unicagem > Gem

Age quod agis Saint Seiya + probably a lot of cats and drawings Have a look at my cat

r34upyourass > R34 up your ass Where the dreams become porn!

I'm not an artist. I'm 21, I'm a guy, I'm from Spain and I love drawn pornography. Feel free to ask me anything or making requests, I'll answer them as soon as I can. Now relax and enjoy. I'm NOT an artist. I just post good fap material.

woopyun > barom69@hotmail.com

Dana ∞ 18 ∞ California ∞ Multifandom Trash ♡Member of Netkon♡

sukijav > Japanese AV

I make gifs. Search by actress name.

chicas-mas-calientes > tantas chicas, tan poco tiempo

Este blog contiene imágenes salaz . Proceda con precaución . Puede contener imágenes consideradas nsfw . Si eres menor de 18 años de edad salir ahora

harrycmon > Harry Styles.

Hello! I'm Sophia. I make graphics. I love Harry Styles & Zayn Malik until it hurts in special places. Doing really big things. "There are not enough words to be able to thank you. You are incredible, and you always have been.. All the love in the world. And that's a lot of love!" navigation about tags recssubmit

theestheticnude > The Esthetic Nude

Lover of women, GIF creator, coffee fanatic, voyeur, vinyl collector, romantic, sexual explorer, adult Scandinavian male that love watching a woman get off. I'm real and usually #nsfw or in laws.

yifuns > the funs family

the colours of the sky we engraved in our memories. an overflowing amount of wishes that face tomorrow. you're not alone, so wipe your tears.

suicide--love > beautiful naked girls with tattoos

Suicide Girls every day. There're naked girls here, you've been warned. NSFW blog. Photos property of suicidegirls.com

o-rain > o-rain

Hello, I'm Rain, art student. Talk to me anytime, xx

computerfag > Train of thought

16 // Virgo // BSV // OLY WARedbubble.com/people/simplysethh

kayytx > miss brain.

KAY. Alpaca Enthusiast."You are our captor, but you feed us, so we'll tolerate you." — Robert Downey Jr.'s alpacas, referring to RDJ, according to RDJ.This is a blog full of things that interest me, most of which have to do with film, television, attractive people, and food. Sometimes you will see something that doesn't fit into any of those categories. Oftentimes you will see Robert Downey Jr.'...

bymyes > by my eyes

forget about the past

eatpussylivehappy > EatPussyLiveHappy

I do not own any of the content I post unless said otherwise. I am a guy from New York and I think cunnilingus is amazing. 18+ older nsfw

alias424 > alias424

Sometimes I write. Mostly I watch TV with my wife and obsessively refresh the same five internet tabs.

gintleman >


mademoisellejosee > come back to me; always.♥

JoJo. 22. Canadian. University Student. Aficionado of fashion, photography, tv shows and movies. Avid reader. Lipstick Lover. Foodie. Proud to be Italian. Prayer is powerful. God is in control. ♥

8bitsquirrel > This Title is Creative

I am nerd trash that really really likes tokusatsu among other things.

foofyloops >

My name is Danielle. Born in Canada, grew up in NY, and currently living in Texas. I post a lot of random stuff. Though it will mostly be: Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Steam Powered Giraffe, Doctor Who, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, various children's shows, etc. I also hope to own my own business and work with dogs, so expect to see a lot of animals, too. I try to keep this a positive blog. I...

virl-delta-54 > Turk

I am who I am

ruhpulsive > Ruhpulsive! You guessed it NSFW!!!!

WARNING: 18+ ONLY. This Blog is NSFW! I'm 23 Living in Oxnard, California! For the most part I post what I want. Oh, and I'm Bi, Just to let you know..... Don't view my Likes!...

the-pale-dahlia > smile, youre a cutie pie

This blog is run by a depressed teenage submissive, please take that into consideration as I post personal things. I am not taken anymore. I post pastels, fandom, things I find funny, etc. I try to tag things that might be triggering, if I miss something, please let me know. talk to me!!

vplow > snerk

alesha/24/she queen of the digi kids

defendcas > Ephemeral

You say you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when it shines. This is why I am afraid, you say you love me too.

tattedclimber > The Tatted Climber

I'm a 30 year old guitar teacher that loves tattoos and climbing. I live in Akron, Ohio.

aklutzintime > Always

Megan. 18. Awkward American teenager with constantly changing interests.

winged-defender-of-deltora > A Crystal Rae of Light

A manifestation of multiple things... Which can include but are not limited to: excerpts from upcoming chapters/stories from my fanfiction account Crystal Silvera, random reflections, fangirling, being sentimental, etc. The average stuff you can expect from an avid reader/writer. Even if I am new to Tumblr. (Which is why practically everything is just a placeholder right now, until I get to tweaki...

wwhatgoesaround >

The one and only jules and china

semlimit-es > BOUNDLESS


a-f-a-s-t-a-r-s-e > "Cause I can feel it all around..."

Alguém ouve quando você chora sozinho.

nayyzz > 🌸ig: nay_lala🌸

this too shall pass ✨

countershocker >

I'm so awkward and One Piece obsessed it's sadNOT SPOILER FREE :))))

happybrowncrystals > Lust

Bendelia. 19. Sexually confused

altain-arian > Vultur Volands

Aquila- Only 16.77 light years of home

bigwaitforitchocolate > F E R N W E H

Lorraine 17 Germany Travel, Blue, Green, Powder & Sun

tellany > _(-.-)_

30, she/her, likes warehouse 13, sanctuary, and crossovers and bits and ends of many many other fandoms.

violetsofmarch > morning glory

"heaven is a place on earth with you."

awesomify > Weekend Nights & Road Trips

Vea. Someday, I'll go fly around the world and I'll watch more concerts. Woohoo! Attending school. Trying to eat my vegetables. Saving some cash.

cat--napping > as above // so below

Cat Vegan. Feminist. Satan. Kittens. LOTR.

wildyoungsters > Crazy Days

Coralie | 18 | Montreal | Dancer | Instagram: coralie_standre | Enjoy xoxo

samjoonyuh > Debauchary Overload

Samwell. LA Living. Sag. Love Is The Way, Knowledge Is Key, and Beyoncé Is Queen.

heartssim > Good Vibes Only.

Shanirah. Netherlands.

stileslydiamartinstilinski > stileslydiamartinstilinski

Hi my name is Stephanie! My favorite shows are Teen Wolf, Grey's Anatomy, and The Walking Dead. My main OTP's are Stydia (Stiles/Lydia) and Japril (Jackson/April). And I am also Marvel trash.

yunglux > VIVIVI

Toronto // North Carolina Twitter: @TragicallyHippo

hippyfilth > hippyfilth

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not a phase it's a lifestyle (Instagram @hreivers)22. Vegan. Photography student. Australian. Wish I lived in Japan!

buckeyefan45434 > My Little Corner of Random

I'm a 40-something guy, just blowing off some steam here...you might find anything from hot pics, bdsm, memes, politics, or just me ranting...18+ nsfw. I have no commercial interest in any the pictures I post, if I step on someone's toes regarding copyright, please let me know and the picture will be removed. Thanks.

bendhur > He kept her leash tight

NSFW, Adult themed blog of a sexual nature meant for adults of legal age. By continuing to read, review blog posts, you are confirming that you are over 18 years old and not offended by posts and images of sexual and other adult themes. This is a BDSM themed blog. Posts and images may be disturbing to those not used to this lifestyle. Unless especially claimed otherwise, all images presen...

devmunster > Devmunster

this is the complete opposite of a quality blog.

ratchetivity > Ratchetivity

twitter & IG: @_hhhhana

fromviolet2blue > A Bittersweet Story

This is a private and personal blog.

barriodysmorphia > Barrio Dysmorphia

Musings, journaling, bitching, kvetching, snarking, wise-assing, loving/hating, and scribbling. Yeah, sounds about right. This leg of Barrio Dysmorphia is mostly devoted to my love of Hollywood and film and pop culture and nerdy stuff (and a couple of other random fandoms...cough...cough, The X-Files/Gillian Anderson). Oh, and drag...lots and lots and lots of drag queens. Check out my writing blo...

unfinishedlibrary > unfinished library

A Filmmaker, Brewmaker, Documentarist, Fetichist, R+Cist, Book Collector, Opera Lover, Soundtrack Addicted * Rio de Janeiro *

luciferstolemymoose > I love you to the moon and back.

★ 16, female, desperately seeking a life. (Secretly an alien). ★

slovenlj > ???

michaela, 16

lady-arwen-undomiel > Arwen

Young she was and yet not so.

djbibbs > DJ Bibbs

I am a dude who loves women, food, cars, and anything that catches my attention. If you follow my page please be 18+. I post a lot so i am sorry for filling your dashboard. Most of these pictures are not mine unless stated otherwise, so i hope you enjoy my page and look forward to hearing back from you.

21at12 >

shireen. 20. canada queer brown female she/her(s) i have an unnecessary crush on alice baxley

evilgenius101 > Evil is as evil does

John. Leo. 25.Educator. IG: @_1EvilGenius

fcuk-daisy >

alaya, 17, melbourne, CK

promethazineroses > Roses & Lean

Every day I’m on drive🚤🚁🚄✈️🚀🚢🚲🚗🚕🐫🐪🐉🐎☁️🏃💨💨 nigga, never catch me in neutral ‼️🙅-Gucci Mane

laurencrystal > ♛ sex. makeup. rich shit ♛

Jamaican. college girl. NY instagram: laurencrystal

yolkchild > lolwut

Hi, I'm Hannananah. I is a lady. I'm 21 years young. I'm a weeb and like art and nature and am very silly. Naruto & Homestuck are important to me. I have a few tags at the bottom of my about page! {Have some Wheat} Warning: Occasionally nsfw. DON'T BE AFRAID OF ME.

johnjie > talking piffle

Australian university student. 20. Feminist. Ravenclaw. INTJ. I like many things, including Sherlock Holmes (all incarnations), Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Hour, ASOIAF, LOTR, Downton Abbey, poetry, reading of any sort and Lord Peter Wimsey. Here is my ask box:

adidasbabygirl > Hi Life

I love you. Miss him 12.04.14

dirty-filthy-sexy > my sex blog

I'm Malori and this is my blog celebrating hot and horny sex; straight, lesbian, gay, anal, threesomes, blowjobs, masturbation, facials, big cocks, big boobs and sexy guys and girls. I love masturbation and oral sex (you'll see!) and I write my own erotica that I post here. Please message me with any questions and comments. Disclaimer: This blog and it's content is NFSW and is intended for adults...

aliquem > Under The Oak

Just a random 22 year old guy from Australia. I like mecha/sci-fi, high fantasy and martial arts anime. Big gamer currently going hard on WoW. I love most rpgs and have a big soft spot for turn based rpgs. I play LoL and HOTS too. Love music mostly metal and rock but I'll surprise you in other genres :). I also love Star Trek (DS9 and Voyager mostly), Babylon 5 and M*A*S*H.

sirenaa-s > nyctophiliac

Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be. Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea. Send me a love letter

msharuno > ❀ S a k u r a

Don't be scared of a little PinkKnow merp / oocRolePlay Account ForHaruno Sakura(ง'̀-'́)ง fyt me

lenoresgrimoire > LENORE'S GRIMOIRE

All things Witchcraft, Pagan, and Occult. Products and services available at www.lenoresgrimoire.com

make-her-famous > Make Her Famous

It's the blog about beautiful women....

kuma-finnel > Daydreams in the forest

Hello, friends! My name is Finnel. I love nature, fairy tails, astronomy, cute stuff and mori kei. Thanks for visit (✿◠‿◠)


Welcome to the train wreck that is my life. Sorry for all the terrible posts. Naya Battlemage is the sexiest lady in the multiverse and I will fight you to the death over it. #psystra @ irc.quickfox.net

theangelsfallfirst > I am Yvonne's broken heart.

“The sadness will last forever.”

changdeer > We are; T. (◠‿◠✿)

(Semi-Hiatus ((veri semi))) jen, 23, netherlands ♥ changmin is my moonlight prince and these two together makes me happiest. you can find 100% DBSK. ☆ girl group side-blog ☆ ☆ yunho side-blog ☆

the-perplex-cat > [mira-myeow]

i would really want to be a cat living in my own street. with people that have so much love in them and wanting to spread love to others. basically all the stuffs posted here are things that i like, i wish it will happen or what im going through. as they say a picture tells a thousand words.

daringstylinson > happy days

I'm aerial+ and i've been a passenger on the larry love boat since 2011

darkwater-smidge > What What what am I doing.

Multifandom blog with occasional bursts of semi scholarly media chriticism Pronouns: He, Him, His. 

darkmasterplan > The Dark One's Great Master Plan

Every one of us has special place in The Dark One's Great Master Plan I am posting and re-blogging spoilers... You have been warned My blog ain't personal blog, my blog ain't usual Tumblr multifandom mess, my blog is professional blog dedicated to OUaT fandom. Minimum insignificant personal textual posts, but maximum fangirling. You will be able to see almost every OUaT character on my blog, just...

the--antagonist > A living disease, too hard to please.

23 // ♂ + ♂ // ♑ // Germany // Diagnosed with atypical autism // Twisted pervert with no morals // Metal! | 1% of this blog may be 18+ stuff, so you better be an adult! All pics are NOT mine, except I said so in the description./// Ask Box is dead because people make me sick. I'm sorry. // → Side Blog ← → My Drawings ←

myfun36 > A place to let my kink out

I am a 38 year old White man's who is addicted to black women , big booty, and a few other things....... Hope you enjoy.

neawn > lament

"Everything you can imagine is real." thomas/18/denmark

plasticteen > un garçon


gotebutt > Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-ahh

=N S F W= Follow at your own discretion. Portrait by ghostbellies and background by goat-soap!

tot3m > tot3m.tumblr (ړײ)

Peter, casi 30 :O, Made in Argentina. Viviendo la vida de 1 día a la vez, mayormente los desperdicio en minefraft, pero cuando estoy con amigos y familia el tiempo se ralentiza.

coolnpc > yung blood mage

Emily. she/her. 19. ISFP. connecticut.kik: emily4011 (feel free to just start a conversation)

exxhi > 私をしっかり抱いて

...he told me i was so small, i told him "water me"...

livwa > radiate☆

be fearlessly authentic

alaiole > Alaiolé

Hola, ¡Saludos! For me life is about... Music, Movies, Sex, Art, Cunnilingus, Marvel Comics, Dirty Cartoons & Supergirl. Dogs are also cool... From San Juan, Puerto Rico. "I think a world with a prejudice mind is a terrible place to live" © DMM 

pvnkyfvck > I'm still a princess

Sad girl with dirty thoughts very nsfw

novafrommars > Punish me with pleasure

Martina. Italy. Echelon. Believer. Jarewhore. Blog completely dedicated to the one and only Mr. Jared Leto, the God I've accepted as my Dark Lord and Savior. Keep that in mind, if you decide to hit the follow button.

janksy > glitter dust

hey there! my name is Sloan and this is my BLAUGHthey/them pronouns, please & thank!!

withoutahintofshame > Without A Hint Of Shame

This is a place where the word sin has no meaning. The male and female body is beautiful and ought to be enjoyed and admired without a thought of shame.

redheadhk > Ley's Twisted Addiction

I'm a self proclaimed stylist consumed in fashion and the many forms it comes in. I love it, live it and Blog it. Enjoy

voodoo-dollwitch > Sweet Blasphemer

Hi Twitter: @CerysMKnowles Instagram: cerisknowlesx YouTube: Cerys Knowles, 17 , engaged, college, Pansexual, HORROR AND CREEPYPASTA ARE A LOVE OF MINE Metal, Rock Punk is a singer/screamer in a band I love nature I love all things dark BDSM, BDSM, BDSM Kittens Kawaii and a shit ton of asian shit like anime

darkcivet > darkcivet

Australian. Gemini. Feminist. Agnostic. Eclectic. Weird. Knowledge whore. Animal lover. Multi-fandom lover. I'm more of the quiet insane.

yabanned > Bunny Jumps

Hopping and bouncing, through the internet I am jumping. Personal blog. Expect a lot about animals, animation and illustration, fandom (Tolkien lore, several animes, Disney, some Marvel's movies too, but not a lot) sometimes fangirling (Lee Pace and musicians of the 80s, for the most part), and of course, a bit of the tumblr randomness.

ruggedrussian > Meaty Pussies

OVER 18 ONLY This is an adult blog for those who love women with long pussy lips, big clits, meaty pussies, spread lips and anything else that's just hot when it comes to pussy. Feel free to submit photos of your long labia. Don't be shy! All submits will be anonymous unless told. Feel free to send questions, like and share.

spicylizard1 > Spiritual Breakdancing

Yea Sh** flies everywhere, and martin just dances in it, eating it practically. http://carrmx.deviantart.com/

heyitstay27 > Joie de Vivre

So um this is my blog and so I hi and I hope you are having a good day friend(previously known as keepcalmanddont-blink &come-allonsy . )

kaycliffcenter > Kaycliff Center at Boone Lake

The Kaycliff Center's home on Tumblr

peacepax > PeacePax

Pretty Ladies and Sexy Bodies...maybe some funny stuff. Male If you wish to remove an image, leave a comment in the Disqus area below the post. EthnicityNationalityBrazilianEbony/Black Asian Latinas Hispanic Multi Racial White/Caucasian ClothesTight Jeans Short Shorts SHORT DRESSES Short Skirts SpandexBIKINISYoga Pants/SweatsSee ThroughLingerieTights BodiesThicknessBootySexy LegsHipsWh...


I'm a food photographer based out of NYC. This blog consist of random food photos taken at jobs/out takes, chef portraits, special projects, restaurant interiors and things I have eaten. All photos are taken by Dominic Perri and can not be used without permission. www.dominicperri.com dom@dominicperri.com

calliatt > I have no idea what I'm doing.

Disney, art, late night gaming and the occasional fangasm.

jayhaz3 > Jay Haz3

PUSSY MONEY WEED!!! InstaGram @Haz33fly Follow me

atomyc > I am a daydreamer

Hello ♥ | I'm Alexia, a french tumblr addict I'm a weirdo . I'm a singing machine . I'm supposed to be a student but that's a cover . I'm on a mission . I'm not alone in the dark . I like when music is so much more than just music . If you are multilingual and multi-instrumentalist you might be a hero to me . This description is absurd . You can tell me things in english, french or spani...

5amantha7 > NotWhoYouWouldThink

People always like to identify themselves with one thing. Not me. I'm that person that likes math and science, but also likes to draw and paint and do art! I love my dogs and invest too much of myself into things and people that I shouldn't. I enjoy volunteering, yet I live just hanging out. I like simple things and totally believe in natural beauty, but I love tattoos on guys. Get to know me, you...

elbiggie214 > El Juan Biggie

I like girls, ass and titties

sensualtouching > I just want your dirty love

This is a porn blog. Almost all these posts will be NSFW. This blog posts straight, solo, lesbian and gay porn. If you don't want some of that content on your dash, don't follow.

crinelle >


6h0sts > can i see your rose?

riley / they/him ✿ mobile links ✄

chocolate-pussycat-fur > Vintage, Retro, Chocolate, Furry Pussy Cats

I am a man who loves women. Especially the ones with grown up pussies.What ever happened to natural women? If you have more... send them to me. Email: chocolate.furry@yahoo.com -No Bald Head Pussy Cats Allowed!- ...................... Oh and.. Not Safe For Work.... Unless its safe to look at chocolate hairy pussy @ work.

thedarksideofgruff > The North Will Rise

Hello And welcomeI'll be Posting mainly suicide girls, funny gifs, food and generally anything i Like. I post alot of NSFW so be warned and if you're under 18, dont get caught.Anything you wanna know just drop me an ask (no requests)gofundme.com/qzscc6p

eltiron > Pop, csajok, satöbbi

De főleg satöbbi.

turtleneckgrl > your fav island girl

i was tryna give you j's and some fast brain but, you weretryna give me k's and your last name

davekitties > Be Cool & Calmato

Hello there! My name is Lauren, I'm 20, 6 ft tall, and living in Arkansas. I'm asexual, so you'll probably see posts about that on here. You can read more in my about. [Also, if my links don't work, try going back to my home and then clicking them!]

girls--collection > Girls Collection Worldwide

Girls Aarika Wolf Adele Maree Adriana Lima Adrianne Ho Alana Blanchard Alana Campos Alayna Brand Alden Steimle Aleksandra Nar Alessandra Ambrosio Alexandra Yakovleva Alexandra Tyler Alexandra Sarah Courtnall Alexis Harmon Alexis Ren Allah Ivanova Allana Booth Allie Silva Alyson Kintscher Alyssa Julya Smith Alyssa Arce Alyssa Scott Alyssah Ali Amanda Griffith Amanda Riley Ferree Amanda Paige Amber...

mayanlien > Mayan

Cuando te conocí, flores empezaron a crecer en las partes más oscuras de mi mente.🌻💕

thatofficial70show > Be Groovy, Be Very Groovy

Mostly screencaps and gifs of "That 70's Show"... and sometimes movies

s1nz > Syrius Business

This is mainly for RPing my OC, Syrius, Though i might post stuff of my own interest from time to time. (RP blog and personal blog. i know it will be messy, but i can't keep track of multiple blogs, sorry.) (Tags I use for personal stuff is "life of s1nz" And i use "S1nZ goes shipping" for my Kantai Collection game related posts) (Timezone: GMT +8)

decinna > Decinna

 Val     Personal and multifandom blog. Feel free to talk to me! 

givethembooks > Not Cakes

Bia. 20. Portuguese. I’m that shy quiet girl who looks like a saint until you get to know her.

xxxpronexxx > xXxpronexXx

Gif Maker & Photographer Ask Me Shit Submission My Gifsets My Gifs Tags Faq

lamodellamafia > La Mafia

danielle levi. stylist, LA

cud-x >

ig- cud.xAsk.fm/cud_x

cuckoldpleasure > Cuckold Pleasure

A happy Cuckold of a happy Cuckoldress. My wife, Miss Mae is a professional dominatrix. She is also a slut and I am a slut lover. Her pleasure excites me. Our kink has become more than a fantasy. You can even talk to my wife on NiteFlirt about cuckolding and more. The NiteFlirt buttons at the top of the page show whether she's online. Click here to check out our YouTube series, "Ask Miss Mae"...

cutie-muller > Die Mannschaft

Deutscher National Mannschaft Müller~Gaudino~SchweiniGötze~Reus~Durm~Klose💛Dortmund💛⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

sexybossbabes > SEXY HENTAI BABES League of Legends Hentai

SEXY HENTAI Babes / League of Legends Hentai Girls / uncensored sexy girls and hentai / anime porn of every kind.[ League of Legends | Naruto | and many more ] ---> This is a 18+ blog / ONLY for adults. If it is not legal for you to watch NSFW / XXX / porn content, leave and/or unfollow ALL sexybossbabes accounts/blogs now! 2. All the characters on this blog are adults ( 18+)! All characters are s...

lokisspy > armishit

fuck that richard armitage guyashley. 18. armitage and af cursor by thetremblingofmyhand

maocchi > *~Starchild~*

she/her ❤ 15 ❤ enfpi'm a fluffy bear ready to take naps and take down society /this blog is mostly untagged queues/

freakydeakygifs > Freaky Deaky Gifs

Porn gifs and other wonderful things. I make all gifs myself so Feel free to make requests and i might just do them if you're lucky 18+

punkjab >

[سلام | we come in peace]

thintimate-xoxo > Strawberry Swing

I am the kind of woman that runs into glass doors, dances in the middle of a nice restaurant, never turns down pizza, watches scary movies with a blanket over my head, gets really emotional about politics, hates spiders to all degrees, loves people to no end, dreams about the ocean ALL THE TIME, hides in closets when I need to cry, chooses life, doesn't care for pity parties, bakes like a BOSS, an...

bl0wmatches > I'm Over It

hi I'm Jill, & I'm too nice to everyone, except myself. 💞

bxwilder > Sleepless ☪

hi i'm ronette, 14 and an indecisive teen dislikes:bio likes:you

pearlsandcurlsandpreppygirls > Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful.


h-ecchi-me > H-Ecchi-Me

Feel free to ask me anything! :3 / [Lvl 20-ish / Male / Straight] / Submissions are welcome! ^^, /

worldexperience > world experience

A collective of traditional art from every corner of the globe.

hotlinemiamisoundtrack > the bantus opus

wicked sick bro alba gu bràth tiocfaidh ár lá ava | glesga she/her sidebar images by elvexx (top image) and celltem (pixel) like my personal posts

diamonds-wood > Diamonds & Wood

Diamonds & Wood Blog: A blog along the lines of; internet diversions | photography / lens media | animals | Fashion | stripes | film stills | Detail shots | gold | Palm trees | foliage | Architecture | screenshots | A collaborative effort by Claire ...

malikowa14 > Welcome in my world.

Hi, I'm Magda, I'm 17 and I'm from Poland. my tumblr=my thoughts=my world. :)

breathtakingportraits > Breathtaking 'Portraits'

Appreciation of the female form, expression, subtle curves and woman's sensuality. Here you'll find breathtaking portraits, erotic nudes, deviant minds, fashion models, asian idols, selfshots, wicked chicks, playboy babes, digital artwork and sensual paintings. Credits are provided. NSFW: 18+

seieifsetsuna > I Can Hear My Heart Bell

Alan/19/Ginga Bishounen/Super Hella Masochist /Blue Roses

letheanriver > caos calmo

martina | 21 | roma/glasgow political & social activist, queer, atheist, slytherin multifandom & personal blog

shadow-kat-13 > Messy & Buried

Everything that inspires me...

kiidae > ♡지용

울지 말라고 수없이 달래도 넌 그저 소리 없이 흐느낀다 뭐가 그렇게 네 맘을 아프게 한 거니 되돌리고 싶어 your smile is like heaven ♡

dreamadot > &P


dullaidan > Civilization of Magic

Aidan & Tony, the dullahan king & a fictive wonderboy

felisque > Solitude

"And like the sea, I'm constantly changing from calm to ill. Madness fills my heart and soul, as if the great divide could swallow me whole. Oh, how I'm breaking down." Hi I'm Darlene and this is my diary in words and pictures felisquethemes | themegods | writing | message |  +  

-zvarri > "a very funny lesbian"

Zvar Watson 23, queer, curvy, ovopescolactarian, INFJ, diagnosed social anxiety, NJ. she/her i post funny stuff, cute animals, video games, popular tv shows, LGBTQIAP issues/rights, and other assorted silliness and nerdiness.

bomshells > naomi hit me, and i loved it

welcome to my blog dedicated to the worlds leading retailer of lingerie and its wonderful array of models (victoria's secret)

louibi > blame the tommo

all you need is faith and trust & a little bit of pixie dust.

dirtybay > fap city

Warning; adult content, I am a male that enjoys almost all erotic material. I find gifs all over the internet and post them here. If I post your material, it is done without malice and without monetary gain.

empirestyleofmind > (Em)pire Style of Mind

Lifestyle fashion blog: empirestyleofmind.com

emixin > OH MY GENG

Emilie || 19 || Norway ʕ◠ᴥ◠ʔ kpop • anime • food • animals • pink shit GOT7 • VIXX • 2NE1 • Han Geng • One Piece "You have to believe you are your own hero." fuckyeahhangeng / geng-bao ♥ ♥ ♥

vitnatt > womb and tomb

  the perennial sadness of a girl who is both death and the maiden  

enwolf > tracking time

Very in love with a boy with bright blue eyes and the best taste in music. Lets watch the sunrise over Mt. Diablo.

m-e-d-u-s-a > Starchaser

''Passamos a vida inteira no labirinto, perdidos, pensando em como um dia conseguiremos escapar e em como será legal. Imaginar esse futuro é o que nos impulsiona para a frente, mas nunca fazemos nada. Simplesmente usamos o futuro para escapar do presente." — Alasca Young

towitnesstheend > no regrets

It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up

coconuts6155 > Beachy Vibe

The ocean is where i belong

style-beauty-passion > Style/Beauty/Passion

Female style. Female beauty. Female passion. Most images are high-resolution. Don't forget to click!

itslerizalantin > A Girl's Random Thoughts

This tumblr blog is all about quotes, food, and anime specially when it comes to Akatsuki no Yona. FEEL FREE TO ASK | God's Princess | A girl who wants to be a happy & contented person | Certified Anime Lover | 15 years old | Malvar, Batangas, PH

dicapriotastic > LEO DICAPRIO

Look, the dog won't bark if y'all don't lark abouuuuuuut

shvckle > small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down

small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down ════ janine ★ she/her queer filipinx girl brown uni 2019════ about ★ my face testimonials ★ bff

eterni--tea > Feelin Myself

Brooke. 18. Washington. Seattle Model. “Alice came to a fork in the road. 'Which road do I take?' she asked.'Where do you want to go?' responded the Cheshire Cat.'I don't know,' Alice answered.'Then,' said the Cat, 'it doesn't matter.”

treatyofversigh > ✿

Haley | ♀ | 18 | ♑ | ISTJ kinda sorta in love with the king of ferelden

tifahentai > Tifa Lockhart Hentai

A tumblr mostly dedicated to adult images of my favourite Final Fantasy Character, though other charcters from different franchises and shows may crop up on occasion. unless otherwise stated I don't own any of the images I post or reblog. If you have a request or want to ask a question but you don't want me replying on the blog be sure to mention you want me to reply privately.

olosta > nowhereland

don't be different, be true

yessitsseana > Its Seana

Quotes. Music. Pictures. Single. i give good advice if u ask for some

naqisa > remade!

milly + she/her i'm gonna steal the truth! hiatus

ringingallover > i guess we have some time to kill

marissa. 24. philadelphia. nerd. guitarist. please stop messaging me about centaurs. "you're literally the funniest person I know on here" -- hannah semi-hiatus i guess? i'm not around much these days idk

carolines-life > welcome to my world

caroline, cali born&raised, student, soccer&snowboarding, hockey&football fanatic, feminist, music lover

misseki > MISS·EKI

I am a photomaniac. Actually, I can be pretty obsessive about all visual arts, but I have a taste especially for photography. As I was going through my immense photographers' archive I noticed some pictures had a common denominator. So I rearranged them by concept to have a better chance to see how different photographers get the same subject through their lenses. It's a pretty intense work, som...

hb48 > Idol no Dorei

♢ im hb ♢ cis ♀/♐/pan

community-lokisaurus > loser.png

Hey I'm frankie15//non-binary//pansexualCapricorn//emo trash//phan trashPunk trinity amirightSo yeah just kinda a blog of random shit i postPLEASE KNOW YOU CAN TALK TO ME IF YOU NEED TO alright thats about it, thanks lovemy kik is franckieisthename Snapchat im-bored42

giulimaster > ひきこもり

     ¡ ¡こんにちは! ! I'm GiuliMaster ©. - Ghoul Obsession. -やおい, 少年愛, 百合 や ショタ。♡ -ボーカロイド や 歌声合成ツール。♡ -アニメ, 漫画 や コスプレ。♡ -Paranormal things, gore and fear. -Homestuck: my favorite character is Karkat.♡ 私のお気に入りアニメ や 漫画 : -黒執事, 悪魔のリドル, アナザー, カã...

tuzis > don't blink first

— a multifandom blog. check tabs for more. talk character development and growth and degradation to me. ||

veganburritotime > I Am Nomad

Ciara. From Pennsylvania. Vegan. Expression, equality, nature, love. I love cooking, creating, and being a dirty hippie in every sense of the phrase. ----- "I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." -Jack Kerouac

peeking-at-pantsu > Peeking at Pantsu

A blog for all of the otaku out there who enjoy the perverted side of anime. ** This blog is NSFW ** I have not made, nor do I own anything I post on this page, unless otherwise stated.  peeking //

majiteenshi > bakagami is my religion

Hi~ Call me Ysa.This is my art blog.Sports anime obsessed.I live for the gay I draw for the gay, but sometimes I sasuhina. Be my friend on 3ds! (╯3╰) (message me yours) 3ds FC: 1822 0703 4539

sokalbear > You Can't Spell 'Beard' Without 'Bear'

Gay SoCal bear and the photos that I like_________________ Check out my other tumblrs: Bear To Be So - for NSFW beards and furry guys Bring To Bear - Really NSFW guys Bear With Me - My catch-all politics, atheism, sci-fi blog Bearer Of Good News - A...


mackenzie // 18 //chicago // cinematographer | photographer // tribeca flashpoint film school of chicago // production assistant // mountain dweller | storyteller // i want to make something out of nothing and have the heart of an adventurer. (x)

from-a-distant-end > End

ash. 20. f. pan. NJ USA. ♏ West+New+York

bigboobed-amateurhour > The Big Breasted Amateur Hour

As the title suggest, photos of big boobed amateur girls. Probably NSFW.

tigerandpilgrim > The Tiger and the Pilgrim

Updated daily with film photography we shoot together. Bedroom, nature, portrait and street. Having fun with old cameras.

brucetimms > tell me, do you bleed?

i'm molly, and i like comic book superheroes, especially batboys, supermen, power rings and blind lawyers // @dickgrysons

thorcharmanderandtea > Becca

All I do is post things that I find important and things that make me laugh. I'm a Leo just to let those of you who care know.

mars777 > Mars

Soy Ingeniero y sigo estudiando. Escribo un Libro de Marketing basado en un Modelo Metodológico diseñado por mí y gracias a la experiencia que he tenido Implementándolo en Empresas y Comunidades; mi Modelo se llama Marsketing.  Hago Charlas de Marketing, Creatividad e Innovación y Asesoro Constantemente a Emprendedores y Pymes en Estrategia, Marketing y Social Media. Me Apasiona el Market...

tessa-herondale > the center will hold.

Janelle . 25 . Australian . Unicorn . Game of Thrones . Arrow . Once upon a Time . Teen Wolf . The Vampire Diaries . The Originals . Outlander . How to get away with Murder . Reign . Eye Candy . Revenge . Grey's Anatomy . Hart of Dixie . Stalker . Jane............................................................................................ icon made by jules

petitecoquiine > La petite mort.


aegyo-kingdom > In The Aegyoist Land Of All

I just really like asians and food and cute things okay.

ysabet > Well-Rounded Geekery

I'm a professional geek, and this is where I come for my daily doses of fandom squee, cute stuff, and social justice. I post original content elsewhere online and use this account for an alarming amount of reblogging. You have been warned.

bomsenso > Bom Senso...

"O que quer que o amanhã traga, eu estarei lá Com os braços abertos e os olhos abertos, sim. O que quer que o amanhã traga, eu estarei lá Eu estarei lá"

spankgifs > spankgifs

I'm a guy. There's not much else you need to know. Gifs tagged by me were made by me. Enjoy.

bluishbeetle > Aℓℓ Wє Aяє Iѕ Sтαяѕ

Emily, INTP, Enneagram 9w1 Comic fan and aspiring tattoo artist You can expect cute animals, cute girls, art, humor, and equality-related posts.

beautifulgirlsmakemesuicidal > Beautiful Girls Make Me Suicidal

A tribute to the alternative beauties from SuicideGirls.com. Part of the Boobsville Family. hit counter

moito > ////// M \\\\\

take a look of my thoughts and desires, my dreams and nightmares, take a look of me... Stats

modtea > Mod Tea

Um I don't know what to put here so ... yeah.

seethingflickers > the trembling light;

—translated, it means "with it, he goes on all fours"

tasteforthetasteless > Requiem For A Queen

Do I Look Like Someone Who Cares About What God Thinks?

missisanfi > Hand on Heart

You're welcome! Everything, lots of cute lots of humour lots of sarcasm lots of vintage lots of silly and lots of lots of rock and roll.

alohomorashlie > ❤ ❝ in a city light, in a city love light❞

RAVENCLAW 25. Texas. Married. Wannabe-writer. "A huge baby with an addiction to FB games. 2PM bias hoarder. Afflicted with affection towards CNU. Wonderful eunnie with the mostly lovely personality and the most amazing dongsaengs ever! A raging feminist. Cutie pie." - Kristal Multi-fandom personal blog with varying interests, lots of feminism, a good touch of human decency, and overdose of kpo...

nanayx > NANAYX ♡

Mujer | Chile | GIFmaker En linea Visitas

exposedtease > EXPOSEDTEASE

If this blog were a bag, it would be a bag of dicks....enjoy! NSFW and 18+ obviously..... I do not claim copyright to any of the images on this site. I also get alot of images submitted for me to edit and post, therefore If there's an image that you...

a-curious-nymph > ☽Nightingale☾

Karyme(kah-rree-meh). 18. Scorpio. South Texas. Softball. Music. Chill. Talk to me if you'd like.

weegems > tobio af

how did this happen

nessn > Vanessa

19. and I love money

benjoyment > A Real Cloud-Pleaser

Hi, I'm Ben.Good, bad, or meh,all posts are original content. I live in Minnesota.I'm happily engaged.I have a dog named Dave.1k+10k+100k+My Animated GifsMy ...SelfArchive

xiii-curses > Human who doesn't know what she's doing

I honestly don't know what to put here. [CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY}

lisifa > Lisifa

Names Jessica, aka Lisifa. This is just a blog of whatever random things I end up posting. some of which may include my own thoughts and feelings, and artwork.

mykindapornbabe > My Kinda Porn Babe

BIG variety of hot pornstars. Original posts only: I make the posts, I don't reblog others! Hi-Def posts daily. All pornstars are tagged & listed on the pornstar listing page. 75,000+ followers.

clouetvis > True Dolls

You may have noticed I'm not all there myself Mon Flickr

rejected-flower > idk

everything is shit

gforce-gangrene > Seed

Obscure stuff and things I find neat.

cat-mg > Escaping Reality

Rin. 17 years old. ♥ Anime & Manga ♥ JPop & JRock ♥ Drama CD ♥ Novels & Motivational books ♥ Scribbling and doodling and failing ♥ Seiyuu(s) ♥ Yaoi / Shonen-Ai This is a Personal Blog. That means randomness, excessive fangirling, pictures spamming, etc etc. Also contains yaoi / shonen-ai. Don't like, don't follow~ :3 .!!!.NSFW.!!!. You have been warned. CURRENT OBSESSION: ♥ Ku...

the-world-of-the-gods-of-fap > The World of the Gods of Fap

Por que no hay persona que no admire un buen trasero o unas buenas tetas, por ello cree este blog donde se publica anime, hentai y mucho pero mucho porno, he aqui un pequeño espacio en donde podran degustar de las mejores mujeres con sus cuerpos...

ellimonster > Fly.

No longer wandering.

bcub > Wrong Side of the Road

I'm a geeky cub. Stranded on the opposite side of the road, just trying to get over step by step. Still a bit naive about life, but I'm getting there.

psycho-insanity > Chingona

XicanaSan Diego, Skalifornia. Insta: @psyycho__Snapchat: psycho-insanity

3rdoftheyear > Just Stuff

Pics from me, and on occasion things that I find beautiful. Some material may be NSFW, so you have been warned. If you are under 18, you have just been warned twice.

mechanic-raven-reyes > wtf the fuck

Hi I'm Nadia and welcome to the ninth ring of meme hell. My blog is a mess. I just reblog shit and make stupid edits sometimes. Past URLs

kiiitycat > Wildflower

Elizabeth 🌻 • Jersey Girl • 23 • Taken

pamelavj > xoxo,

Dance, Sing,Breathe https://twitter.com/Pam_VJ

egosun > The Sum of My Parts

turn on tune in drop out. I do not own the majority of the pictures on the blog. I do thank you for them, though.

teddybearnova > That's For Your Dick!

Welcome to this mess,I'm 18. I mostly reblog The Creatures, The Walking Dead show/comic/game, Bob's Burgers, Steven Universe, The Legend of Korra, Avatar The Last Airbender, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, cats, Nintendo and video game stuff, and some other youtubers and shows here and there.

reypila > NAUFRAGO

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. 17.

what-might-we-deduce > Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

An Australian fangirl with a blog

afk-viewer > Ladies of The Web

I post girls, send your submissions to AFKViewer on kik or snapchat.I am a guy don't send me your dick.18+ OnlyAll of the girls are believed to be 18. The images used are assumed to be public domain, or in the case of submissions they are assumed to be freely submitted for the use of my blog. I will delete any images which I have uploaded at the request of the owner or submittor.

mr-strudel > My lil geek palace ☮

meh. extremely unproductive. every day. every minute. yey

j-flex82 > In the works

Just a blog of the beautiful (or my depiction of) women and will also be keeping it as classy as possible. Hope you enjoy!

canyoupleaseneverstop > Fuck you

More like fuck me am I right?FeministDon't want to risk have an anti-climactic masturbation session? Check out the gifs in my blog!

andremartins3 > The Blackbird Song

" Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out. " // Music, Movies and Series are my life! André, 17, Portugal

underthetexassky > OH MAMA DON'T YOU CRY

Jackie. 21. University of Texas at Austin. Hockey. Film. Music. Fashion.

themajestichooligan > The Majestic Hooligan

The majesty. The hooliganry.

arc-tic-tardis >

demiguy|(he/they)|crushin it

catwithanes > Something,strange.

19year old Canadian. Just began my story and kids, I don't know when, or how, it ends~

ramodelmar > Sexy Bits & Pieces

I'm a husband in competition with my wife (@CuteyMcbusty) to see who can post the sexiest posts and who can get the most followers

hyperrasperry > Who the hell is Raspberry

"Nothin' suits me like a suit"

my-owl-ate-my-homework > books and cleverness

Hufflepuff, feminist, and theater technician.

c-x-m-punk > Mercury Punk

Hey My Name Is Mercury And I'm Into wrestling, Movies, Music, Pretty much anything

sensualeroticlovecouple > Sensual Erotic Love

A blog designed to capture the imagination with sensual erotic images. please do not look if under 18. feel free to post. 18+ ONLY

chrismarrr > Hai


juliefatrell > Hey! So this is just a normalish blog,

This is a blog for my YouTube and me! I'll post Soul Eater, Disney, HTTYD, HxH and Dan and Phil stuff along with random facts :)

kaks-cabello > come cuddle

hey aliens it's ya girl andrea

timminchinmyhair > kanye's cheeks

Hey there.I'm Gaya,19 & I'm from Russia..tumblr is my best friend

capteinholmes > Sexy in a Sheet

The name is Silje :D I'm a Viking from Norway who loves British men and tea ;)

karolis055 > Pics and gifs

Sex pictures and gifs

biancarlogautista > Hi How Are You?

There are only 35 chambers there is no 36

kaliforniasurfgirl > kill everyone , love and peace

to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all.

alexisvengeance > Hello, I'm Trash!

Reblogs of A7X, Transformers, Gorillaz, Homestuck, and FNaF. Occasional shitty drawings and cosplay that I've attempted.

thatboipopeye > TEXAS BOY FROM THE SOUTH

Daniel. 21.Arlington, Texas. Hip hop. Visionary. Follow me on instagram @thatboipopeye

iknowverywell > EB8

Naruto♥ Real Madrid ⚽  I don't go back my word, because that's my ninja way.💪

durramboi > durramboi

A collection of fav pics. This blog is NSFW. Contains adult material. If you are underage in your jurisdiction, see ya. If you are a humourless, right wing, religious prude, turn back now. For all the rest of you, enjoy. :]

mysteriouslyerotic > •mystery, erotic, lust & carnal•

**NSFW site only for 18+** Well well, hell-o there, i'm a lustful girl who like nudity, erotic, sex, lust, weed, pleasure, boys&girls, mystery.. so you will see some nice photos here! ENJOY!! ;) Disclaimer: Most of this picture are not mine unless i say so, so I'm not responsible if any of these photos are copyrighted, i only reblog. If you know me, save it to yourself or just say hi on a messa...

muahahalu > It´s 2PM

The blog of a non human thing

sorryimashleigh > No Way Out

🍄Meet me in Neverland🍄

zaynyo > 💖 buzzcut zayn 💖

lucy; extremely impressed at zayn's ability to look good at all times

hippieperro > HippiePerro

HippieChaka l Studio-Nopall

ewy-brii > ✕fuck yeah bubble baths ✕

♡ it's not yay if its not gay,  I ain't about that straight smut life  ♡

neemsaya > Holorific Monolithic

Avid sock fanatic. 21 years young. 100% committed to a narcissitic relationship with my lion mane of curly hair. Dwelling in the +65. I'm also a shamelessly avid fanfic reader.

teaandcakey > Tea & Cakey

These are a few of my favourite things.

annabelladefiori > to be loved & free

Elie | ♀ | Italy | ISFJ ❝ If you make someone happy, in return you become a little happier too, right? ❞ ❤My beautiful spouse❤

fuafua-channel > FuaFua-channel

Art is an explosion!

last-choice-no-voice > I'm an addict for dramatics

I have no idea what's going on here...it's just whatever I fancy at the time...so enjoy, or don't. No sweat off my sack. I love to follow new blogs cause you never know who your new favorite will be!

t334 > Hi, my name is Rachelle! (Ra*shell)

Hello, all! :D Brigg Meyers: ENFJ Age: 21 Status: Open For Comissions! Requests: Not Open at this time. I am a licensed Hypnotherapist,and if you need help with something, please don't be afraid to ask me!

shirleyyenory > Solofavoritos

Toda aquella imagen que realmente me guste y quiera destacarla.

ifreakinglovetheriddler > ~Riddles and Robots~

Hello! My name's Jo, welcome to my blog! I'm sorry if I take awhile to answer asks sometimes, most likely I didn't see it because I was on mobile. My Face My deviantart MEMBER OF THE FELT

thelittlestmermaid > goodnight, love

bonjour, i'm taylor! twenty-two || ravenclaw french&education major former disney store cast member what i'm listening to

stfushaina >

i'm shaina. this is my face. i like instagram. boyfriend. & best friend. & photo blog.  jellyfish floating. submit.

showmethesexy > Show me the sexy

An intimate look at what is sexy, sensual, seductive and even a little bit sleazy. The content of this blog is adult in nature and NSFW. If you are not 18 years or older, please navigate away from this page now.

j-jongi > gay alert

Puerto Rico, 1994

wikoni >

fashion | photography

angiolettta > Coffee & the Newspaper

D-town based fashion machine


JAZMINE-MÉXICO DF- 26. ғaѕнιon ғaѕнιon & ғaѕнιon...™ MAIL: ilovemyblood@gmail.com

janajes-s > Diary

A sucker for anything caffeinated

nv-de >

soundcloud.com/maidenhooda one-girl band, and a one-person human centipede

krissyjessy > Bus 142

Jessica.20. French Canadian. I honestly wish I was in the 60's & 70's.

blackprints > i’m going to shoot you

Nesrin Danan: 18 year old photographer from the Pacific Northwest. I take pictures of talented people. Buy me coffee and let’s make something beautiful. BUSINESS INQUIRIES: NHDANAN@GMAIL.COM

funny-feminist >

West Cost Born And Raised Going To University in Wisconsin. Follow me on Twitter @kaitlynang Promote your Tumblr!

szeretlek-mindig > San.Francisco

❀ europe is where my heart lies ❀ Promote your Tumblr!

sunshineandchanel > My World

Pictures, feelings, and thoughts I can't put into words.

eroticpervert > Erotic Pervert

NSFW obviously - Here are the best erotic photos // Perfect pussies // Upskirts // Gaps // Lingerie // Black and white // Sexy gifs All posts are well tagged, and always include the model's name (if known). All images are found freely on the Internet by searching, however, if you own the copyright to anything posted here just get in touch and we'll remove it or give you credit - whatever you wis...

sansaistark > she wants to feed the crows

why does everyone assume that angels must have fallen? some of them might have jumped.// \\

upshore > without a paddle

♥ Miles| 20 | Berlin ♥ → twitter: walrider2k13

mizuki-takashima > Hetalian Pony

|Lori| |26| |she/her| |Aquarius| |Earth-Snake| |O+| This is a multi-fandom personal blog! Expect to see various anime, cartoons, pictures of things that I like, and social issues. I consider this blog a safe-space for all, so if you ever need anything tagged just let me know!

the-misguided > metaphorically speaking

{don't tell me the sky is the limit when there's footprints on the moon}


Enjoy The Ride (all pictures are mine, all rights reserved)

ssarah117 > Eh

//bookworm//Pan Too glam to give a damnKik: just ask me

shawnyaah > once again

shania. nineteen. muslim. ucB. poli sci.

hello-hotcakes > Universe, What The Fuck Man?

Goddess of Life: Rated PG-13 for Language, Sass, and Swashbuckling Action.

kingofchange >

Blog status: Attempting to come off of hiatus. This is an ask(and rp) blog for Mehrunes Dagon(Or just Dagon, or Mehrunes), daedric prince of change, energy, ambition, revolution, and destruction, previously known as the leaper demon king before being cast into Oblivion by Alduin and being tasked with collecting bits of the world that he'd hidden before being caught. As you can see from the order...

f-airchild > what

arisha; warped humour snob, fashion enthusiast, realist, books, men.

alliesgettinghealthy > Allie's getting Healthy

Allie: 19, runs, healthy food lover, Celiac disease, getting fit. Instagram: allieishealthy Myfitnesspal: alliesgettinghealthy

lucasbryants > unplug the jukebox

sometimes capsiclerogerssometimes harrydresdenssometimes lucasbryantsLauren. 24. England. Haven, Marvel, The Hunger GamesBower, Jackman, RDJ, Evans, Hemsworth(s), Hutcherson, Bryant, BalfourThe Liam to my Josh, the Gale and the Katniss to my Peeta, the...

chinnery > john watson is bisexual

chinnery, 20, they/them or she/her, cancerian, intj, page of rage, donut.i'm an aspiring lawyer, exhausted cosplayer, and johnlock trash. think karkat vantas, but a little softer.

yasurau > 美

Enjoy your day

altarsex > kiss the ring

Shelby. Don't talk to me about anything but corrupt monarchs and codependent relationships. ♞

csn-why > Cheap Magic Inside

✿✿Amy, 18, New York. Major nerd and music lover ✿✿

eightythor > Kaizoku Gamer

Super Zero via the sofa. (NSFW) • 2nd blog: Dope Drift

sttudnobright > StTudnoBright

British 21 year old Graduate in Geography!!!! =D

curagaa > クジャ

SEMI-HIATUS because uni/work. bleh. holly | 21 | ♀ | aus big hero 6 has taken over my life. mostly a gaming blog. art tag MAIN LINKS = ICONS ON THE RIGHT

bokurizu > 路地裏


soranet > 소라넷

soranet - 상상, 그 이상의 즐거움 소라넷 Tumblr에서 작가님(멤버)을 모집합니다.클릭! 불쾌한 게시물이 포스팅 되었나요?

vurgundy > Vurgundy Is The New Black

Chris • 21 • Spain

naturallyaprincess > A Royal Love Affair

A random compilation of my obsessions. #Advice #Love. #Newlyweds. #Natural Hair. #Healthy Living. #Fashion. #World Travel. #Romance & #Relationships. #Luxury. #Cooking. #Music. #Pretty Things. #Charity. #Army Wife. #Science. And so much more...

naughtynicegirl69 > Naughtynicegirl69 NSFW 18+Only

I don't have kik! My snapchat is nng69tumblr! If you want an answer back please message me through ask not fan mail! Fan mail is glichy and unreliable! Oh and just incase you are wondering...yes they are real!;0 I got them the good old fashioned way...inherited them from my Mama!!!:P Why do I have this blog? I think both sex and the nude body are a wonderful part of life for those of age and with...

charcoalgreetings > I think I'm crazy

 "We're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it" Jess, 19, Canadian. Pan-lithromantic asexual girl who sometimes has boy days (Genderfluid? Bigender? Someone find the word for that for me?) She/Her/He/Him

bbeatrixkiddoo > A drifter of Dadaist persuasion

My name is Cara, and I love movies, old hollywood , actors, and music. This is my personal blog, so feel free to ask me anything you want. Please check my archive before you follow xx

mohdnourshahen > Moh'd nour shahen

Optimistic☺.. Smiley😁..Ambitious😊

saracastically > saracastically

an art blog  • commissions • art tag

cl-ass-and-ass > Babygurl✨

💎Lakisha • Australian bitch💎

seiijjuro > Free! Eternal Summer

ON SEMI-HIATUS 'TIL JUNE 12THDimitra | 15 | Greece Multifandom Blog Currently obsessed with: HxH,Kuroshitsuji,Owari no Seraph ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ not spoiler free

crazie-maisy > This is for me

Hi, my name is Maisy and that is all you need to know right now. But if you're of a curiouser sort, then my ask box is always open.

forevverxyoung > too sassy for u

Karolina :: Twenty-One :: Overly caffeinated, sassy & ambitious : be a nice human :

candyleptic > "Something Inspiring"

It is in the spectacle of creation, that remarkably,we lose ourselves. I'm Claire and I make art! I'm a Christian and my cats are awesome.  

yuneji > あおい

夢ならもっと自己中で、空想なら親切過剰、 現実はね、残酷すぎて声にならない声というか? My dreams are even more selfish, my daydreams are overly sweet, Reality, it’s too cruel; how can I have a voice if a voice won’t come out?

sputn-iik > Tea TheRrAapY/.//

The blog I babble on: thepuggist.tumblr.com 21 ^ Bisexual ^ Taken ^ Eccentric ^ Kinky ♡: NSFW, Kissing, Warm baths, Cold cuddles, Anything salted egg.

mirukicum > Nami's Lewd Palace

Hi, I own this side blog. i like anime, video games, and obviously hentai. I'm 18 and I'm pansexual. Since this blog is NSFW , if you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), you must leave this blog now~!!

kittenofdarkness > Kass's Futa Stash

So this is my blog, welcome... feel free to browse and seek out an attendant if you would like to purchase anything. If you would like to Say/Request anything or have any questions just leave me a message =^_^= Literally ask anything, and i will answer... anything at all. My Email, for any who want it: xxangelofthefallenxx@hotmail.com This blog may be shut down soon, so i have created a new one...

ask-ottomans > ask the ottomans!

[ ask blog run by kochei ] [ owner also runs ask the celts!] if you want me to see something, please tag it as #kochei !

shylohearts > Beautiful Disaster ૐ

ya niggas favorite latina

blueberry-turnover > blueberrry-turnover

my name is Liberty/bisexual/Minnesota /feminist/liberal/15

dopalex > Alex DoP

Cinematographer in Los Angeles. I'm here to have fun.

kaworuo > the seasons die off, one by one.

vincent ☆ they/hegay meme king

oakpunk >

"It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!" Calvin. 24. Trans*. Vulture Culture enthusiast. Nature loving. Fantasy nerd.

crawferd > tendies

sydney; i stop pucks, sometimes.“corey's getting old, almost 40.”

leelajoy716 > LeelaJoy716

Thomas Barrow flailing, food, cats, and anything that catches my fancy.

safe17 >

You want to go back to where the sky was inside us.

pissoffboris > "You were born at a leisurely pace."

I'm Jess, I'm 24, and this is my RT sideblog, where I will post all the things I don't want to bombard the followers on my main blog with, because I'm great like that. I also expect I'll be venting about this dumb, dumb fandom here a lot. As I've been doing already. If you're not okay with criticising the RT people when they're being offensive dickbags, I advise you get out of here. But don't fre...

ero-ato > Ero-Ato

Hey guys this is my album of Hentai Art. It contains mostly uncensored girls-only pics. If you want to check out my album of real nude girls then check out my other blog, urabon-ato. If u have any requests, feel free to ask but I will only respond to non-anons. Hope you enjoy your visit!

vat-69 > heavy drinking officers

booze n birds n band of brothers.

barackobamshell > a heart's a heavy burden

Maria. Lil bit of an existentialist. lover of feminist prose and lana del rey.

tome-xo > FT.8

إِنَّ اللَّهَ جَمِيلٌ يُحِبُّ الْجَمَالَ. .

keep-running-alex > Furnace Penitentiary, underground hellhole

Oliver, gay, 16, English. AO3: cranks_in_furnace Blog title and URL from the Escape from Furnace book series. transition blog: becoming-oliver

hardnastygifs > Hard Nasty Gifs

This blog contains content only suitable for adults (18 years and above). If you are under the age of 18 or if pornographic material is banned in your community or work place, please leave now! All gifs and videos contained herein feature performers who were 18 years or older at the time of photography.

br0ken-and-empty > just another broken person

17 y.o. young, weird, naive and tired of everything.

slay-rry > Slay-rry

yes - it's a play on words #slay

lanearabella > désir

une demoiselle with a wish, need, and drive to seek out desire... images & GIF's are borrowed for my pleasure... words are mine (unless otherwise noted) for my pleasure... 18+ only... do ask do submit

aye-whatever > Unloud.

"Yo no sé si Dios existe, pero si existe, sé que no le va a molestar mi duda." XIV. Panamenian. Brown eyes.

zoiravyn > Zoi Ravyn

i like puns, queers, tattoos, piercings, jokes and food.

unicornscorn > Welcome! *thunder strikes*

Hello my name is Sabs I am 17 years old / bi and I would be really happy if you would talk to me. I love talking (sometimes I never shut up). I like lingerie, anime, chocolate, and animals. I also love puns no matter how much shit i get for using them.

somanybooks-solittletime1 > Total Bookworm

Not sure how to write these. Love too many books and tv shows and movies and fandoms. Composed of random stuff I see and like. Trying to live life how I want to. School is very stressful.

earthsideallie > Allison Wonderland

I want my confidence to offend you. I’m into myself, and not into you.

baette >

Jet fuel can't burn steel beams

utterly-whorified > All Was Well

This is Garnet. Back together.Instagram: _jessica_gary

zexy-girls > Hot Sexy Nude Girls

Welcome to Zexy-Girls.com! The best web site to find the hottest and sexiest girls pictures you were looking for! Hourly updated with high quality erotic pictures of extremely sensual models from all around the world. I also reblog pictures of girls...

nysses > Nysses

21. Feel free to follow! :) 👋🐚☀️🌎🍸🍓🍍🍒🍉

tashamountain > tasha_mountain

16 years old. Siberia, Russia.

annieb126 > Words From A Wanderer

I didn’t get lost in you, I fucking drowned.

wantering-luxe > Wantering Luxe

We're completely obsessed with fashion. So much so that we built a fashion search engine that keeps tabs on over a 1.5 million products from across the web, and a 600,000 person community to help us find the best items. See something you like? Just reblog it and that tells us you think it's hot. The more reblogs something gets, the bigger the box.

petitelovefashion > Fashion and Life

Fashion & Basically Everything

smile-kreep > CASTLE IN THE AIR

No hablo de guerra pero tampoco hablo de paz. Hey I'm Jazzy 19 and kinda awkward as fuck. 💃🏽

vidot > Reflections of a Moonchild

THIS BLOG IS NSFW. Name: Vidot Age: 26 Occupation: Derp artist My activeness switches between my main and my art blog. Multi-fandom blog: tokyo ghoul, snk, sailor moon, hetalia, nature, love, art, fashion, and whatever else i want to post. Some of the stuff here may be NSFW/ Mature content so beware. Love you all :>

hentaivision > Hentai Vision

I am a French boy - 24 All my favorite hentai gifs (+some pics) Snapchat / Kik : hentaivision ~ nsfw ~ Click here to see the unknown gif : Here (Know some ? Message me their names and links) Special Thanks to : your-broken-self !

neufeli > Deciduous

There's a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in

mesuti-ozil > ya gunners ya

Hi, i'm Shelloh and I love arsenal

spicygifs > Spicygifs [18+]

--This blog is NSFW (18+ Only)-- If you're not 18 or older, please go elsewhere. All gifs you see here are made by me unless otherwise stated. Enjoy.

dianajeano > Diana Jean Oliphant

painter model actress seattle mostlyrates/booking: doliphantart@gmail.com

anig1 > In A Pale Moon's Shadow

/ nature / landscapes / photography /“I want to travel.I want to get lost. I want to go somewhere where no one knows my name. I want to watch the stars come out. I want to forget.”-> I enjoy walking in the rain as well as silence or darkness and don't mind spending some time on my own.-> Somewhere between emotional and emotionless.-> I wait all day for the silence of the night.

broken-stass > † × ♡

Huir es un sueño. Amar es una ilusión. Morir es una promesa.

evelynfrechette > frechette

Hello, I'm Arabella.

mainbeez > MÄÏN BëëŽ

24. Hawaii. Dreamer. Always Stay Buzzin

phantump > Ravenclaw Tower

fernando\20\portugal (me) big bara nerd i tag everything so you can blacklist whatever you want. AnimeList ; Shows

laceydelnoir > Young and Beautiful

Livin' in a beautifully, strange world. I'm just me. 20. Free to be.

blazn > Confirmed.

Half Black, Half Japanese. Graphic Designer.  I draw sometimes  FC: 0447-6053-9503

demfeeeels > Don't Mind Me

Just random posts, mostly anime and shipping related

concentratedhentai > Hentai from Concentrate

Just Add Water _________________________________ Everything and Anything Hentai, you won't find anything but the best. Feel free to request. I won't re-post most of the time. Though I do requests when I am online. _________________________________ Not hardcore enough for you? Then try out our sister blog: ConcentraedHentaiDARK _________________________________ No artwork depicted was created by,...

katfc > To: Far Gone

Takes one to know one, so take it from me.

leniajones28 > Larry4everr

I'm to punk rock for this.

brownnipplebraggadocio > Eat It.

Black.Fat.Queer.(barely)Surviving. Don't forget to click that About Me button before ya follow. *I do not consent to any of my posts being used for academic purposes. *Black men who fetishize and use abusive tactics to assert themselves upon the Black women they "love" need not go any further. **Also applicable to anyone who does not view Black women as fully actualized human beings with a...

earthbirds > earth spirits

a blog for rp and reference stuff!

e-e-r-i-n-e-s-s >

I am merely a young man. Who resides in his own mind. I am not welcome. But you are.

bechnokid > Turnip the Beet

---------- ♀ | 23 | CS Student Tags | FAQ GOOD DAY. I am Bechno Kid. I enjoy drawing a lot. This is both an art and personal blog with multiple fandoms. Please enjoy your stay! Please visit my FAQ before sending me a message!

britishslutsuk > British Sluts

Free British Porn Pics Videos. Uk Nude. English , Scottish, Irish, Welsh Sex. Blowjobs, Anal, Orgy, Dogging, Chav, Milfs, Lesbian, Boobs, Sluts, Fucking,Cams, Selfies From London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool,Edinburgh,Birmingham and more! Best UK Porn Site

sayhunah > 너랑만


nic0ttine > Warrior

Somewhere in the end we're all insane

arewhedonyet > arewhedonyet?

My random ramblings about music, TV, movies, comics, video games, politics, etc.

mishal-77 > hala madrid y nada más

hi, i'm mishal from saudi arabia real madrid · manchester united · alahli |

abdreams > ABDreams.com official tumblr

18+ nsfw Follow me for ABDreams.com samples and fun candid pictures! :-) My fetish is age play and diapers. ABDREAMS.COM my urls

6sketchers > melodious tunes

Gabrielle. I like cats , owls , wolves (especially maned wolves) and foxes. Australian. “I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.” ― Sadako Sasaki

fashion--cafe > Fashion--cafe

I am Naomi Pam, a 19 year old fashion blogger from the Pearl of the Orient who seeks comfort and relaxation from blogging. I believe that fashion doesn't need to be luxurious nor branded. Fashion should give you comfort and confidence. I am also a Medical Technologist in the making at Far Eastern University. I am also a kpop fan! Annyeong Haseyo Yeoreobun! Enjoy your stay! Chalja! Naomi, xoxo

heartsperm > I Am Pizza

♔♛♔ ★ Navigate ★ ★ Home ★ About Me ★ Ask ★ Submit ♛♔♛ Homestuck / Pokemon / Nature / Misc. Twitter: Click Steam: heartsperm FC: 0619 - 4292 - 8606 (Safari: ) This is my main blog. Side Blogs: (NSFW/Drugs) (ACNL/Cute) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ Frequently Used Tags ★ ★ Homestuck ★ Pokemon ★ Nature ★ Words ★ Personal ~~~~~~~...

sapereaudenow > Shit happens

Share good feelings every day.

juk1 > ju:kimblr.

http://twitter.com/juk1_tumblrno mean, no reason.

brooke-or-something > brookie

idk but I like my blog

italiansd0itbetter > ITALIANS DO IT BETTER

"Just an Italian guy who loves sex" Send me a message if you'd like, submit if you dare! NSFW 18+ | skype italiansd0itbetter | kik italiansd0itbetter | snapchat italiansd0itbet | email italiansd0itbetter@live.com |

mdosik > MDosik is Tumblrin

23 years old. Cosplay Photographer. Online Entertainer. 5' 6" nerd. Unhealthy obsession with Red Power Rangers and Charmander. Interests include puns, henshin heroes, video games, anime and manga. And remember, keep being strong.

cicho-znikam > (un)forgiven

twarz w kolorze szarej farby, resztki stylu techno barbie

acplehavinfun > acplehavinfun

You must be 18 years or older to view this page NSFW. Please reblog as much as you like and spread the word. We are a couple that enjoys taking photos and posting them on our tumblr blog and hearing what people think about them. My wife really likes hearing about how good she looks so don't hold back and tell us if there is something you would like to see more of. We sure would like to get as many...

mrmugzy > Mugzy's High Res Image Collection

Beautiful creatures, stunning HQ pictures! This is an ADULT & NSFW blog. I strive to post only high resolution images. Go ahead and safely click on the images for the high quality show. ENJOY! Now featuring Ultra High Quality images. Search using the UHQ tag!

anicesliceoflife > A Slice of Life

I'm Elizabeth.  I'm 21 and I live in the USA. My blog isn't themed; it's pretty much anything that I like. And if you wanna get to know me or just drop me a question, feel free to ask me anything. :)

dramaticsoul > dramatic soul

Al igual que una flor que no elige su color, no somos responsables de aquello en lo que nos convertimos. Solo cuando llegas a darte cuenta de esto eres libre.

bogikaa0901things > Devil is my "best friend".


filmnerd7 > Old Soul

The name's Stephanie. These are my obsessions of the moment, usually film or music related, that I would like to share with the world.

fuguest8 > I only smoke the retrograde

20 something nondescript entity living in a perpetual state of hyperreality.

filiocentric > -+-

im noelle and i love to draw and listen to music

anothernaughtygirl > Another Naughty Girl

I'm a 19 years old bisexual girl. My name is Joana. This blog is about things I like. When you're under 18, I suggest you to leave and keep your eye virginity.

pandapeter19 > These Words Are My Own

The name's Liz. Here are the basics: I watch way too much TV (The 100, Parks and Rec, Daredevil...list goes on and on); I care way too much about Chicago sports (Hawks, Bulls, Bears); I am super addicted to Ed Sheeran; Harry Potter will always be awesome; Country music makes the world go round; Hawkey is the best! And that's about it. Nothing too complex here :)

hentai-central > Hentai Central

Welcome to Hentai Central. Please enjoy your stay here. You won't be disappointed. This blog is NSFW.

stargentski > my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.

my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count."I have three pet turtles and my favorite color is clear."

clitt > not a porn blog

deniz; rap game nap game

fixkit > literally fixit

Kit, 28 years old, nonbinary, they/them pronouns please! This is mostly a fandom blog with some more serious stuff; I try to tag everything, and you can find out more about me on my About page!

footan > Arcanism

Knowledge, Magic, Wisdom, Fantasy

spidergvven > baffled, bewildered, & bisexual

・。* ☆ ★ Annie Blogs ★ ☆ *。・

past-her-eyes > Hungry Like A Wolf!

You have to know before you follow, that this Tumblr contains NSFW material. Photos belong to their respective owners, I dont claim ownership over any of them. If you see a picture I posted and it's yours, and you want to remove it or add credits in the...

nsfwizard > i put on my robe and wizard hat

18+ only. This is a sideblog so I can't follow you back. Avatar is not me so don't even ask. General trigger warning for things associated with BDSM. All images are assumed to be in the public domain of people aged 18+.If not true, send an ask with the...

sola-e-timida > "A fare sta vita si diventa freddi"

Chiara||15||Italy|| Parlare di me: è un concetto molto interessante,ma no. Io detesto parlare di me. Non parlo mai di me. Mi destesto e basta. Odio piú me che gli altri.Da piccola pensavo che avrei avuta l'adolescenza che immaginavo e invece no.È proprio vero: immaginare il futuro sa di rimpianto. Sono invisibile. Nel vero senso della parola: nessuno mai mi nota. Non sono bella, non sono una di...

willceau > Willceau Illo on Tumblr

The junk drawer of my soul.

bushyfun > Bushy Hairy Fun!

Hairy ladies are sexy! I will be glad to post any pictures you submit Here. Ask me anything Here If you are a hairy woman and would like a gallery of your pics set up on my website, Go Here

eda11y > Accessibility 4 All

This space highlights topics around diversity, accessibility, business, pictures, quotes and life in general. YOLO

yaoinmylife > Yaoi, my Life!

Mizukis, 31, 26/10, scorpion. RECIFE, Brazil. Like: sushi, html, css, photoshop, internet, animes, mangas, ufology, paleontology, Syfy, Discovery, Latin music, J-Music. +18 (ADULT CONTENT) | | É DO BRASIL? CONVERSEM COMIGO! *^*

martinski > MAKE IT REAL

l'enfer, c'est les autres. paloma; 23, chile. i was and i track virginiasmasters. picspam pretty much everything. occasional graphic maker. perpetual lover of everything black. MULTIFANDOM. pistoleros | SEMI HIATUS

shiveringwhiskers > What White Rabbit?

Whitley Renfield, resident gardener, landscape architect and sometime handyman of Storybrooke. {Indie AU Syfy Alice and OUAT roleplay blog for the White Rabbit of Wonderland. Open to all fandoms and OC's. Multi-Muse, Multi-Ship, Multi-Verse. Whitley Renfield is the main muse of this blog, all other muses may or may not be active at all times. None of the gifs/graphics/pics used belong to me unle...

tro2per > FiftyFive55

Η μίμηση είναι η ειλικρινέστερη μορφή κολακείας./Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

kyousuke-nii > →Keep looking that way...→

The name is Kyousuke, 17. I love fandoms relating with DC, Arrow and some anime. A fanfic writer and A yaoi fan: Note this; Steal my work, You will be feed to the sharks. :D I can be an approachable person, feel free to leave an ask. If you want to...

punkserial > I'm in a jungle of dreams

Mieke - 15 - Argentina -Wes Anderson, books and rice. Jimm Page is my bae.

dishongor > Paper Planes

No matter what hardships come, spread your small wings and fly. Est. 010712

canyoudigitmotherlicker > graysexual

gray fullbuster is my everything married to honeyteacake forever and ever & eternal threesome with madaniss ♥ life partners with phantombones kfc lube & sex writing tips with mirajens

gipro1 >

Video Game Enthusiast Otaku

i-killed-your-family > remember me ?

只要是你和我 一起走下去 天堂下随时和随地 Call me Crash. Stressed, depressed, but always well dressed. INSTAGRAM: m0rticiangirl (The number 0 not the letter O)

thinkmexican > THINKMEXICAN

Your source for Mexican history, cultura, news and sports. An online community of artists, scholars and activists. From Chiapas to Chicago, we're connected! Editor: ChepeMX

colourthysoul > ColourThySoul

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. - Plutarch I'm 34, female and a non-professional artist and photographer with a passion for arts, art history, collecting old photographs and other antique stuff. What I post is my inspiration and touches my soul in a way or another. I hope you can find some inspiration from what I post, too. Enjoy.

n1ban > i wasnt ready

hi! i suck at making bios! don't be afraid to send messages!

feinted > SUPPORT GIRLS!

Intersectional Feminist. I'm always learning so ALWAYS feel free to correct me!Law student (on medical leave...)[she/her]

make-reeds-drink-coffee > all hail the yurodivy

Greg 19 Music major In college; trying to survive • this blog consists of classical music, non-classical music, art, and then other things. • *Background by Martin Ålund (2011)

borgeois > Just trying to be Cool

Jorge. 21. TJ, Mx. Studying Computer Science Engineering.

dekakat > MEO.OW

Hello! (=^・▽・^=)ノ This is a multi fandom personal blog. 90% Kpop~ Chat with me and I'll love you forever^^ I take requests~Don't be shy to ask me anything♡♡♡

makaveli-soldier > Musings of a Maniac

. . ★ MUSIC ★ ★ FILM ★ ★ Horror ☠ Gore ☠ Macabre + ★ ★ COMIC BOOK Art ★ ★ Funny ★ ★ GIFs ★ ★ FRONT GIRLS ★ ★ SUICIDE GIRLS ★ ★ MORE GIRLS ★ ↓ My 2PAC Tumblr ↓ ★ makaveli-immortalized ★ . .

little-d0ve >

what is essential is invisible to the eye

thugbishie > You are my peach

there's a boy who is so wonderful links | ask|Kemi|doodles

anko-sandoval > Chasing The Wind

Rock, Anime y Manga ´´NSFW´´

bumblegabe >

in my old age, i see that life is more fantastic and terrible than the stories we believed as children,and that perhaps there is no harm in finding magic among the trees♚- 'The Snow Child'

chibisenpai > s w e e t h e a r t

hello, i'm bethany and you are beautiful.

roughdaddydom > Do you DARE challenge Daddy, little girl?

Just another Daddy Dom with a tendency to be more so on the sadistic side. I currently do not have a Little and not looking right now. I post what I like and I plan on writing short stories/scenes every now and then. Feel free to throw some ideas at me and maybe I'll write them for you.

hgme > Yeah, That.

Welcome to the randomness that is my life. I love to blog photography, movies, Friends, The Office, animals, sunsets, beaches, quotes, summer, fashion, makeup, and anything that makes me smile. When in doubt, see John 3:16.

preciselyinsane > exactly

g. 17. ny. im a scorpio and i love french fries+ (also i just got back onto tumblr so this blog is a work in progress)

erosart > Eros Art

A photo-blog of EROTICA expressed through red-hot sexual illustrations, sculptures, graphics, comic art, and whatnot... Definitely NSFW...

scarlettglitterr > never regret what once made you smile

hi, I'm taylor.I like to draw sometimes ✒️ 🍁free my medicine🍁

aqua-twin > Be free, be dorky

Ahoy, I am Jesse, 19 years old and all around dork (my tag is aqua twin)

pqur > PQuR

_♀ 21 from ~France!_ Serial-liker, doesn't post that muchMostly Ace Attorney stuffi guess...

kimoi-chan > en yufuin is my spirit animal

CK || I just reblog; Multifandom

i-am-pheonixrising > Boys and Men

Devoted to the male form NSFW. Men and boys come in all shapes, sizes, races, creeds, nationalities, etc. They are all unique, but all share the core beauty that is the male form. Boys race headlong towards manhood only to realize they want to be boys as well. You can have it both ways, just remember that when we get older that is no excuse to become old. Live life, enjoy all there is to offe...

if-i--stay > Lost Souls

When you get used to the dark the light can burn you

153mm > sugar lips

Jia | 99 even the prettiest flowers die "세상의 끝이라도 뒤따라갈 테니"

cat-ttastic > Barefoot on the Moon

Brooke/♀/ATXI like cats, pretty ladies, and chainsmoking

drunkenxenthusiasm > the g r a c e f u l giraffe

[SEMI-HIATUS] 𝓶𝔂 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓽𝓱 𝓲𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓪 𝓰 𝓾 𝓲 𝓼 𝒆 𝒇𝓸𝓻 𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓫𝒆𝓷𝒆𝓪𝓽𝓱 Indie Eleventh Doctor role-play. Check out the 'rules' and 'about' pages before interacting!Written by Cloudy.

angel-of-death-sawyer > the weight is a gift

*Icon by leave-me-hypnotized-love* Blog dedicated to the queen of everything and light of my life: Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill. Leyton is my OTP, so you can expect to see a lot of them too. I do post alot of other One Tree Hill related things too though, but Peyton is my fave so she gets a lot of love here. | my fanfic | my youtube | people came back

paxamjpg > hearts and accidents

Im erin and im drinkin garlic butter with the homies

bcboo > BC Boo

I suspect I am a figment of my own imagination

headslow > Annarasumanara

Stuff goes on this blog. Everything I reblog is my favourite. u_u Goodbye tumblr friends. I will miss you.

damexicant > Live Free and Game Harder

My name is Jason. I'm 24yrs old. I live in Texas and I like to spend most of my time playing PC games. I'm also an anime/manga fanatic!

lildh09 > Chïłd Öf Gämbïnö

"Jesus was black 👳, Ronald Reagan was the devil 😈, and the government is lying about 9/11 ✈️" --Huey Freeman

7hitori > Hitori~

Just another shipper? xD Hey there, su! owo I'll be posting lots of fanart I've found, but I may well also post my own fanart. I wanna be a shoujo mangaka in the future, not in a naive sense of 'oh, I'll do that no problem', but it's my goal. =3 I play a lot of JRPGs, and read a lot of manga~ I love Visual Kei and Jrock as well, and might post pics of beeeaautiful jrockers

tomhiddleston-gifs > Tom Hiddleston

My job is to spread the love that is Mr Thomas William Hiddleston. So have a seat, make yourself comfortable and let's appreciate this perfect man all together.

aurora-nyx > Aurora Nyx

"Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels."

tj6795 > A Little Bit Here and There

Being a little bit crafty and a little bit of a cat lady

jinyeowoo > 사랑을 더한 너와의 chemistry

91-line. korean canadian ♥ b1a4 [진영 신우 산들 바로 공찬] & vixx / bts, b2st, infinite, oh my girl, etc / multi-fandom, fashion + photography

asoslive >

Say hello to the official ASOS Tumblr! Let's hang.

foechel > oh hey

Rachel I don't know when I became a steven universe blog but I'm glad it happened

nincentral > Nine Inch Nails

Everything NIN right where it belongs.

pseudohypoparathyroidism > Widziałam piekło przed którym ty byś płakał krwią.

Zawsze gdy chcę walczyć to czuję, że coś stracę.

lady-knight- > LadyKnight tumblr

Bienvenue sur le tumblr de Lady Knight Email me: cazierf@yahoo.fr

waywarders > broken heroes

my name is mavra. i'm an aquarius, i enjoy wizards, long marathons of superhero movies and codependent brothers. and i did not kill anyone. | //

nefertsukia > A Tragonesque Figure

❤ So apparently this is a random mish-mash of what I'm into: HTTYD & 2 (mainly), FMA, Supernatural, LOTR, GOT, Harry Potter, SNK. Be prepared for bad GIF usage and horrible puns... and a whole lot of Hiccstrid goodness. I will tag any NSFW-ish content....

domdadom > Mr Dom

+18 blog only

dbkglass > DBK Glass Creations

Artist/family owned and operated glass blowing studio and retail store in Colorado Springs. http://www.dbkglasscreations.com. Also on You Tube, facebook and instagram @dbkglass..... email dbkglass@qwestoffice.net. We post our pipes only, have a DBK piece? Tag it #dbkglass for a chance to be on our blog. Check out our side blogs- dbkfoodios for fun munchies made at our shop or by our blowers and me...

the-beautiful-oblivion > Beautiful Oblivion

I'm Kelly, a 23 year old model who is a recovered anorexic.

bro3 > e

im ace (he/him)

letopervyrt > Father whet her appetite

30 Seconds To Mars Echelon Provehito In Altum Vegan Jared Leto Shannon Leto Tomo Milicevic Yes, I was the girl who Jared said he was coming inside of on twitter. :P My Favourite Directors: Bart Cubbins, Quentin Tarantino and Zack Snyder. My Favourite Movies: Sucker Punch, Kill Bill, Into The Wild, Wayne's World, Leon and Lolita.

clitacid > Set that beautiful mind free.

I'm Taylor-Anne and I'm lost.refresh-message🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿

gummybearorgy > ~ MY APOCALYPSE ~

Hi there. | Alisha | 18 | Australian | Lame | ⊱ Click HERE for an About Me ⊰

oktevia > we are not things

taylor. my most important job is being an advocate for bellamy blake's health and happiness

monodong > Öriöriöri, öriöriöri.

20 years old young lady from finland blogging on in my free time i "enjoy" procastinating, sleeping for too long, playing various (3)DS-games (pokemon) and spending time here. this is 99% reblog blog for photography, pokemon, anime, tumblr stories and games. rn watching: steven universe and I LOVE GARNET!!!!!!!!! square mom for president 【_|▼⊝▼|__】 i'm kraisis (#52880) on FR!

flannel > de omnis dubitandum

amelia | she/her | front butt

xi-fan > ❀Miss Jacie❀

Hi, my name is Jacie and I get too attached to fictional characters. I like blogging about fashion, art, and cute stuff. l'll probably also blog about world news or feminism and srs business stuff like that.

ass-candy > Ass Candy

NSFW (18+) Hungry???? We have all the Ass-Candy You Need!!!!! I am just a person who loves big asses, thick woman, sex, & porn, so I made my own blog!!!! I hope your enjoy it. I love making gifs. So if you have any requests or submission feel free. Please don't ask for pics of me....It gets really annoying. Love Ass-Candy??? Check out the friends of Ass-Candy: BootyForDudes The-Thick

incessantramblingsofnothingness > chase rabbits paint roses dream hard stay mad

Savannah. Northern California. 19. Killjoy: RocketShine.Pottermore: MoonstoneCharm200.Hufflepuff. Doctor Who. Sherlock. The Avengers. Marvel. Avatar: the Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra. City of Bones. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Blink-182. My Chemical Romance. Motion City Soundtrack. Et cetera. If you're genuine, then I'll absolutely love you. I'm a 'fuck drama', laid back...

official--windblade > I have only begun to fight

Hi! I'm Ri and this is my sideblog. my main blog is hal0prime! Generally this entire blog is reblogged content only. If you need to let me know something, send me an ask about it (icon by skymachine)

greentimeguitar > Akashicchi ~

Hello! I reblog zelda, kuroko no basuke, pandora hearts, fma + brotherhood, other anime. Feel free to ask me anything! (scroll down to see reblogs and posts) tag page currently being created in process

bravetina > bravetina

22. INFJ. Virgo. queer woman. mixed. See my sad comics at lesmiserblob.tumblr.com

everyonedeservesmusic > even the quiet ones

31 - Male - Writer/Musician - Gold Coast Music makes me want to sing and surfing makes my head spin. I'm a sucker for beautiful things; words, waves, women and the world. I like to follow just about everyone, cause just like everyone deserves music, I think everyone deserves an opportunity to show who they really are - everybody has something to give and teach. Of course if you continually post...

annypau > Anny Pau's fashion & life

Tuve que tocar fondo, llorar, sentir dolor y desear la muerte para darme cuenta de lo mucho que valgo y de lo feliz que puedo ser. Estoy mejor que nunca, con ganas de triunfar, crear, seguir escribiendo y vivir mi vida como nunca. Anny Pau ♥

1989tour > you and i undercover

[camryn] and in dakota, these awful things burn away with the sun1989 tour toronto@Ioosechange +

ozilot > ozilot

NSFW Gay man. In Connecticut. Some homoerotic content. I do not own any of the images or other content, unless noted otherwise. If you own any images and would like proper credit or to have them removed, please ask.

lmsgfbn > blabla


blinarps > BLAINE & TINA

The rain keeps falling down, down So if you're reading this, it means you've finally found our blog and you either a) want our help or b) want to ask Blaine for the hundredth time about his bowtie collection. No, I don't know, quit asking me. But what I can tell you is that we will try our very best to help you and answer anything-- yes, even about the bowties-- you ask us! Tina's just jealous...

modernamelia > Amelia

some of us, we are called to rise

girly-fanatic > A Minion's Musings

I have a little corner of the web verse to call my own. Here you will find a compendium of things that I like, enjoy, obsess over or generally have an interest in. If you like the same things, great! If not, why are you still here? ^.^

truesouls > sebastian stan's jawline is the reason I exist.

courtney. 17. intj. films. puns. constantly crying about chris evans and steve rogers. oscar isaac is better than puppies. do not fight me on this. in the 'protect thorin oakenshield at all costs' squad.

sabrina-dacos > Sabrina Dacos

I am the model and photographer of all the pictures you see in this blog. Follow me, reblog my work and ask me anything! You can also buy my book here: Keep it like a secret.

lawrenwithadoubleu > it's time for a comeback

Arkansas native. Super senior lady slowly getting my shit together while raising 2 miniature humans.

thetarheelstate > The Tar Heel State

20 something, proud sorority girl. Fashion lover, world traveler, puppy enthusiast. It's a great day to be a Tar Heel!Instagram: apforster

musclegazer > Muscle Gazer

18+ NSFW Copyrighted content will be removed upon request of the owner.

saisuplz > reaper;

Agito Candidate #6Ashe. Sice. Jack. INFJHere, you will see many things. FF Type-0, X-men, Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Korrasami, anime junk, manga caps, Mass Effect, Psycho Pass, Dragon Age, Fire Emblem, bad puns, cats, && personal stuff including my dumb face.PSN: businessflamingo

miss-mayy > awake.alive.blessed.

I'm Tania May. Girl with the bat tattoo. 21. Laugh @ the bullshit. Horror for life ;*

theresa-ld > The Black Swan

But who wants an easy life? It's boring!

hobbitsanddwarves > The Lord of the Supernarural land of Westeros

Obsessions include: The Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Supernatural The Mentalist Game of Thrones Disney Large group of Youtubers and many more...

the-flow3r-people > The Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm

Etain, 17 , Belfast, Ireland. "Sometimes you have to be your own hero"

disorder > being sad is a waste of time

hello, i'm jasmin but you can call me princess my tag is jasdisorder /

chiff0n--head > вєℓℓα∂σηηα

ѕℓєєρ єαѕу ву му ѕι∂є, ιηтσ gєηтℓє ѕℓυмвєя уσυ ¢αη нι∂є... blast from tha pa$t.

margielawashere > Margiela.Was.Here

Fashion curator with grainy tastes. Be Inspired.  US/SD-LA

hyoyu > das

| girl's day biased | apink eunji biased | 4minute biased | mainly girl groups |

l0veislouder > Bitch it out !

loveislouder but the o is a zero. p.s. I'm a fan of many many fandoms...

the-eren-jaeger > eren jaeger

hi, my name is sora. this is where i dump and share stuff that i like. my biggest obsessions are: the walking dead, kingdom hearts, pokemon, yu-gi-oh!, shingeki no kyojin, young justice, crochet, yarn other things that aren't my biggest obsessions will be reblogged and posted about as well. my stuff is tagged under #my post

katsumi--kun > 綾乃の幸せ

16 yr old ♂. Multifandom anime blog,

bbailey0830 > BBailey0830

snapchat: BBailey0830Pokemon Y: 0430-9587-5114

madworldnews > MadWorldNews.com

The Voice of Reason in an Insane World - Mad World News is firmly devoted to bringing you the truth that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against mainstream media.

whatadaytobegay > I post cool things sometimes

Well slap my nipples and call me Shirley

styleyoulove > Buns & Bomb Fashion!

Leahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥I LOVE to laugh. I'm told my personality is rare.I love LOVE.New York! California! Fashion! Music! FOOD!

somanythingsilike > Diddle Me Sideways

Hella rad blog run by a hella rad girl.

kikilauren > ello, sunshine :)

college student. traveler. optimist. food. fitness. friends. kuuipo. 030108

sfynks > Black Sphynx

Scetches and moar

takemetoneverlandandteachmetofly > Takemetoneverland

I don't really know what to put in these kind of things i'm just a fucked up girl in a smalll part of the UK looking for escape from the suffering and pain of being.

winter-is-coming-that-slut > Unicorn Dickhead

I'm an unicorn, nymphomaniac, psycho, a Baratheon, atheist, vegan and kinda suicidal. ------ Oh! If you're immature, get out as fast as you can. Yes, I'm talking about NSFW! ------ And, if you follow me, I'll follow you back! Yeey! ------ My name is Mau and I'm 20.

1withwolves > Looking_For_My_Seoul

basically this is just me liking things i see,usually related to kpop.

dirty-mef >

|Kosovo/Hip Hop/Living in Belgium|

ambidextrousunf > The things that make my cock hard

20 years old. Bi-curious. These are the things that make my cock stiffen. You'll find anything anal here along with lots of other sexy stuff. I want nothing more than to stick my tongue in a woman's (or ladyboy's) sweet ass. I also would love to have my ass fucked by a guy or tranny one day. It's something I've always wanted to try and the thought turns me the fuck on. Leave me naughty messages an...

xoxo-anti-xoxo > nah, fuck u.💁

instagram: glvcksgriff snapchat: natalievdladen

altavors > Identity Crisis

I'm not endorsing any of the people, products or activities you see here

weeadirk > Shrine of Homestuck

This is my homestuck dump blog. It is a side-blog, my main is strifemaster.

cute-but-psyco > cute-but-psyco

Dreaming of a life when chocolate makes you hot and sallad not

170-cm > Beauty

[ ] Maryam | Canada | Pink | EXO | talk to me ^^ You shined bright for a short time like lightening

milkymickovich > objection! argumentative! and ridiculous

fridaƒ; twenty; sweden movies in 2015

theodoh > Tales of Yet another art student

Currently attending the Art Institute in North Hollywood for Visual and Game Programming.

melonmeasles > I h8 it here

blogged by The Nicest of The Damned

longhairclan > Favorites

All that turns me on...

violynce > Grim Musings

Your lack of faith in humanity turns me on.

isvisibledreamer > .page of my world.

D: fangirl×17×Hungary

all-about-ecchi > Just H

Previously All-About-H18+ Rule 36Hentai,Echhi Requests Open!

revaaaaan > Space, the final frontier

Laura. 17, France. There will be mostly fandoms, check my tag page for more. Feel free to message me about anything, anon or not ! Enjoy your stay buddy

cacatac > ALRIGHT

kat / 16 / it/se read my links before you follow mobile links

sannyore > it's a blog?

Something something something. I'm 21 and probably quite boring. What can you do, eh?

harleysnow > Harley snow

Hiya! Name's Valerie. I love Batman, Doctor Who, Supernatural. I do cosplay and love Tim Burton. http://valerierosemberg.deviantart.com/

deerstrings > i did so much for you

in these city streets i take one look at my present. a double take to my past and an adoring sea to my future. shim changmin carved into stone reborn into what the world knows as: dong bang shin ki.

smoothcriminls > e s c a p i s m;

he studied the greats and became greater. he raised the bar and then broke the bar. his talent and creativity thrust him and entertainment into the stratosphere. (previously lovelyfeelin & d4re-me) +

eb-l >

I love everything about you

nsfwgifer > Free Sex Cams

Enjoy the hottest free sex cams online. Only the hottest girls, the hottest scenes and the most beautiful webcam shows and free sex cams! Enjoy!

bkahg > 레베카♥リベカ

zelosugabangflamewatch. 92liner! Write on my wall~ ^^

jorahs >

vicky, 25, northern ireland my occupations include software engineer and gross multi-fandom mess

emblemcrxsh > X

Roses are black. Violets are black. Fuck u.

apoptotique > &

I'm Gab. I live in Montreal and I'm too old for this website. I like trashy horror, beer, and lifting heavy things. Sometimes I try really hard to be a proper film blog but then I just end up embarrassing myself.

i-arabic > بلاد العرب أوطاني

إقتباسات عربية / Arabic quotesFollow me on Instagram: @i_arabic

vintage-r0ses-4you > La Vie en Rose 🌹

Hi, i'm a psychopath, nice to meet you, hope i see you soon 🌚🌀

gol-goroth > The Pursuit Of Knowledge

Trevor / 19 / Pacific Northwest / Stoner / spiritualist

isirage > You're Invincible

18, Asexual, Female You will find anime, some kpop, video games and whatever else catches my interest on this blog. Occasionally I post NSFW stuff. I tag almost everything.


Female, Otaku, talentless, Obsessed with voltage otomes. Currently IN LOVE WITH HIRUMA YOUICHI. Multifandom blog. Mostly anime, stuff I find funny and otome crap and the rare fanfic or two. Followers talk to me about anything. Seriously. Anything. hmu im lonely.

oppai-okami > I ❤️ Oppai

Hello all. This will be a NSFW blog. So if you're under 18 you probably shouldn't be here. Tbh I find anime girls as attractive as real ones, but there are enough blogs of real women. So here's a blog for you hentai lovers. I'll be posting anything from anime series' I like, to hentai. I'll take requests for pics. -Feel free to ask anything. Literally anything.-I don't own any of the images I post...

vulcsmash > We. Are. Groot.

James. 19. New Zealand.

fannyann > a p shitty liam blog

stephanie. she/her. 24. man, i just want harry and liam to boop noses.

sempau > ╳

simmer down & pucker up +

kidjimi > Kid Jimi

I have alot of thoughts ☮ Shine On NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!

kewlalex > I'll See You In Court

| Alex | ♂ | ∞ | ♈️ | NS |Direct all asks both anon or not to alex-talks k thnx bye.

capitan-a-guilherme > Gestos Cerebrais

Brasileiro, 19, amante de toda forma de arte e expressão, defensor das causas sociais, futuro cientista

zahki > 10.DXXP

Instagram: top10lovett

princess-oldguy > A blog

Old guys, city lights and artwork.

ung0d > zephyr

TX, MS, NOLA, USA. feminist Asexual. this is my personal blog, a random compellation with no explanation other than being utilized by some of my creative exploits. sometimes I blog gore, you've been warned.

blamestyles > never explain, never complain

I'm Kammy and my love for sleep outweighs my love for anything else except for Harry Styles. =

saywhatttttt > satan's butthole

randomly awesome. isfj. 26. texas. a bunch of pretty people with a heaping of whatever is being thrown around in my head. i don't bite; unless you're into that then we can work something out.

marlenemickinnons > nah, she didn't.

hi, i'm izzie. this blog is supposed to be multifandom, but really, i just care about harry potter. most especially, the marauders and teddy lupin. this blog mostly runs on a queuetracking: marlenemickinnons.

thebohogarden > The Boho Garden

My name is Yvonne, I'm 21 and living contently in California. Welcome to my blog inspired by bohemian fashion and art. "You can never be overdressed or overeducated."

nethport > Du bist wichtig

Heath | 19 | he/him | INFP I'm 100% sports anime & Hetalia rubbish

gifwiz > GIFWIZ

I MAKE GIFS - SEMENTALLY ... 18+ NSFW ...BEST WAY TO VIEW MY BLOG: audio on F11 for fullscreen autoscroll on slow buckets, tissues GIFWIZ-GRID ... GIFWIZPIC ... GIFWIZVIDS

keroky > 시크릿 엔젤 ~

♪ 다가가도 나 괜찮은 걸까 겁이나 멈춰서있어 정말 우린 만나야 했을까 대답을 할 수가 없어 ♪ ~

300-yen > mind your sugar levels!!!

♡ ☆art blog☆ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ my name is jay and i wear a lot of black nice to meet you!!! yourhandiheld's reblog blog

baratheons-fury > wait, what?

Montana | 21 | Indiana previously: chubsmeriwetheriv things i have made television, books and movies are my lifeforce. I try to be creative with photoshop, sometimes i succeed. i am a good listener, so feel free to send me messages. currently...

b-witched > 10-31

You ever have those moments where, just out of nowhere, you’re hit with a rock-hard Halloween boner? You are suddenly consumed with desire for pumpkin spice flavored everything, orange and black decorations everywhere you look, skulls, pumpkins, spiderwebs, spooky music, movies like Hocus Pocus and The rocky horror picture show? And less we forget The classics! Stripey stockings ,Crazy witch so...

leprinceofsins > Rock Steady

Jordan || ♂ || 22 || USA ||18+ NSFW Gay-Oriented Blog || +H2Submit

sadmoviequotes > Sad Movie Quotes

In memory of movie critic Lim Chang Moh (1951-2012)

mercorn > destiny is a fickle bitch

Sierra Rose. 20. California.I hope you have a nice day!(mercorn=mermaid/unicorn)gif credit: goodoldmoon


curated by c2ajna

onlyfitgirls > only fit girls

I am Mario Giraudo. The most of the athletes are friends in my profile on Facebook or I follow on Instagram. https://www.facebook.com/fan13 - http://instagram.com/Mario_giraudo

gngn9 > ごにょごにょ


deevastated >

Fuelling the light of my fighting pose Are sacrifices too numerous to count, But I’m gonna embrace it all, ‘cause I can get stronger The hurt, the frustration, the bitter tears I cried and The "yesterday" you wanted to erase Will all become the source of brilliant strength We survived the ruthless race to make it here, Let’s kick off of the ground we stamped with our feet And dash int...

diasuu > Boop

Swapped urls.

littlemslydia > It Only Gets Better

my name is lydia ♥

racheengel5 > Dragon age trash

Hi! Im not going to lie, this is all about World of Warcraft, Dragon age and sometimes other videogames. Enjoy! ~Icon by Lunareth~ ~Sidebar by Hawlooh~

bloodbenderx > Sick is the New Sane

Josh / 21 / Netherlands

sexetc > Sex, Etc.

Sex education by teens, for teens. Sex, Etc. is published by Answer.

heygabrielaxo > love yourself first x

loves new york, weather, not partying, sony, pumpkins, royal purple, dark chocolate, astrology, marc jacobs, + anything studded. been posting since august 13th, 2012.

brandoashley > Gator Bodine

I'm Lucifer's personal gardener

roboslap > everything happens so much

kavitha. virgo. 20. ISFP. she/her or he/him (not they/them). fandoms, dogs, and cute shit. 3DS friend code: 2294-3630-8945 @roboslap on twitter GRYFFINDOR WITCH OF TIME

atlmdeniz > HELLO MY FRIEND..


mistergoodlife > Mr. Goodlife

Business inquiries: contact@mrgoodlife.co

myheartgoesdaiki > obey the master

This blog, run by two idiotic best-friends, contains great amount of boys loving other boys, husbandos with deep blue orb-eyes & precious bandaged fingers. Multi-fandom / NSFW Nalina ♪ Nilili Mambo

aesthetic-monster > Aesthetic-Monster

Hello! I'm Kayla. I'm 19 years old and am finishing up my training to become a licensed cosmetologist(mostly the makeup aspect, especially SFX and high fashion). I'm a vegetarian of 13 years, and counting(on my way to vegan-hood). My interests are of alternative fashions, equal rights(Meaning YES I am a feminist, all skin is beautiful, etc.) I hate speciesism, polution, mental illness, and all thi...

rivendelles > God or the devil...

Erin. 19 and somewhat lazy. Usually reading or writing or studying. Always stressed. Often drunk. I like rain, coffee, Lord of the Rings, problematic historical figures and soft feminist vibes. I'm sad about The Borgias and Wanda and Pietro Maximoff but what else is new so it's fine.

abcbarricadeboys > You made us better heroes - Nikita

Jess or J/ 17/ Northern Ireland/ Tv Show Trash/ Musical trash/ Not spoiler free/ Queen of the Trash People / Refuses to believe that Tommy Merlyn is dead

v-dyo > semi-hiatus

Hana | Multifandom | 90% EXO | 50% Do Kyungsoo "Did you even know you make me weak?"

ar-cool > ar-cool

i love the modest people and i post here what i see in my life and i wish u like them you can send me message if you have anything would like to say it for me ((i love u all

s3mpai > im a boob

hey   friend code: 2423 3214 4327

lksvn > LkSvn

 nerd in his spare time and highly addicted to coffee.

gaeblog > rinter is coming

the coldest story ever told. mei 🌠 video games, animanga, comics, etc. tumblr isn't used for communication for me so understand there may be possible delays when sending me an ask. tsundere life.

crystal-dreamin >

let me put on a show for you daddy

places-pe0ple-pretending > Adventure

“She gathered books like clouds and words poured down like rain.”

imalienperv > She Stormy

In celebration of the female body..

mchllxx > la vie est belle ✿

Michaella ♡ Eighteen ♡ Philippines

swedishfishrule > Swedish Fish Rule

All the gifs I post are made by me.

pornwithtext > DIALOGUE IS KEY!

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN ADULT BLOG. STUFF ON HERE IS NOT GOING TO BE FAMILY FRIENDLY.Porn gifs with dialogue..and hot dialogue always makes for a better XXX Experience!

mysweetbeautifullyfe > Julia Bowers

Julia Bowers American Fuck bull Aries

the6ixx > the 6ixx

mostly me reblogging VIXX and not VIXX

bullshit-bullsharks > Dunia Ya Uzuri

Hi- I'm K, an aspiring herpetologist. (She/Her) This is my personal blog. Here, you'll find a variety of things, from taxidermy to social justice and animals. I'm heavy on posting reptiles. You'll see a lot of my pets, since I proudly own 6 mantids, 6 arachnids, 5 geckos, 2 dogs, a bird, and plenty of fish. Enjoy your stay and shoot me a message- I'm friendly, I promise! (And I'll TW if you need!)

bangerzash >

hi im brooke and i love you female/14/ she/her/hers pronouns

ciarafraser1 > Ciara Fraser


luhey > dreaming of a fairytale

my name is luíza. i'm seventeen. i'm brazillian. i spend most of my time on the computer. daydreamer. i'm a very random person sometimes. oh, and i love chocolate. (c) icon

puzzl > Ding Dog

i don't know what's is this feeling. É uma merda que tenho de aturar dia à dia que até me fodo, bye

n9ufa > The kingdom of moonlight and stars

a kingdom inhabited by elves, faeries, wolves and dragons. they live peacefully together.

holmesalone > ugh

jazmine. 17. i like things (◡‿◡✿)

feellng > feeling

my name is flavio im 21,i live in brazil and i like skins, my instagram @flavioun, i complain about my life a lot too/

dammmithardison > Dammit, Hardison

My name is Miri, and my pronouns are they/them. You can read more about me here    marks RAVENCLAW{ POTTERMORE SORTED } STARFLEET OPERATIONS{ LIEUTENANT } AVATAR{ WATERBENDER }

catyuy > Rambling Ahoy

Lifelong fangirl I am now accepting donations to the "Help me pay off my debts and get my life in order fund" Any will be appreciated. Thank you.

maskedrouge > How do I tumblr?

Welcome to my blog! I am interested in pokemon, achievement hunters, HOMESTUCK, league of Legends, and too much anime that can be deemed healthy for anyone.


Sometimes I talk about things. Blacklist #polkswords if that is an issue. PIXEL COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED @polkseidon on twitter

pleasuretorture > PleasureTorture

"When you are pulling against the restraints... when your back is arched and your hips are writhing... when your mouth is open in a silent scream of tortured rapture... you will know that my work has begun".

sassafranski > Adam Szafranski

20. SoCal. Instagram: @sassafranski

justbidoofs > Tales of a Half Ginger

Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Ami, and I'm 22. This is basically a giant clusterfuck of all the things I like and my thoughts on the world.

nianna > Just passing by


1dlovah2125 > Annie

Dont wipe your eyes tears remind you your alive ~ Ed Sheeran (ginger jesus)

lue-sea > Not all who wander are lost

Hi, I'm Lucy, and I study costume construction at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. It's pretty cool.

soho-riots > mind your manners

I am not finding out who I am, but still deciding on who I am. “The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by God one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying… it does not make much sense to pray to the law...

yata-chann > Strange anime girl.

Hello. I'm Lily. I like anime, horses and Sherlock. Occasionally I read stuff about the part of Tumblr I don't like and end up rebloggibg stuff to do with it. You're gonna have to deal with it 😏 I also like and can speak Gaidhlig. Fair warning to you. Tha Gaidhlig agam. Tha mi gun dochas bi spors agad air an duilleag seo ( ^ω^)

ajlovescheese > Welcum To My World😘

18+ Only 21 Years of Age. SnapChat:AjLovesCheese1Twitter/Instagram: AjLovesCheese

amourful > happy life

tiera ✨| 💭think | better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring| marilyn

jutsei > Shin's Blog of Random Crap

Just a tumblr, nothing special. I like lots of things, mostly anime and video games, but not much to go much into! My tastes are rich and varied. So I'll usually give anything a try. I don't bite, if you want to talk, just try.

demimiz > Demi Universe

Double shot with no sugar thanks.

mvtk42 > I have no idea what I'm doing.

I've decided this will be my place for shit that doesn't belong anywhere else.My interests change constantly, so providing a cohesive list of blog content is difficult to keep accurate. Instead allow me to provide the most unhelpfully generic list of things that I will put on my blog: Random shit that makes me smile Celebrities I like Movies Television shows Books Video Games Discussions about fic...


Was passiert mit unseren Träumen wenn wir aufwachen? Träumen wir von den Dingen die wir wirklich am meisten vermissen? Von den Personen die uns glücklich und traurig zugleich gemacht haben?

bonpri > your songs remind me of swimming

Hello! This is my main account, where I reblog/post most things that catch my attention! For the most part, you'll see posts about fandoms, social issues, music, photography, etc. etc. I really like visual art oh gosh. (Current avatar drawn by maidofspacey!)(quick info for reference: she/her pronouns, cis lady, white, living in the U.S., queer & can't decide on a label though "bisexual" and "panse...

adjusts > ☯☯☯☯

I made this blog to get away from my one direction blog but then it turned into a second one direction blog so

autumn-poem > ...acosmist

//at least i have nothing.

mynameiseyyyyyy > My Name is Eyyyyyy

Hi, I'm America. I'm 23 from the United States, and this is a place where I'll post my art and cosplay. I also predominantly blog about Tolkien related things.

ffragile-figures > I'd kill myself but suicide is so cliché

• in a dubstep acapella hype quartet with my dad • 18 • twitter: @bae_tooth • instagram: @tabkells • I The Mighty July 3rd • Warped Tour July 17 • twenty one pilots September 13 •

heyzeus79 > The Joy of Porn

A simple collection of some of the things that turn me on

domy-t-h-a-n-g > DO MY THANG

camila gomes, brazilian 18

sxmother > (s)mother

Mother, Manager and Owner of Bates Motel in White Pine Bay Oregon. written by shari #sxmother

puellainurbe >


bumpsnboobs > Bumps'n'Boobs

NUDE ADULT BLOG - IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 PLEASE LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Celebrating sexy, fuller-figured, mature & confident women, with a selection of personal pictures - see them first at http://mrsbumpsnboobs.tumblr.com/ Not for profit - all content has...

i-cant-svvim > Moon child.

Wanderlust glow guys

haru-00 > klar

haru / LA seine Zeit, um zu schlafen

chorrd > i can't live without you.

sarah. 22. cis. she/her. bi. trying to kick up my life using awesome tv characters as role models. also beyoncé and nicki minaj.  

thehellisthisshitagain-barvs > barvs' reblogs and shit

My OCD is acting up and I don't want to have so many things in my likes so I'll reblog some stuff instead. atm queue runs at 50 posts, 12mn-12nn, gmt+8. Sometimes I reblog directly from my dash.

we-are-but-mayflies > I Am An Astronaut

Hi, I'm Devon. Age 24, NorCal, Aspie, cismale, feminist, secular humanist, liberal, degenerate scum,  In this blog you'll find: music (primarily indie, emo and punk/hardcore with some other genres as well), rants/thoughts on various topics, cool...

specialagentshaw > So no one told you that adults should not complain

Julia, 22, INFP. Bones & Disney fan, feminist, sad Chris Traeger aspiring to be a happy Chris Traeger. This is a multifandom blog. I want it to be an encouraging and positive space so feel free to message me with any concerns. Click the link above for my fanmixes. *sidebar gif by culturaldisney

micdotcom > Mic

Rethink the World. Official Tumblr home of Mic.com News | Politics | Arts | Music | World | Identities | Science | Connections

black-sheep-girl > BlackSheepGirl

Music, movies... and other stuff. Including loads of cats, cause I've become a crazy cat lady.

eun-kj > ekj

Art Works/Images © Eun K.J. Born in Japan and grew up in Tokyo & New York City. A graduate of University of Arts London. Currently resides in South Korea.

naomao > bruh-chan

céli / she/her / the netherlandssweet lil shine sprite

jessxnj > Frio Como La Vida

Black heart. Black mind. Black clothes.

fearandsubmission > Safe. Sane. Consensual.

ಠ_ರೃ -------------------------------> ಠ_ರೃ -------------------------------> LOOK! LEGAL STUFF:

arcanja > por ali

"In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life." — Mumford & Sons

amettie > dreaming

Amy / Watches too many sports anime. Twitter Fashion blog ACNL blog 🌙

linie-papilarne >

Jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy lub po prostu chcesz pogadać, to napisz, z chęcią Ci pomogę lub z Tobą porozmawiam.

pricelessjewel > ʚϊɞliving_freely_with_loveʚϊɞ

Name is Tin :) I love my own little family. Jayvee and Jev. :)Thank You for dropping by my page.. :-)Have fun and let's be friends! :-)

monstergf > moved

monstergf > bonemoon

bands-make-me-happy > 💩

ashley | 15 | sadidk man i just love bands

waitingforyoutowalkin > this love ;

When I was drowning that's when I could finally breathe Zirra, 20. was enchantingeclipse |

spinachravioli > Dont Look At Me.

Amanda//17//school sux//dogs rule

anothercontra > you be you

Elaine|16|amateur writer|Malta  

sunshineburst > Change is inevitable

Semi-Hiatus mode +++ All photos aren't mine unless otherwise stated.

cwallz > @InDem_Wallz

Just a young black male LIVING LIFE with the drive to inspire..

skosex > Silent Kingdom of sex

Welcome to my kingdom and have fun ;P Redheads and wet girls are the best, don't agree with me? This blog is NSFW, and 18+. You must leave if you're under 18 or legal age in your location.

ezzy911 > Ezzy's World (◕‿◕)♡

☆*:.。.o*:・゚✧*:・゚✧.。.:*☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Weird 17 year old from Arizona. I blog to Express NOT to Impress. I don't usually follow back, just ask and I will. (⌒‿⌒) ♪♫ Music is the thing that runs through my veins and is the only thing keeping me sane. ♩♬ Kik: ezzy_brooks ✂---

weirdsixtieslove > WeirdSixtiesLove

I have a tiny little obsession with the Beatles & the Sixties, I guess the only reasons to stay in 2015 are Sherlock, the Vampire Diaries & danisnotonfire (and many more oh god I just keep falling in love with bands, tv shows and youtubers)

xylia-x > Xylia-x

Hi! I'm Kavya! I love lolita fashion, otome and vintage fashion, illustration and general cuteness ♬  This blog is mainly for my outfits, illustrations and inspirational photos.  I work at a store called Chiffon Rose in Melbourne, Australia.

biomedicalephemera > Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog for Your Boils

A blog for all biological and medical ephemera, from the age of Abraham through the era of medical quackery and cure-all nostrums. Featuring illustrations, history, and totally useless trivia from the diverse realms of nature and medicine. This blog takes dozens of hours a week of research, question replies, and post writing, every week. Buy me a coffee so I can stay up and keep the lights on aro...

supurrr > Negative Dreaming

Pristina | 16 | Hawaii | FlowerChild | Scorpio | I Like Trees and Sleep | I Also Really Like Peter Pan And Sea Creatures | Head In The Clouds And Feet On The Ground | I Don't Really Have Anything else To Say...

valerise > Valerise

Isa. 23, Br. “You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books and that's kind of the same thing”

whykhan > sangfroid

alyssa. 1991. florida. istp. writer. christian. unhealthily obsessed with certain tall villainous men.

abyssiansoul > Fangs Bared Against Fate

"If you don't fight, you can't win." "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." "Impossible is not a word - it's just a reason for someone not to try." Male | 22 | Gay Creative Writing Student - Christian - Adventurer

deepdownfreak87 > Sub-side

Male- 20's- kinky- bi- submissive side- try anything once

tobito > 怪談

"The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate." yo, i'm caro. i like ghouls and movies about superheroes. usa | they/them | ISFJ |

motz-hottest-eyecandy > HOTTEST EYECANDY

Enjoy one of the greatest collections of beautiful women // Created by a guy somewhere in Copenhagen. Enjoy the eyecandy.

cckia27 > Once upon a... Scorpion.

24, vfx compositor on a blog about TvShows! Proud to be a Captain Swan and Waige fan I love SCORPION, OUAT, POI, HTGWM, Suits and others. I have a crush on Colin O'Donoghue and RDJ, and Elyes Gabel is cutie pie!

min-rii > "im rly tired"

semi-hiatus bc of schoolcurrent issue(s): ap testing fmlme rn: learned helplessness; what must I do to get ppl to send me cards on superstar sm

crimical > like a prayer for which no words exist

svenja; there are constellations on your skin and a universe in your eyes

leasek > ليزا

Swedenig:lisakrasniqisnap: likrasniqi

elsanna-fanboy > Ship all the Ships

Elsanna Jori Creampuff/Hollstein Kigo Shippers - Frozen - Big hero 6 - Carmilla

setafireinheaven > I set a fire in Heaven...and watched it burn away.

NSFW 18+....I am a thirty-something straight male from the US. I'm just trying to rediscover myself and what I truly like. There will be porn...there will be hentai\ecchi...there will be art...there will be sappy quotes about everything from heartbreak to suicide....These images and videos are things I have done and enjoy, or things I am definitely interested in exploring more. Questions and submi...

deam-furor > DopelessHopeFiend

The blog of a 23 year old Aquarius with a love for nature, cats, tattoos, food, sacred geometry, crystals, traveling, colored hair, and all the funky music!! ॐ

melmob > Melmob

i reblog Phan and other cool things

larabears > Relephant.

Lara Bears All

sorrisos-encantam > Just believe.

Só hoje percebo, tive dores desnecessárias por pessoas que não valiam a pena.

skullflare > Strangers are welcomed~

I rp with trolls and such on here and yes it can get NSFW when rping maybe. If you want it to that is.

theseoks > andromeda

I wasn't looking at the wrong places or the wrong times; I was just trying to find something that didn't exist.

thatleftus > Somewhere to go

Place to look at things that interest and arouse.  Married male.  43. Jumping into the tumblr quicksand.  NSFW and 18 and older.

notprettylikeyou > Calm, everything's ok.

I'm Emily, 19, queer girl in London

czarryy > Hello Sweetie

Hi there :D czar here!  Art & Reblog blog! Requests are open~ My Art Percy Jackson Instagram

georginacast > GIGI

Traveling enthusiast, sugar addict and restless mind. Cold hands. Too talkative when being nervous.Foodie, amateur photographer and fashion lover. You can follow me on instagram.com/georginacastVisitor Counter

masscorp > Mr.Mass™

RANDOM MEMORIES FROM MY EYES All Photos with the SPADE logo are mine , so If You repost any Photo, Please Give Credit

nottryingtobeperfect > Not trying to be perfect.

Twitter: @GabieStahl // Instagram: gabiestahl

jczala > Get Your Game On!

Fangirl, Cosplayer, Dreamer... Be prepared for an Attack on Fandom. This is just a simple blog for all my Anime/Manga/Games pleasure. I mostly post and reblog Yu-Gi-Oh!, SNK, Tokyo Ghoul and other sports anime.

flames2stardust > 음악은 사랑 입니다

♥Kpop ♥Art ♥Funny Shit ♥Music

rhiannons-hel > Rêves cauchemardesques

Voyage au coeur d'une drogue neuroleptique. Chaleur infernale aux embruns sataniques.

radnymph > •

the smell of rain

fabulousandclassy5 > Old Hollywood Class

My name is Briana This blog describes who I'am and what I love Don't read my About me page because its old and I've changed :)

fornaxvoid >

The official visual implementation of Fornax Void. All content made by Fornax Void. All rights reserved.

themdtgirl > Holding On To You

Hey I'm Meagan ;D"You don't have to promise me the moon or the stars... Just promise you will stand under them with me."

bulleblog > Hello World

My name is Thorn. I made this tumblr to share some drawings... you can see the rest of my work on my blog (in french) : www.bulleblog.com

autobaby >

ig: xixibot

aedeagus > babby spanch

read my about me before following please n thanks

bombay9 > Hot and Nasty

Deutsch! Kik: yeahbombay (chat or share/submit pics?) Only 18+ Bi-Curious, post stuff that turns me on! I like pretty much everything... Thick girls, amateur pics, hardcore stuff, anal, cum, straight and gay, shemales,...! Check it out! My pics are tagged #me

rainbeos > you love me, right?

Rainbow child of the King; servant of Christ VIXX & Arsenal FC this painful love of my life+ this beautiful football club

villainouscenobite > We are both tragedies.

If I've posted something of yours send me an ask to add credit or remove it. http://villainouscenobite.tumblr.com/ask

alotofadultgifs > A Lot Of Adult GIFS

Normal guy - 20-ish - Amsterdam (NL) ALOAG is a blog where we admire the female body and where being naughty is important. Feel free to contact me. Send me an ask or you could add me on: KIK (alotofadultgifs) and Snapchat (aloag.snap) This blog is for adults only (18+). Non of these posts are actually 'mine'. All posts belong to their respectful owners.

football-s > the beautiful game

| Raisa | A devoted football lover, in a beautiful relationship with FC Barcelona. In love with too many footballers. Lionel Messi is the ruler of my world, Fernando Torres is my sunshine and Busi is my soul mate. A very proud Muslim from Bangladesh. Football is my escape from the reality. "Some say football is a matter of life and death, I can assure you it is something much more than than." -...

timetravelingalpaca > {eden}

alpacas are pretty cool. galactic whales rock my socks doe.

bellusterra > my collection

NSFW IG- bellus_terraThings I loveThings I wantThings I have

hibiri > Virtual Riflection

// I'm Ri // Female // any pronouns //Fujoshi // Chinese(Mandarin) and English // Art blog is 'rihibi' //

msbecket >

ion's writing and reference blog

hopes-to-infinity > Cuvinte potrivite

Camere, canapele, cearșafuri, muzică, niște cărţi bune, câteva cafele și tu.Tu, peste tot tu.  

joelzimmer > Joel Zimmer

Photographs of Joel Zimmer's daily adventures in New York City and the places he visits.Year 07.

xlovelessangelx > ..It's my obsession..

~ This will be total randomness... I think it will be mostly YAOI ,SEBACIEL(OTP) and Kuro in general~ sebaciel is tagged ♥♥♥

asilentfire > A Silent Fire

I have a weakness for shadows, double exposures and anything that makes my heart swell. For things I find beautiful, inspirational or curious. F ◊ 26 ◊ Van Isle, BC

kageyamasass > sloosh....

youngsters from my school started following my main blog so here i ammain blog

fyeahporn > The Porn Paradise - Tumblr

Not safe for workThe best porn of tumblr, videos, pics, and lots of gifs. Anal, fisting, hardcore, all you want

pinupcastiel > Pinup Castiel

We had undeniable chemistry. But like a monkey on the sun, it was too hot to live. It can't go on. I am a SAFEHOUSE BLOG

jaimegreyjoy > Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted.

James / 16 / Sweden I like to write, read, draw and play games. This blog will contain fandom shit and feminist rants. Enjoy.

feariie > Romantic Garden

Hi, i'm Feariline / Feariie ♥ Feel free to check my ABOUT section to know more ~ For business inquiries please contact me there : feariie@outlook.fr

venke > living aimless

You'll be on my mind.  Don't give yourself away to the weight of love.

lmree > 赤い糸

Hello everyone, call me Ree. ^u^ Currently sobbing to bed every night because my childhood is over

rhydil > rhydil

MUSIC + FILM + BOOKS + PHYSICAL ACTION (None is mine except stated )

mandanoel > Manda

21. USA. Traveling is my passion. {Disclaimer : I do not own any of the photographs or quotes/poetry posted on this tumblr unless otherwise stated}

broccoleafveins > Broccoleaf Veins

Hi, I'm Katie. These are some happy thoughts. (◕‿◕✿) I reblog lots of plants, vegetarian food, illustrations, disney things, crafts, doodles, cartoon junk, concept art, comedy things, feminist stuff, tons of animals. Enjoy!

karoroad > karo road

football, fanfiction, fanciful things. heyitsk on AO3.

omercifulheaves > O, Merciful Heaves!

What the inside of my head looks like.

5-41pm > nat

art, music, & happiness enthusiast//be free

femalefantasies > Female Fantasies

White Girls, Black Girls, Indian Girls, Asian Girls, Hispanic Girls, Any Kind of Girls...I don't really discriminate. I can appreciate beauty in all shades and sizes. If I like it I post it here. I hope you do too. NSFW. 18+. Oh, and I guess it needs to be clarified, but I'm a male. And I'm 23. But that's all you're getting from me.

mikareep > (•͈⌔•͈⑅)

hi i'm chou! i am anime trash and i love ocs

zmfgwtfbbqhax > Dies Irae

We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too. I hope you enjoy your stay c: Visitor Counters

rlyrlyugly >

im a wanderess; don't belong to no city dont belong to no man

kuuudere > illusion is mine

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

fraeulein-katrine > life through a lens

free spirit, traveling soul. italiana. kölnerin.

palmingly > paper crane

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again"

gudiyah > still life

when i hold seashells to my ears, im pretty sure i can hear you

hn-1973 > Print works by Hirano Naoya

平野直哉 版画作品Tour of the art. 美術の見学。

ayraalmeida > ayraalmeida

--Você aguentou tudo sozinha , suportou tudo calada . Então não se julgue porque "fraca" você não é .

babyyy-dolll > pubescent drama queen

you're a doll you are flawless but i just cant wait for love to destroy us.

nycgo > nycgo photo of the day

We're nycgo.com. Follow us and we'll take you out on the town!

zxqq > i mcfreakin remade

remadeask me for my new blog if you want it(ICON CREDIT)

vickrock > vickrock

Ocean State ⚓️King of the jungle. 723

90377 > sedna 90377

„sedna 90377 is one of the most distant known objects in our solar system.“

mbatm > lovelost

my name is maricelle, i listen to music i am slow thinking and full of interior rules that acts as breaks on my desires

neda16 > Until We Find A Way

Neda. 26. Multifandom. Katie McGrath, Bradley James, and Dylan O'brien ruined my life. I like Marvel and teen werewolves. Forwood & Stydia stan. This is NOT a spoiler free blog!

whitebloodocean > drown

My name is Dominyka and I'm a 17 y.o. vegetarian girl from Lithuania's capital Vilnius. I love drawing, rock, cats, good movies, history, Paris, summer and open-minded people. My dream is to study political science. Enjoy.

jijie-jurassic > Life is a beautiful lie & death is a painful truth

"I sin but I'm not a devil. I'm good but I'm not an Angel" I might be the saddest happy person and the meanest nice person to ever exist. I follow the dictionary order: "Girls" come first before "Guys". lost soul(s)

teq-25 > Welcome to my blog!!!

Love angel Adriana Lima!!!Thank you for reading my blog:)

jmickey > Above Average Joey

My name is Joey. I love models, redheads, and all things macabre and bizarre. I also always make it a point to have the names of the hot people whose pictures I reblog in the tags. You're Welcome. I love taking selfies because occationally there is an attractive one. I can also sometimes be a bit of a freak.

lunchboxpussy > LunchBox Pussy

I'm Elvis of the Tumblr underworld and purveyor of fine poontang. Chicks wanna bang me and dudes wanna party with me. I am to pussy what Kenny Powers is to baseball. By the way.......don't mistake my sarcasm for arrogance. I'm full of shit and quite aware of it. If your not 18 or older you should finish your vegetables and get the fuck outta here.......... scram zygote! By the way.......Im...

svc2blackmen > Exotic Flavor Addiction

dark bbc : i want u more then you imagine. you would be surprised ;) xx

monoscribbles > chill zone

I'm mono and I make comics. I do not take requests/commissions!! this blog is occasionally nsfw.

brekkist > brekkist

ここはどこ? タンブラーって何??? WELCOME TO MY CASTLE (R-18) Everything on this page is drawn by me!

midori-chii > はじめての気持ち。

"You made me melt by taking my completely frozen hand... My heart liked it quite a lot.♥" ❥blog under construction❢

misato3 > asdf

yuri/percy ♤ ze/zir

artist404 > For general Art and Nerdiness needs

Artist404 - Error code art not found

fieldguidetobirds > field guide to birds

a photo journal by Mars Adams and Jason Domogalla

eeukyang > I'm Very Loser~

What's a Yoongi.USA | Mainly Bangtan+EXO | Semi-Multifandom Network Bangtan Member~Side Blog:

pintsizeninja > His name is agent.

Julia. USA. I like making things. Currently into Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, The Good Wife and Tom Hiddleston's face. For a full list, check out the fandoms link. Ninja(s) Lurking

sneezing-haru > oi


torikev > Girls

Tumblr terminated my blog - just-cutegirls. Now I here! =|= Girls submit to 14K+ followers =|= Submissions =|=

sunset-wing > sunset-wing

ORIGINAL PHOTO Tokyo International Airport (RJTT/HND) Narita International Airport (RJAA/NRT) New Chitose Airport (RJCC/CTS) Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo Landscape, Flower, Sunset

yo0k > Empty

Jiminy // 20 // Monochrome blogremember, who you are...remember. - mufasaaaaaa

thcrsthry > same shit, different gay

weirdo old lady who arts and liveblogs a lot. Into too many fandoms for her own good. actual adult irl. shithead responsible for the SNKDOCU series COOL TAGSART TAGWIPS & DOODLESGIA'S DUMB FACE THOMY OTHER DUMB BLOGLAME TAGSHOMESTUCK TAGSHINGEKI NO...

sarahbethpenn > Let Me Introduce Myself

Some call me SP, others call me a dork. My mom just calls me SarahBeth.

ewanmcgregors > It'll be because you're an asshole.

Austin - 20 - Atlanta Photographer and aspiring filmmaker. Currently studying at Georgia State to one day be a director. Previously ewanmcgregoring About Me

renaengland > Ex Vento Scientia

All the glory belongs to God!

small-price > welcome, here's a glimpse of my mind

for class and sophistication wear lace lingerie, cold black eyeliner and a posture to kill. never slouch, and never be looking worse than if your enemy was paying a visit.

shykouhai > lowkey kill me

ko | 16 | they/them

yhkoac-p > yhkoac-photography

All photographs belong to me

cherryfairies > Nah

There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends

falsefangs > owe mins h.

heh i'm fiona, i am 19 years old and i am from germany and i'm most likely lying in my bed rn watching tv.

frogpile > frogs are Delicate and Worth Love

johnnythey/he16, england, a cool frog trying to return to his space home.if you want me to tag anything, just ask!

miseria-macabra > Miserable Mascara

💀looking evil & slightly seductive💀😈😈😈

yaeruu >

Just a girl who loves anime, Korean and Japanese Pop Music, and life. ~^_^~