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‘this is the only plant i’m going to get’ is such a MOOD oh my god if i hadn’t already run out of window space and surfaces to put plants on i’d have even more of them. as for watering - my best advice is get a watering reminder app to track when you last watered (i use plant care reminder), look up care tips online, and like. touch the soil every now and then, and if the top few cm are dry then water it for sure.

I don’t even have that much space!!! but they were so pretty and i wanted plants so bad...... my shelf has enough space and bright (room) light but currently unwashed dishes are piled on it. They actually recommended I keep them away from the windowsill in the winter because it can get down to -20F/-28C here sometimes and they might freeze (and its already starting to snow here) 

anyway thank you for the app recommendation! knowing me i’d totally forget and then over water it