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    almanya - willkommen in deutschland was a good movie and i enjoyed it a lot but it also drove home the fact that my brain interprets german i don’t know and turkish as being one and the same and that hasn’t changed since i was 16

    i write nearly 2,000 word long discussion posts for bioethics bc a) i talk a lot and b) i hate the idea of someone not knowing exactly where i’m coming from and what i think on each individual point/topic so i write 3 pages on it despite knowing only the professor is going to read it bc no student is going to bother with that

    my bioethics textbook once again did that thing i dislike where it talks about groups of people and scenarios in a very separated way where i feel the assumption is that those reading it aren’t part of the groups. like, this last reading i had to do was about autism and vaccines and it did a very good job of debunking it and explaining why people may think that (and how they’re wrong) and how that’s affecting whether or not people use vaccines, but i would say it was weird for me bc it talked about autism in a very...idk, clinical? way. which is understandable considering its a textbook but its still very weird to read

    woke up with wrist pain today and wasn’t going to do much with it and let it rest but i just saw the most dumbass take in my bioethics class discussion so i gotta respond to it

    was at work for 4 and a half hours today and i spent almost the entire time refilling pipette tip boxes and taping them shut and i will say this about filling roughly 200 of these. your hands fucking hate you

    desire to rewrite old stories bc “it won’t take that long and i can do it much better now” vs “do not start another project. do not.” fight

    this seems to just be an issue for me only but i wish literally anything in this book was explained because i am certainly not following half of it

    was about to drop gtn and then the sixth showed up and i liked them enough to actually read a chapter and enjoy it so i’ll see how long i continue to read this book

    the intro to a teen movie where the voice over goes “this was the summer we ALL changed....” except its me talking about the allergies that are emerging in my life over the past six months


    1, 6, 20, 25? 👀

    1, 6, 20, 25? 👀

    I don’t write fanfic so this is all for my original stuff.

    1. Tell us about your current project(s)  –   what’s it about, how’s progress, what do you love most about it? 

    So currently I have a few going!

    The first one that I’ve had going for two years, just by pure virtue of not touching it for a year, is about two of my characters Egg and Rala, who are detectives in a space station. Except this is less about a detective story, and more about Rala going home for the holidays and realizing that ze hasn’t told zir family that ze formed a family unit with Egg, who is also there and living for the drama, while Rala figures out how to tactfully inform zir family of this. Currently, I have everything outlined and a few scenes planned and written. What I really love about it is its basically a holiday romcom except completely platonic and also about aliens (and in Egg’s case, an android).

    Another one I have is a story for @andstuffsketches / @codenamexy‘s magical enby world. That one I have the beginning for written out and have a good portion outlined, but its primarily character driven so I’m having trouble figuring out the beats ahead of time. I’m thinking I’ll have to write it as I plan so I can figure out where the character is at at each point. What I’m liking about that is the world is fun, but I think the character has a strong voice that I’m getting to put down in writing.

    The final one I have in progress is this fuck off huge thing I have going that is maybe too complicated to explain, but its in progress and planned out. I just haven’t touched it in a bit, and its going to be way longer than I initially expected. But! I am enjoying it, because I get to delve into characters that I don’t normally get to do things with and do some worldbuilding while I’m at it.

    Other than that, I’m planning on rewriting some short stories for my main group of characters, even though I haven’t done anything new with them in forever. But that is all for after I finish literally any of these things that have been going on for a year or so.

    6. What character do you have the most fun writing?

    Oh that’s a tough one. Currently its two of my OCs: Ivy and Adam. Throw Chael in there too. They’re all fun characters that have a lot of personality and stuff, but all in different ways.

    20. Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about (symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, callbacks or clues for future scenes?)

    Okay so in the last thing I wrote and completed, it was a gift for a friend. Their OC has memory loss and in it, I was writing about them getting bits back. Normally, I use a fair amount of repetition (maybe too much sometimes), but I upped it for this because it was the character remembering things from the past that tied (vaguely) into things that were happening in the present day. So getting to use that was fun! In one thing I’m currently working on, each character has a prophecy or fortune given at birth, so figuring out how to implement those has been a fun challenge.

    25. What part of writing is the most fun? 

    I like the prose! I also like really digging into characters and figuring out how to get their voice across. Probably my favorite things to do are character studies or working those into plots.

    bioethics is interesting enough so far, but i do think that the textbook does damper my enjoyment of a bit just because its very strange to see these health scenarios be talked about in the abstract like this

    in bioethics we have to make discussion posts and the professors said that we only have to write 300 words minimum and while we can write 1,500 word essays over it he’s not expecting us to and we shouldn’t feel obligated to write something long

    anyway i just finished mine and its 1,800 words

    here to announce that i used up all my dexterity and coordination in my hands this morning after capping a bunch of test tubes and putting swabs in a bunch of others. after that my hands went on strike and have yet to stop

    possibly the worst decision i’ve made recently is deciding to add cinnamon into the muffins i made, despite knowing full well that i may very well be allergic to it now. the decision only got worse when i proceeded to eat about half of them over the course of a day and a half, causing myself to briefly think i had gotten sick because my throat kept itching and i was coughing a lot only to finally connect the dots

    i may have only gotten two hours of sleep but i DID get to sort an entire container of test tube caps which is actually very fun for me, who doesn’t love organizing things

    My best trait is getting overheated easily in all situations including but not limited to: waking up an hour after falling asleep because i got hot under my blanket despite having a fan blasting me in the face, and "you walked a little too fast"