the closer case vanish so strangely behind the flowery details?

    Examine the curtain(?) fabric at the top of the window. What on earth IS that frilly stuff?

    Another mistake that AI will make is drawing lines and merging details that a human artist would never think of as connected. See the lines crawling up the walls? See how some of the flower petals glop together at hard angles in some places? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

    You can see more strange architecture in the outdoor setting of this image.

    A lot of the AI's mistakes are almost art nouveau! We recognize that buildings are consistently angular, for stability reasons. An AI does not. (Also look at the trees in the background, and how they tend to warp and distort around the outline of the treehouse. They kinda melt into each other at some points. It's wild.)

    Fourthly An AI will replicate any carelessness that was introduced into its original data set.

    Obviously, this means that AIs will make fake watermarks, but everybody already knows that. What I need you guys to look out for is something else. It's called artifacting.

    Artifacting is defined as "the introduction of a visible or audible anomaly during the processing or transmission of digital data." To put it in layman's terms, you know how an image gets crunchy and pixelated if you save it as a jpg? Yeah. That. An AI with lots of crusty, crunchy jpgs fed into it will produce crunchy images.

    Look at the floor at the bottom of our original example image;

    See the speckles all along the glass panels, table legs, and flowers in shadow? Artifacted to hell and back! This shit is crunchier than my spine after spending half a day hunched over my laptop.

    Again, legitimate art and photography may have artifacting too just because of file formatting reasons. But most artists don't intentionally artifact their own images, and furthermore, the artifacting will not be baked into the very composition of the image itself. The speckles will instead gather most notably on flat colors at the border of different color patches and/or outlines.

    Cronchy memes; funny. Cronchy AI art; shitty jpg art theft caught red-handed.

    That's probably all the lessons I can impart in one post. Class dismissed! As homework a bonus, consider these two sister images to our original flower room. Can you spot any signs of AI generation?

    @wolven-writer I hope this helps!


    All of this.

    My biggest tip is to also look at decorative patterns. Since AI's don't know what they're actually making, things like a relief pattern on a throne or etchings on a piece of weapon will just be messy noise with no rhyme or reason to it.

    Even though portraits often result in less artefacts since there's less variables for the AI to try and process, the overly crisp, highly rendered style can be easy to pick out after a while.


    The median artery is an artery that is occasionally found in humans and other animals. [1] It is present in 35% of individuals born in the late 20th century. [2]

    occasionally I’m reminded that biology just sucks to think about


    patients often experience disruptions to splenic development during embryogenesis, resulting in an overall lack a spleen (asplenia) or development of many spleens (polysplenia)

    hey what the fuck


    people are like ‘aspects of biology and human anatomy need to be nearly delineated and sorted into distinct boxes’ and then actual biology is like ‘roll 2d3+2 to determine how many artery branches your cerebrum has’


    I don’t even understand what a spleen does, and you’re saying I could have a random number of them.


    your body can also randomly decide to grow more spleens! in a process called splenosis. happens when the spleen is damaged or removed but cells from the spleen remain, attach to random organs, and attempt to regenerate.

    sometimes they can do this in your brain (upside down smile emoji)


    You’re telling me the human body just randomly generates spleens.