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    @proximally YEAH, 8 pages, 1.5 line spacing, and 12 point font. Its the 1.5 that kills me....why not a solid 2? That would make it slightly easier. Those are all good ideas, thank you! The only things we HAVE to talk about are the role/function, regulation/control mechanism, and identification which I CANNOT imagine will fill up 8 pages, so the history and existence in others will be useful.

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    I remember those books almost entirely because one of them has the most viscerally disgusting description of rotten fruit I’ve ever read. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but I DO remember the way it made me feel. ah middle grade fantasy!

    I feel like I almost remember what book or scene you’re talking about. I honestly don’t remember most of the books and I’m fairly certain I read most of them, but I do think that they were at least somewhat influential to me at that age. Probably because there were some absolutely horrifying scenes and descriptions in them. Also they were illustrated which was the coolest shit to me.

    Also there was that scene where they saved one of the main characters from falling out o a ship by the auto lock function on the armor’s gloves that was made specifically for this purpose and that was also very cool to me. Maye just a lot of things were cool to me.

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    a big part of my EDS is Digestive Problems And Feeling Faint All The Time, combined with being bendy, which is why I brought it up! especially if your family has it too. it’s like… can be an Explanation if you have a lot of weird seemingly disconnected body stuff, especially if other people in your family do too. I just thought I’d mention it!

    Oh! That’s actually pretty interesting. I know when it comes to my family the main problems almost all come from my mom but I don’t think she herself is hypermobile at all and it kind of skeeves her out when I showed it to her, haha. As for the feeling faint, I wouldn’t say I feel like that all the time, but that may just be because ever since I started getting it (or noticing it?) way back when I was 10-11 they just started chalking it up to “fast metabolism and/or getting up too fast” and for the most part I can avoid feeling like that by eating right or noticing the pre-faintish feeling signs, but it does sneak up on me randomly sometimes. While I don’t think I would say I have it and don’t really think I have any specific need to find out if I do, it will be something I keep in mind, just in case!

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    okay this may be a weird question and you can definitely tell me to Buzz Off but. have you ever researched ehlers danlos syndrome. because I think maybe you should, based on a lot of other posts you’ve made! also, Mood, I do the same thing with my shoulders! it’s just so satisfying    

    I’ve known my pinkie fingers can over extend/pop back for years now and its like the one thing I do when I get real bored in class or something (even if it is slightly sore later). Just something about the “sound” I guess that entertains me.

    But about the first message, its not weird at all! Its a good question--I haven’t necessarily studied it “in depth” but I do know the overview of it. Actually I think it may have been a video someone made about it when I first realized that actually, yes, bending fingers back that far IS considered hypermobility (I’d been watching a video on migraines before it and it was next up on autoplay) and then when I looked up hypermobility more in general it was a wow....I can do that” rabbit hole kind of thing. But I haven’t researched EDS specifically.

    Anyways! While I am fairly bendy, I don’t really think I have the other symptoms or markers of EDS (based on the mayo clinic overview, at least). I don’t think my skin is any stretchier than “normal” and when it comes to wound healing, when I got stitches last summer it healed up just fine without any problems. The other things I do have on the list is that I bruise easily(?) and I would sprain/roll my ankles a lot. But I know there’s usually a lot more nuance with things than the symptom lists on websites, so!

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    apparently being able to TOUCH YOUR TOES is considered hypermobility, which is bizzare to me! also if you want to know what counts as hypermobile the brighton scale is probably the best thing to google, altho you can be hypermobile and still have a low score on it    

    the touching your toes thing would be less bizarre if it was like “touching your toes and getting your fingers or hands flat” but JUST touching your toes?? wild

    the test is interesting, thanks! I got like a 4/9 maybe a 5/9 on it. really the only things that don’t over bend are my knees and my elbows and i’m not certain if i’m doing the flat hands toe touch thing right but i CAN get them flat without bending my knees


    more body parts should have names like Nodes of Ranvier. like why should we be stuck calling the stomach the stomach when it could have a much cooler name. like Balthagor’s Reservoir

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    holy SHIT that’s cold, we’ve barely even had /frost/ this winter. i’ve dug out my coat twice and not needed it either time. i don’t think i can even /imagine/ -30C good gods

    its cold for us too, but its also not....out of the ordinary so to speak? like, last year was a worse winter and we had classes cancelled for a day or two because with the wind it was down to -54F/-47C and we couldn’t leave the building without getting frostbite within 5 minutes. 

    Today, though, we had class because you’ll only get frostbite within 15 minutes of exposure and technically you can get across campus in 10 minutes so I guess it wasn’t considered “dangerous weather” and its “warmer” now than it was it was this morning (warmer being -6F/-21C with the wind making it feel like -23F/-30C), which is more tolerable/reasonable.

    Speaking of snow, we did have blizzard conditions yesterday and its not a huge amount, but its like....halfway up my calf? maybe close to my knee in some areas? so actually not a lot, all things considered.

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    god that sounds like an absolute DELIGHT

    it WAS and every day i wish there was some kind of video game or even card/board game out there like that.......i yearn for it........

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    i think the only one that unnerved me was probably lost johns cave, but even then only if i really think about it… re: your tags - same?? all my fears are very mundane, like. im afraid of deadlines and social interaction, not spooky eyeball monsters or whatever. @ the entities come back when you’re somebody i respect and desperately want the approval of

    LMAO YEAH. the entity of awkward conversations

    re: your other messages about rqg, that sounds cool, and I think I’ll probably end up checking it out once I catch up with.....literally everything else I’m listening to vis a vis dnd podcasts. which, granted, is really only taz at this point but like. point still stands i’m really slow with this.

    my thoughts on the high stakes is basically fear.jpg. i’m weak, i want everyone to be happy but also........high stakes are fun sometimes

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    oh super agree - i tend to be easily spooked but tma just isn’t super scary to me either. plot starts kicking up around ep22 and gets going more in season 2 (ep40+), i think? it is admittedly pretty slow for a while, particularly in s1

    I’mmmmm nearly done with season 1 I think? I think I just finished Hive, but its been a bit since I’ve listened. That episode make my skin crawl, but not necessarily in a spooky way. The nice part at least is the episodes are short, so I’ll probably end up getting back into it on my way to classes or when waiting for them to start when the semester starts again.

    Semi related--you’ve gotten into rqg, recently, right? How is that set up, story-wise?

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    oh rip

    --and other quotes from my lab group members 

    my hands actually ended up super smooth because i was scrubbing all my skin off but now its like. reverted and my hands are not happy with me 


    thanks for the advice!! the possible peperomias they said should be treated like a begonia in a way, but! they did say it liked indirect light like you said 

    i’m fairly certain its not a rose bc i don’t think they mentioned it flowering at all to me 

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    ‘this is the only plant i’m going to get’ is such a MOOD oh my god if i hadn’t already run out of window space and surfaces to put plants on i’d have even more of them. as for watering - my best advice is get a watering reminder app to track when you last watered (i use plant care reminder), look up care tips online, and like. touch the soil every now and then, and if the top few cm are dry then water it for sure.

    I don’t even have that much space!!! but they were so pretty and i wanted plants so bad...... my shelf has enough space and bright (room) light but currently unwashed dishes are piled on it. They actually recommended I keep them away from the windowsill in the winter because it can get down to -20F/-28C here sometimes and they might freeze (and its already starting to snow here) 

    anyway thank you for the app recommendation! knowing me i’d totally forget and then over water it 

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    oooh, i love zebra plants! they have such an excellent texture to them :0 as for the other one - i’ve not seen anything like it before, but on first glance and a little bit of confirmation googling, by the leaf shape and striping it looks a lot like a peperomia? mayyyyybe a peperomia caperata of some variety, judging by image search, but it’s difficult to tell - there’s just like. so many peperomias.

    originally I bought the possible peperomia caperata (i don’t know much about plants and they didn’t have this one labeled so the guy selling them couldn’t tell me what it was, but it does look pretty similar to what google gives me, so thank you!) and i was like “okay that’s the only plant i’m going to get” 

    but the zebra plants.....they called to me and i am weak so i ran back and bought that one too. and now i have two plants, a need for new pots, and a slight fear of killing them 

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    That’s so cool…

    e coli is one of the only ones that gets that green sheen too! at least i think so. there were also some black spots on it that don’t show up where it REALLY fermented lactose

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    Glad it went well! Good luck talking to the professor

    thanks! i’m thinking it’ll go well--he’s a nice guy and so far this is the most ease i’ve had understanding chemistry ever 

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    Oh no, that’s really scary…. I’m glad he’s going to be okay though

    thanks, and yeah me too. apparently when my family got him from the vet this morning (he has to be transferred to another place, because the one they took him to was overnight only) he was basically back to normal, but they have to keep monitoring him to make sure 

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    I would ask the professors and see if there’s cheaper options

    I did end up sending an email to one of my professors asking if an ebook version of it would work just as well as a physical copy (its a lab so sometimes you have to remove pages and submit them for a grade and idk whether they’d allow me to print out or copy down the questions myself), but the main issue comes in with the fact that two of my classes (the ones where the bulk of the cost comes in) are both requiring these access codes for a program which comes with an ebook + the program where they assign homework and tests, and once you use a code you can’t reuse it so you unfortunately have to get them new unless you can find a cheaper version somewhere else which i can’t :/