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    been looking at some of my old writing and outside of the general improvements i’ve made since then i’ve also probably improved in terms of characters because boy oh boy do i not recognize any of my old ones anymore

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    I remember those books almost entirely because one of them has the most viscerally disgusting description of rotten fruit I’ve ever read. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but I DO remember the way it made me feel. ah middle grade fantasy!

    I feel like I almost remember what book or scene you’re talking about. I honestly don’t remember most of the books and I’m fairly certain I read most of them, but I do think that they were at least somewhat influential to me at that age. Probably because there were some absolutely horrifying scenes and descriptions in them. Also they were illustrated which was the coolest shit to me.

    Also there was that scene where they saved one of the main characters from falling out o a ship by the auto lock function on the armor’s gloves that was made specifically for this purpose and that was also very cool to me. Maye just a lot of things were cool to me.

    one of the series i read as a kid and that stuck with me the most despite never fully finishing it was the edge chronicles. not only did it have a really cool world where rocks were splitting off of the edge and floating up in the sky (they had to be chained down and buildings would be built on the larger ones) but it also had the most important thing in the world to younger me:

    sky pirates.

    which was something i always wanted to do something with writing wise but never did

    also there was a moment in the books where one of the characters was wandering around the twilight woods which caused you to loose your memory and sense of self, but never your life and he found the decrepit body of a man from ages before and the man tried to go after him and that moment haunted me ever since

    when in my german lit class i’d always joke about how shock would cause the women to get sick and die but i can’t even really talk because i got slightly less sleep than intended and didn’t eat enough or drink enough water so my body is collapsing upon itself

    i could almost definitely talk for ages about the similarities and differences between murderbot and breq in terms of how their relationships manifest and how others perceive them and they perceive themselves based on their own personal histories and their original function and the exact type of AI they are but for now i’ll settle to writing fake essays in my head

    i feel like there’s a lot of potential for an imperial radch/murderbot diaries crossover because huge galaxy and all and the similarities between breq and murderbot but i actually have no idea what a crossover would entail

    *looks at couple* so who is the AI in a human body and who is the AI controlling a giant spaceship?

    one of my finals involves me watching a direct to tv austrian-italian movie that was originally in italian and then dubbed over in german while using youtube’s autogenerated german subtitles

    that game of walking bad post is haunting me

    the amount of times i had to draw cholesterol for my o chem assignment made me never want to look at it again

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    a big part of my EDS is Digestive Problems And Feeling Faint All The Time, combined with being bendy, which is why I brought it up! especially if your family has it too. it’s like… can be an Explanation if you have a lot of weird seemingly disconnected body stuff, especially if other people in your family do too. I just thought I’d mention it!

    Oh! That’s actually pretty interesting. I know when it comes to my family the main problems almost all come from my mom but I don’t think she herself is hypermobile at all and it kind of skeeves her out when I showed it to her, haha. As for the feeling faint, I wouldn’t say I feel like that all the time, but that may just be because ever since I started getting it (or noticing it?) way back when I was 10-11 they just started chalking it up to “fast metabolism and/or getting up too fast” and for the most part I can avoid feeling like that by eating right or noticing the pre-faintish feeling signs, but it does sneak up on me randomly sometimes. While I don’t think I would say I have it and don’t really think I have any specific need to find out if I do, it will be something I keep in mind, just in case!

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    okay this may be a weird question and you can definitely tell me to Buzz Off but. have you ever researched ehlers danlos syndrome. because I think maybe you should, based on a lot of other posts you’ve made! also, Mood, I do the same thing with my shoulders! it’s just so satisfying    

    I’ve known my pinkie fingers can over extend/pop back for years now and its like the one thing I do when I get real bored in class or something (even if it is slightly sore later). Just something about the “sound” I guess that entertains me.

    But about the first message, its not weird at all! Its a good question--I haven’t necessarily studied it “in depth” but I do know the overview of it. Actually I think it may have been a video someone made about it when I first realized that actually, yes, bending fingers back that far IS considered hypermobility (I’d been watching a video on migraines before it and it was next up on autoplay) and then when I looked up hypermobility more in general it was a wow....I can do that” rabbit hole kind of thing. But I haven’t researched EDS specifically.

    Anyways! While I am fairly bendy, I don’t really think I have the other symptoms or markers of EDS (based on the mayo clinic overview, at least). I don’t think my skin is any stretchier than “normal” and when it comes to wound healing, when I got stitches last summer it healed up just fine without any problems. The other things I do have on the list is that I bruise easily(?) and I would sprain/roll my ankles a lot. But I know there’s usually a lot more nuance with things than the symptom lists on websites, so!

    learned i can pop my thumbs weird and now i keep catching myself doing it while bored.....this is not good. i WILL make them hurt if i keep doing that

    And Yet