@also-proximally replied to your photoset: The horticulture club was selling plants today and...

oooh, i love zebra plants! they have such an excellent texture to them :0 as for the other one - i’ve not seen anything like it before, but on first glance and a little bit of confirmation googling, by the leaf shape and striping it looks a lot like a peperomia? mayyyyybe a peperomia caperata of some variety, judging by image search, but it’s difficult to tell - there’s just like. so many peperomias.

originally I bought the possible peperomia caperata (i don’t know much about plants and they didn’t have this one labeled so the guy selling them couldn’t tell me what it was, but it does look pretty similar to what google gives me, so thank you!) and i was like “okay that’s the only plant i’m going to get” 

but the zebra plants.....they called to me and i am weak so i ran back and bought that one too. and now i have two plants, a need for new pots, and a slight fear of killing them