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2021-04-03 02:15:40

    Today is my 29th birthday, and as much as I want to just say “lol TWENTY-FINE 😜” and keep it moving, this is a more muted birthday than usual. Rob is getting surgery tomorrow, and all I want as a birthday gift is for everything to run smoothly. My 28th year has been.......... a fucking mess, with some good and a whole lot of bad thrown in. It’s been a series of nasty reality checks that my relatively charmed life had left me woefully unprepared for. I can’t say that my 29th year will be better, I can’t tell the future, but a deeply corny part of me has been thinking a lot about how the 29th year is supposed to be your Saturn return. I don’t really care about astrology, but something about the concept of Saturn return—when Saturn finally returns to the same place in the sky as when you were born, signifying new beginnings in the (often grim) adventures of adulthood—has appealed to me. There’s a part of a No Doubt song off their album Return of Saturn called “Artificial Sweetener” that goes, “The return of Saturn/Assessing my life/Second guessing.” I guess I’m trying to enter my 29th year accepting that this is a weird fucking period of transition, when my thoughts of family and marriage and career and everything are more prominent than ever, but have also never felt so nebulous. I’m trying to find peace in this very scary unknown right now, and that’s easier said than done, but I feel like I’m going to go nuts if I don’t at least try. And with that said.....LOL TWENTY-FINE AMIRITE 😜

    It’s my birthday and I’m officially 28 which means that I can’t front about being in my mid twenties anymore lol 😪💖🦂 (Also, this time last year I just got laid off from my dead end permalance job, and now I’m a staff writer at Jezebel...such a massive improvement I can’t even begin to describe. I spent the day getting a facial and getting dinner with friends. TBH this has been my favorite birthday sorry lemme stop before I turn into a massive drip.)

    Happy big 65 to my beautiful mother. 💖 I’m so grateful for her support, especially as I get started writing this book (uh, she’s good at peer pressuring me to write and not procrastinate, which is...v good for someone like me). She’s someone I want to make proud, more than just about anyone else. Thank you (also how babely is my mom??? Wtf happened to me???)