haterxxz > Strike

"You should tell people how you feel about them sooner, because anything can happen and you might never see them again."

naikopyon > Nyooom~

Welcome (・ω ・) This is a multi fandom blog. At the moment I mostly reblog: Tokyo Ghoul ☆ Owari no Seraph ☆ Steven Universe But sometimes something from other Animes or drawing stuff

margwen > SomethingOriginal

Just swimming through.

sora-tobazu > i do it for hyrule

i blog pkmn, acnl, the last of us, twdg, FF, KH, LoZ, and other things i like. i also blog anime. please ask if you want anything tagged!

kellydarkson > Chandler

19 | Cis | He/Him | ENFP

abromance > Mr.Bromance

"a bro let me see your dick"

jadedlorefield > FatallyStylish

A Second Life fashion blog

maralex89 > Leiram

Español: Argentina. Conocida como Leiram o Maralex por internet. English: Argentinian. Known as Leiram or Maralex on internet. Links: LJ FFN AO3 MAL

tvulrike > TV-Bitch Ulrike

This Blog is NSFW! Slim TV loves the noble clothes. But would also pursues her fetish desire. I slip like in the role of mistress, but like I am also a submissive sissy. As often as possible I slip into my feminine role. l -------------------------------------------- Some of you recognize me know from other places online. I've just discovered tumblr and enjoy sharing some of my photos with every...

aizwallenstein > ѕωσя∂

ellie * 17 * ichigo hoshimiya ruined my life *

spinwhirlpin > this is what it's like to live in a haunted house

I'm Molly, I'm twenty-five. My life is just beginning. Kentuckian. Dreamer. Half-blood. Part elf. Bookworm.

ironmarvel > Are you watching closely ?

My name is Veronica. I love movies, especially action movies, fantasy and science fiction, because they are my escape from this world.

kingofthewinter > king of the winter

♥ anime ♥ manga ♥ TV series

wakeupmagpye > Wake Up, Magpye

I got abducted once. The worst thing they did was bring me back.

jsadiqsfavpics > JSadiq's FavPics

Photography is one of my art forms and I love it. I obviously love Photos of almost anything but especially beautiful women. I click and post what catches my eye and hold my attention. I don't care if it offends you. NSFW! I am a brother in case your...

dyingforastory > I want out of this place.

❝It's like an itch❞ Reporters are the dangerous type. They take risks for their stories. Miles Upshur went one step further by diving straight into the maw of hell with nothing but a camera to document the horrors hidden within. [RP blog for Miles Upshur from Outlast.]

vieran > (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

kris ☆ 20 ☆ esfp i like devil may cry and steven universe and shitty JRPGs and being gay as hell

dirge2178 > Elegantly Throbbing

35 yr old Straight MaleGeeky TexanLover of the female form in ALL of it's manifestationsChronic masturbatorOpen communicator

chrryblssmninja > ninja chipmunks united

"He was an American; he wanted to be supreme but ordinary, a tycoon and a regular guy, an author and a reader." - Suspects, by David Thomson

cant-take-my-heart > Can’t take my heart

★ ☆ 반드시 나는 이길게 ☆ ★ ∞김성규∞ ∞김명수∞이성종∞차학연∞ ∞인피니트∞슈주∞빅스∞

mydemonsaremyfriends > Sam Winchester is better than you

On this blog you will find Supernatural. Jared Padalecki. Genevieve Padalecki. Sam Winchester. Jensen Ackles. J2. Amy Lee. Tagged Wank. Tagged Spoilers.

maskedmarauder123 > Allora Conseruntum

Adventurer | 14 | Anime Nerd | RT/AH Fangirl | Writer | I love asks and interacting with people over the interwebs so don't be shy |

estimatedwarbear > we've got our guns and horses

I'VE MOVED. you can now find me @ antiquitea.

tigrowbey > Tigrow BEY

Fuck you you're famous.

cameronbaum > Aut Caesar, aut nihil

"Here it is standing: atoms with consciousness; matter with curiosity. Stands at the sea, wonders at wondering: I, a universe of atoms an atom in the universe." - Richard Feynman

lau3 > I'll Figure It Out.

Sault Chippewa, Iroquois, Algonquin and white. Nonbinary, Trans, Queer. PTSD. Autistic. Chronic pain. Primarily using the mobile app. I do my best to trigger warn, but I make mistakes and there have been dropped tags with some posts. Please drop me a note if you would like me to tag any triggers for you. ~Currently on hiatus.~

if7even > IF7even

We are all made of stars...

awkwardcountess > My world

''You're so nice and you're so smart! You're such a good friend I have to break your heart. I'll tell you that I love you then I'll tear your world apart. Just pretend I didn't tear your world apart.'' THIS BLOG: KPOP. SUPERNATURAL. METAL AND GOTH. CREEPY AND CUTE STUFF. THINGS I FIND FUNNY. PEOPLE AND SHOWS I OBSESS OVER. MY DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. And all the rest :p My name is Matea, I'm 23, fr...

fantasia-kitsune > lost in life

male / 20 / cis / into guys / slightly furry (who am i kididng) / nsfw / multifandom

fandom26random > Just A Fangirl's World

Paula 15 Gymnast Soccer Player and Book Nerd (PERCY JACKSON, Divergent, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc)

wintercapsicle > Hunters and Doctors and Wizards, Oh My!

My life is my geekdom: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, Supernatural, Merlin, Star Wars, Star Trek, Luther, Castle, Firefly, Buffy, Fringe, The Walking Dead and so much more. I case you are wondering Joss is the God I Pray To, Cas is the angel on my shoulder, John Green and J.K. Rowling are my King and Queen, and I have ridden upon many ships, under many flags..

awesomelittlefirefly > Little Firefly is hiding here

Okay, what can I say about myself? I'm Deanna (Динна), Russian and happily lesbian girl, dreamer, weirdy, romantic..... blah blah blah:)

thehomicidalhooligan > Hooligan's Hit List

Ace/Genderfluid Fandoms. Food. Funnies. All you really need to know. Enjoy!

art-i-llery > Art/i/llery - using Art as a weapon

A Blog-like page that shows respect and love of Creativity within the Arts in Comics, Movies, Paintings, Photography, Music, Graffiti and many other mediums. (Also lots of stuff from my friends and I - Jairo)

maristy > nonsense galore

21 year old Swedish girl with my head in the clouds. I get over-emotionally invested in fictional characters. I fangirl about living people, made up characters and told stories. Mostly Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Glee, Gossip Girl, The Hunger Games, Starkid & One Direction. Oh, who am I kidding? This has basically turned into a Harry Styles appreciation blog.

no-controls > couldn't change me if you tried

I'm Batel,I'm from Israel, 17y/o. One Direction,Fifth Harmony, Little Mix,Demi Lovato and Pretty Little Liars.

moonyd > moonyd.

The photos of my life.

neocerie > Neoceres: Sylph of Mind

Welcome to PamJam: Mostly composed of SU, HS, and Pokemon!

fashion-charmed > Fashion-Charmed

A mixed fashion blog: Haute Couture, Editorial, Runway, and Street Fashion

spadilla > sky's the limit somewhere else

Hola! ME: The name is Samantha, 24 babyy, reside in the bayyy of Northern Cali. I've got a passion for performing!AAnd have been in LOVE with the most amaziing man in the world, Joeyyy since '06 sexyyI ♥ my cats!POSTS: anything and everything that really interests me. ENJOY!Instagram: pamantha90

theriversdaughter > Not always in words...

Following the breadcrumbs by moonlight, starlight, stepping stone; gath'ring up raven feathers and old coyote bones... 38, pagan, cis female, SCAadian

managingmischiefsince1988 > Maundering Marauder

26-year old grad student in student affairs by day, fangirl by night. This blog is a mess of competing fandoms and nerdy things. Occasionally blog about school, politics, studying, and more!

hellafvckd > NΛΤΙVΣxFVCKΣЯ


louialmighty > My Galaxy

Welcome, earthling

an-infinite-coincidence > An Infinite Coincidence

My name is Mixie. I do as I please. I'm an unrepentant hedonist and morally bankrupt. Tattoos, piercings, nudity, spanking, smoking, drugs, women dressed as cats, aliens, and space are just some of the things I love.

ilusoesdeantinoo > Ilusões de Antínoo

Estudante de história, pseudointelectual e emocionalmente frustrado.

ezrazkoenig > ♒65♒

kyra | 17 | Irish mcfreakin losing it

johns-porn > random pussy

NSFW 18 and over only just some photos off the net that have caught my eye, or made my cock twitch. most of what you see here i found on the net while browsing, although a few maybe of my wife and myself.

bubbledumbitch > I have no soulmate bc i have no soul

kiarla brooklyn instagram: @tw3rk I'm 17

screammynamewhileyoumasterbate > The cat was killed from curious thrills

Carolina. 21. Submissive. I'm curious about most things. I don't own anything unless stated otherwise. I post a lot of porn, so if you don't like that, then don't follow me. I also post whenever I can which is not everyday. Sometimes it's once a week or three...

fayte255 > Ramblings of a Maniacal DM

Just a lonely college student interested in programming and Dungeons & Dragons.

kaibear114 > kaibear


lovekatelynmarie > Katelyn ♥

나는 k팝을 사랑해요♡ #VCU18 God is my savior.

we-kill-everything > Addict

Mayara, 18, Brazil

robotwaifumax > BOOM BOOM

MAX (20) ISFP wbdsgn stdnt & i trust 2033 is gonna be either cool or destructive af

japwannabe > hentairin

a chick who digs chicks that like chicks

d-1-e-s > r u mine?

The sun also rises on those who fail to call. My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls...

callmedaddyyoufuckingslut > Call Me Daddy You Fucking Slut

I'm just a mid 30's a hyper-sexual dominant that periodically goes through different sexual moods. These are my true stories, thoughts, photos and videos. WARNING: 18 + ONLY!!! If you are under 18, leave this page immediately! This blog contains NSFW and sexually explicit material. All pictures are re-posted from web and copyright belongs to original poster. All photos and videos are of 18 and ol...

showmeyoursposts > Untitled

I love the small tits!

dust-and-feathers > She's thunderstorms

Only time will tell if we're all just cynics on the run

callmebigred > El Tejon

It means the badger in Spanish

nipplespray > punishment orb

"Truth may sometimes hurt, but delusion harms."

shesgothips > She's Got Hips

... and Legs and Ass and Tits...

sp4c3c4d3t > To Infinity And Beyond

Spending my time playing games, making friends, and trying to make the world a better place

breathe-art > Love is to Dreamers as Peace is to Believers

Starr, 21 "it is false because I write about them with steadfast love"Leo Sun | Virgo Moon | Libra Ascending

wolfnibble > Mister J's Dad

Have fun, dudes and dudettes.This is gonna be full of any smut which I throughly enjoy, and the occasional normal stuff. Feel free to message me, the more messages the better. I'd like to get to know people with the same messed up mind as myself. 18+ only kids. Kik: lewmo182

whitesugar90 > White sugar, evil as the day you were born

Nadia // 25 years // Mexican // Graphic designer and illustrator // Glam Rocker // 70's // random things

eastcoastaries > نور

yo wassup mtv welcome to my crib

euvoutemordebaby > Coleciona(dor)a

“Deixe a seriedade para as horas em que ela é inevitável. No seu dia-a-dia, pelo amor de Deus, seja idiota! Ria dos próprios defeitos. E de quem acha defeitos em você.”

iggyezalea > show me your soul

baby, I know places we won't be found

scarstainedskyline > An Ocean Above The Sky

A day/week/month/year/minute/second of my life. One of 'em, who the hell knows.

beodean > The Last Baron Lives

My name is Dean. Music=Passion Getcha Pull!

rpaulk > Ran DMC

Crescent Moons & Coffee Milkshakes

trupussy > Ace Senpai

I'm Rotem and I'm very obsessed with Ace Attorney, Pokemon and Professor Layton

imafilthydirtygirl > i'm a filthy, dirty girl

reblogging all of the depraved and hardcore stuff that i like. surprisingly, there's a lot. NSFW 18+ only

sunfloweralchemist > silence is golden

- voixin - seer of void - 15 - derse dreamer - intj - true neutral - 9w1 - slytherin - sburb enthusiast -

necsineteviverepossum > Nec sine te vivere possum

“Ma non puoi baciarmi se siamo AMICI.Non puoi aprir bocca quando mi vedi parlare con altri ragazzi, se siamo AMICI.”

ir0nnippl3s > g o l d e n

hi. rachel. 20. MA student. beard enthusiast. CLE raised. CHI living. dream seeking. oitnb. madmen. got. twd. hoc. mos. p&r. etc. links to the right, enjoy ♡ don't you know who i think i am?

isacon512 > What are these?

Total randomness and nonsense coming your wayWARNING: constant caps lock

snoopingas1 >

Hey girls you can send me pictures of you and i will post them. i dont own these photos, i just reblog them

kaykay70298 > smile :)

you can call me kik 19|f|asia GoT. Community. DnD. Swimming. Writing. American Psycho.

nedxpace >

Natalie. Live in Latvia, but you can also find me in Hogwarts, Gallifrey, Impala, Vega, 221B Baker Street, Monica Geller's appartment, Middle Earth, Narnia, Storybrooke, Beacon Hills and in some other places...

wearethel1v1ngdead > Can The Soul Of A Sinner Be Saved?

Tattoos, piercings, bands, odd/strange/morbid photos, comics, and horror movies.

slightly-biased-milk-hotel > So it goes.

Cait. Twenty one. Michigan.


Comunicador Visual / Diseñador Gráfico. [Imagen - WEB - Print - Motion] juanervas.com @juanervas Mérida, YV ©2013

fatima-sakina > Janna'tul-Firdous

لسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْl *** This blog is some sort of a journal that reflects my ideas, dreams, and hopes thru the pictures and prose I post. I am an adventurer that seeks my journey through life until I found jannah. Thank you for dropping by.

faithlehanez > it's always sudden

tiff. chill. obsessive. multishipping, multifandom trash. growing older and stupider by the day. i like puns and scary stories.

mrme121 > Closeted Freak

Just a safe space to release my sexual nature/appetites. BBC. UK. NSFW. Not for u-21 🔞

nzumi-chan > Mind Destruction

Fuck it I'm doomed anyways.. who`s willing to go down with me?!

natalie2xcc > I got Buns hun😂

✌ #interrcial ftw (for the win) #bwwm #wmbw ♡

tattsandmuscles > Untitled

male who likes what I like...feel free to inbox me I'll respond... yes, that's me in the profile pic... I post pics of me randomly....

bookofeternity > My Own Book of Lost Things

John. 18 . Basically I have gay written all over the body. I like to cook, to eat, to read(both ways), throw shade. The theme is brought to you by iamaneko ( love this bitch )I like gay stuff thoAnd sarcasm

diaryofalchemists > With A Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility

James/22/England The beard is strong with this one.

brandonfried >

Yes i'm the drummer that replaced that other drummer from that one band that sings about sweathers and orgasms 

namqhuynh > .


4thstate > More common than dirt

Inexplicably 23 years old. A university student who loves computers too much. Tends to post and reblog Tales Of things right now, though that is subject to change. (Say hi!) my art!

amnesiac618 > Give Up The Ghost.

“He thought each memory recalled must do some violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the words and pass it on. So be sparing. What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not.”

visualmindchatter > Visual Mind Chatter

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. This blog is mostly inactive but I am leaving this up for the archives. The music always goes on, thank you for the music. ♥

fyeahp > pflwless△

All the perfection is right here.

vacwms > see you, dirt veggie

hi i'm daj and i'm currently failing out of life

grxceface > no way out

hi i'm megan i like films

guillotineheart > i'll be all right, just not tonight

jasmine, 20. i like books and floral perfume and ladies, but also, like, i shout about fictional characters and the stupid things they make my heart do, so. currently: 5 seconds of summer, taylor swift, one direction i guess, gone girl.

valiumhead >

19. London. Squat raves are my thing

gardendistrict > Garden District

Hello, my name is Santos Del Real. I am a college student studying design.

dark-star-knight > Luna

Life is difficult and that will never change, but we should always live life to the full.

maddersahatter > Madders Mad World

British wife & mother, slave to 3 kittehs. Officially award winning fanfic writer having come 3rd in Leap Back convention International competition. Now branching out from QL to Stargate. Also write picture books - trying to get published. In the words of the 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' I am 'mostly harmless'.

theriverjordan > Such is the breath of kings

24. Virginia. Superheroes and Shakespeare Four Favorites for TV: Hannibal, Mad Men, Orphan Black, Twin Peaks Four Favorites for Comics: Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Wicked and the Divine, Captain Marvel

marinaswh0re > !Drink Water!

i'm a cry babyher/she🍰💦✨

theoriginaljohnny >

Not blinded, clear minded. Keep Fighting, will survive it.

dangodangodangodangodaikazoku > Ayyyyyyyyyy

Hi! I'm a boring person, so, uh, yeah...

miracle-one69 > AllSexLove

All the pornAll sexAll my love+18 Fun

thoughtsbyadam > What Separates Me From You

"This could be anywhere in the world"

mikelernerphotography > Mike Lerner

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEO by Mike Lerner(unless otherwise stated) NY

skippinginclouds > skipping in clouds

17 | INFP | ♎ hi im skip (she/her) and i love cockbites, glowclouds, wizards, titans, zombie bfs, gems, magical boys, gay sports anime, and more we gonna boldly go

valiantcrusadepirate > IMAGES

This is a collection of pictures I have found on the Web. I don't claim ownership or any rights over them. If you do, please let me know and they will be promptly removed.

faraige > Dame algo sobre que cantar

Spaniard girl. Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Skyrim, Vikings, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Doctor Who, random name here...

only-up-when-youre-not-down > Unlimited

Rose. 18. "Don't dream it. Be it."

bloodforwonders > magic filled her up, made her belly ache

Margarida | 18 | Portugal first year medical student. coffee addict. proud slytherin. INFJ. “I do not want to be human. I want to be myself. They think I am a lion, that I will chase them. I will not deny I have lions in me. I am the monster in the wood. I have wonders in my house of sugar. I have parts of myself I do not yet understand. There is only one verb that matters: to be.”

dinoswearbriefs > triceratops in heat

nsfw 18+ attraction at its most primal. all photos originated elsewhere and can be removed upon request.

teardrops-razorblades > You think I'm okay, but I'm not

My name is Alex and I'm a depressed 17 year who is working towards to make the pain go away. Struggling with constantly lying to the people who pretend to care and learning to love myself for who I am. I'm not better, but I'm trying so that has to count...

colekenzi > Colekenzi

Hey, my names Nicole and I live in Ottawa with my cats Salem and Captain Jack Sparrow. I wonder if I'll ever figure out what I want to be if I grow up?!

lullabyknell > Speak in Proper Hobbitish, please...

Hey, so I'm LullabyKnell, I write fic on AO3 and FFN (links below). I might also do some drawing. Call me LBK or Bynell. I'll mainly be Tolkien, HP, and Marvel here.

cerealfurunicorn > Really just a hoarder of obsessions

Too little time for this ish but still doing it. Here you might find all sorts of stuff I like, and there is no constant theme.. I love to draw, sleep, eat, take long baths, read books and occasionally go watch a movie. I like humans like RDJ, Tom Hiddleston, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Superwoman etc. And I love A;TLAB, Welcome To Nightvale, The Maze runner, Over the...

minipoppers > ~Hello~

This is my page. I'm 19, and have no idea what I'm going to do with my life. This page consists of funny pictures and random spurts of PR0N, you're welcome.

zanecario > Zicnoracel

A place where bbws of all sizes and species are appreciated~

shire-bloggins > A Heart Made Fullmetal

I don't think anyone actually reads these but if you do, hi, you look nice today. Fullmetal Alchemist, Avengers, Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tolkien, Supernatural, Being Human, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter and other various things you get the point

xjames2210 > James

A collection of things I like and love 23 | London | Music | Laughs | Films

maru358 > goutte de la lune

Things that I like,things that I think are cute,and other inspirational images.

snogard216 > CinnamonCupCakes

NSFW...... “But I've strayed so far from normal now, I'll never find my way back. And the truth is, I no longer want to.” Things that excite and provoke me! I don't own any of the pictures on here. If you want your picture taken down, please provide a link of your picture and I will do so as soon as possible. MSG...

benedictcumberbunchesofoats > You can't be sad with bacon in your mouth

Hi, I'm AlysaWelcome to my little slice of the internet

katemoss420 > hellhole ratrace

ben | 22 | writer | cynic | queer | feminist | cinema snob | he/she/they | 👽🔯👽♑️👽

woodenwhispers > ॐ

▲ 19 • infinite traveller of the world and the cosmos • ATL↔BHAM(wa) • blzit420fgt-stonerchild • engaged to zachery lanier • going to bed now • ▲

the-unexecptional-wookie > Wookie with a tardis...

Hey names Chris. 24. South Florida. Not much of a talker but always willing if asked. Mostly nerdy stuff, squishes, and things I enjoy. Blogs pretty NSFW so be warned.

thebigcumup > my oh my

NSFW If there is a picture of you that you want taken down just tell me

fallen-castielx > remember me for centuries

You get lazy, you get sad. Start givin' up. Plain and simple. ―Newt Hey my name is Ally and I love The Maze Runner, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Marvel, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, 5 Seconds of Summer, and All Time Low. ~*~*~*~ I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart atta...


"As the philosopher Jagger once said : you can't always get what you want" - Dr. Gregory House

royalmuzza > God's angal's

27yr old male, with a collection of photo's I think are fucking hot!!..

whorethumb > afraid and easy to forget

we all die in the end anyway

cheleisbr > Chelei

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light"

hashtaganalbeads > 🍰

alluringly sleazy

kingflexx > Street life

Graffiti & Street wear

kmyzo > Frosty trichomes grown in the city of the snow

Kyle. 19. CO. 🔥Smoke purple gold🍯,🗻rip powder❄, and make new things happen! Taken by this lovely mountain hippie icraveitmydear.tumblr.com😘 soundcloud.com/envolts🎧🎶

beatrizcarvalho31 > Thug life

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

chtho-nia > A dream within a dream

ゆめのような Charissa, 21. San Francisco dreaming my life away

calffeinated > Wanderer

What's stopping you?

transponzter > you make me merry make me very very happy

I couldn't tell if you were a bitch or totally bitchin'

oliviaenigma >

How can I explain myself?

apocalyptic-cult > E X O T I C

<No specific theme, however this blog can get pretty dark>

most-badass-clintasha-tokka-geek > Avatar-Allie Love Song Enthusiast

MY FANDOMS ARE ❤DISNEY✨Allegiance, Avatar the last airbender 💦🗻🔥💨 , 💥Marvel, and Supernatural Disney blog- @love-song-maniaDeviantart- http://haska607.deviantart.comBackground and Avatar Not My Art, I Just Love It 😍thank you beautiful artistsI am a 17year old, straight, Christian Republican. " show respect even to the people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their...

anneofgables > A Very Sad Taco

Anne Idk what my gender isshe/her they/them

carmelitas-world > Carmelita's Vida Loca

NSFW 18+ I am a submissive woman without a Master. Not really looking for one right now, but if the right one came along, one never knows. Fate might be kind to me one day.

chrisworldpeace > Love/sex/Tattoos

Chris 22 - Gotham city Book/Film lover  I should have been named Henry Bemis writer/part time gladiator  my life is the Truman show im convinced so   Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! ..

neondiick > SK8 PRINCESS

Aubree. I skate, I love tie dye, and I want to go camping and kiss beautiful people. Keep it indie. I love all of you.

mmind-the-gap > sleepy

16 y.o. polish /art/tattoos/music/TV series/airplanes

firebarrels >

H, I'm Kass, currently residing in Baltimore, MD. My ask box is always open to anything. R.I.P Dad.

weliveyung > Love out loud

Love is when two people fall in love, could be guy girl, guy guy, girl girl, Transexual, Bisexual!!! They all mean the same thing! Who judges what you love to feel?

wetlandsescape > BOOP

A reblog blog for reblogging stuff for friends and co

nanichita > ~

this is a personal blog u will see alot of pretty things hi

hiscalifornia > You'll never know dear

Married to the kindest man I know. Lover of all books. Midwest resident. Full-time dreamer. Nail polish addict. Tea junkie.

thisprettyhasaname > S A R A I.

Twitter : @WildFantasies_IG:__mauvais

josephsdroppedglasses > Stridork

i drink rose water and kiss plants every night i cuddle with the stars and every day i sleep with the clouds it helps keep me from crying at anime boys goodby e |♀ she-her | Arizona | Viet |

thirstpuns > Suck my salsa, you fiesty nutsack.

Hey I'm Midory. You can call me Dory. And I'm a confused, queen/gold digger extraordinaire. Prof. Idiot~feminist~not-actually-a-blogger-blogger~gay?ish?

doritofandom > i summon my weapon by eating icecream

I'm a 18 year old genderqueer dollop living in Australia. (♀ or ∅ pronouns please) I'm an aries and an INFP. I love many, many fandoms but contribute basically nothing to them. My presence is enough. My current obsession is Flight Rising, where I spend...

puffout > Puff

I'm Laura and welcome to my colorful, beautiful, worry free blog. Sit down and stay a while

caroolcarool >

Fair girl, why do you send your thoughts to the sky?

xavthomas75 > XavThomas

Il est plus beau d’éclairer que de briller seulement ; de même est-il plus beau de transmettre aux autres ce qu’on a contemplé que de contempler seulement.. [ Saint Thomas d'Aquin ]

clarrolx > Ridicuously Hard to Follow

I am... Clearly a few cards short of a full deck Lost in my own little word Anime Addict Reading Fanatic Really Random Obvious Otaku Lovingly obessed to the point of scaring myself X... What the hell am I supposed to thing up that starts with an X and has to do with anime!? No. This scary little nook in this corner of the Webverse is mine. I am obsessed with a lot of...

niggassmokinggood > C.R.E.A.M.

live fast, die young, be wild, have fun.

boxprocessor > Boxprocessor

33, male. This is just a collection of pictures and gifs I have found here that have caught my perverted eye for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do. I would love to chat with you all as well so message me anytime. Submissions are always welcome. :-) kik: boxprocessor

fadedfairyprincess > Gia😇

SUPER ANARCHY BROS. Hey I like drugs and things that don't exist 🎆💉💋 xo bye bye ✌

laverniustucker > i am made of love

all these flavours and you chose to be salty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ rooster teeth, yogscast, steven universe, marvel & video games previously: gavinorgooglecass || 20s || she/her twitter most posts are queued!sidebar image credit

karenb-herrera > Karen

Give me a book or someone could get hurt. Fandoms are my life.

uatu9 > Empty soul

Random reblogs

yaycreamymancakes > I CAME, I SAW, I FUCKED UP

This is Yai/Jon. Hello. Illustrator/Procrastinator.24. ART TAG!!! ART COMMISSION INFO If u wanna know the shit I do and think Current interests: - ROBOTS - basically anything with robots - TRANSFORMERS - ZOMBIES - LUPIN III - FOOD - FUNKY STUFF - Other...

memorabilia-arisen > The unattended tea party

~ ♥ ~ Myra ~ ♔ ~ 20 ~ ♔ ~ The Netherlands ~ ♥ ~ Cosplayer ~ ♈ ~ .ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ♡

blitzenkrieg > A Deer Dance

Rusty / 20 / Norcal / ♥ ☠ Dead Things ☠ Music ☠ Deer ☠ Just your average tune-loving cowboy what of it stranger Add Me On Steam (TinyBurninator)! くコ:彡☾☾☾

trazup > Astral Projections

★나는 완전히 세상 매혹하고있다.★ 나는 스물 두 살, 아티스트, 학생, 내 여가 시간에 언어와 역사와 아시아 문화를 연구입니다. 염소 자리. 나는 커피를 좋아하고 내 블로그에 너무 자주 모든 진화.

xkatiezeex > Organized Khaos

Katie. 21. Pennsylvania. A college art student with the hopes to have a future in design and who's 99.9% full of randomness. Like it or leave it.

foll0w-the-rabbit > this is how we do it

summer.kentucky.taurus.gunna be honest I just don't care.instagram: thisismyswamp_kik: summerniocoletrip on.I really need that art giveaway,I'm a broke art student

grammarwankenobi > Discovery

Jamee, 21 Slaying Vaginas and making cookies in her room till death

folie-a-fun-ghoul > when snow falls on desert sky

Hello, I'm Charlotte. 15. She/Her. MCR ruined my life but I'm pretty okay witht that

rikka-chann >

Heyhoo ♡

dkvoras > Blrug

Quite Blurg.

harlequiniisms > mad love;; {autoplay}

Indie Harley Quinn BTAS ;; Comics ;; New 52 Multiship & Multiverse Selective ;; OC Friendly ;; NSFW Mun&Muse are 18+ Asks: Open Asks: 2 ;; Drafts: 11 ;; Threads: 10?? omg shutup i dont feel like counting them right now

made-of-farts > underneath the bridge.

my name's jake. i'm a young struggling comic book artist/poke'mon master. i like cartoons, music, bikes, weed, pizza, & art. i am part sasquatch, and part troll. this is my artwork this is my photography these are troll sightings this is EVIL ERECTION

bitamin-c > ㅡ B & C ㅡ

You slow down then you speed up.

dreamcatcherzayn > You're the truth i can't explain

Liam remembered me once and thats all i care about

gametasticlupine > Happy go lucky nerds unite or something?

~Let us go forward together! Battle for what we believe in and give it our all! Yeah ok but srsly were getting closer to the yayz every day again whooo yay us and stuff!~Gryffindor, Knight of Life. Genderfluid, Demi Grey Ace, sex-conflicted, gay. They/them pronouns please (or just do whatever in Dutch, just don't use "het" (it) please).

supaultra > super ultra mega!

i like pretty girls!! especially , IU!!!Hara!!

thedevils2step > Ever Dance With the Devil by the Pale Moon Light?

Soooo, I'm like everyone else, nothing special. You've seen this before and probably will again..... Now that you can see the surface. Here's what's on the inside. I'm 29, white male, straight, and dead inside. I'm a Pro Wrestler, aspiring artist, painter, writer, hopeless romantic, lover of comics, cosplay, wrestling, history, women, music(most anything), Mountain Dew, cheese, smoking weed, and b...

disecliluigi >


spaghttei > !!!

90% monochrome 10% colour (ask to tag)

jflyght > Mr_steal_your_girls

Beware Of ya girls

maraul > Untitled


sucessisthekeytolife > The Key

Live life with no regrets.

hyperheartz >

RIDING THE HIGHS / instagram: zoerust

magicalgirlhostclub > Badass Magical Girl

Queer. 14. FL. Magical Girl. I mainly post anime, but sometimes feminism or lolita fashion.

teenpariah > achromatic

find me a cure for these tears, i'd really like to exhale for the first time in my life

mekaremadness > This is (Mekare) Madness!!!

Madness...This is Spartaaaaaaaa awww Θ_Θ i loooove movies,tv shows, comics, books, games and fooooooood.

megankrazy > 💀Creepy Ghoul💀

21.Tattoos.Nightlife.Halloween.Books.Music.Los Angeles,Ca.Creepy Goth Ghoul.😈 ig: megankrazy

slimeybee > Now I'm peeling the skin of my f a c e

Bee. They/them/their pronouns. 17. I tag nearly everything, and tend to reblog blood, gore and horror-related things from time to time. Currently really into kpop, FEMM, Steven Universe, Silent Hill and Re-Animator/Jeffrey Combs.

bokubokju > 복주

22|♓ Multifandom blog, and whatever else i feel like sticking on here.  Tis all welcome here. No hate zone. Friend Code: 3711-8402-0576  Art Blarg

rachanneleo > Drink Your Diet Soda

Hi! I'm Rachel. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

malice--in-wonderland > Malice In Wonderland

Serena Waters. Creator of art, drinker of tea, baker of cakes, lover of vintage things and Inspired by Disney and Tim Burton . Links: My:InstagramMy:Etsy My: Society6

fuckmeontheside > The way of the married man

"Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other." -Marquis de Sade Do you like older men? Married men? Maturity; excitement; experience? Have a seat, sweetie. Right here on my lap. Sit down, bite your lip, and let me show you why married men love younger women. You can even call me 'daddy' i...

slimjones > JustSliim

25 years of age. Reside in Brooklyn.Kik- slim_jones

liamsharry > one day

hulia, cis, she/her, hispanic, usa, / ♥ || || " I think we're like fire and water . I think we're like the wind and sea "

nekomata91 > Lucci Artistic Lion

Hi, I'm lucciano but u can call me nekomata. I'm a student of arts in Mexico, a gay 23 years boy who love animal and marine mammals :3.Here u can find cats, sexy men, art and draw references, Pokemon stuff and a lot of furry/anthro art.Call me maybe.

innercove > Counting Stars

Paula || 20 || Cis || Female (she/her) || Straight || Student || Writer || Fangirl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my personal blog. A Multifandom blog . I will rant or just spew random happenings. This is not a spoiler free blog (but I tag things).

inspireich-on > Las paredes si hablan...

Valeria. 16 años. Temuco, Chile. Amante de la naturaleza, el arte y la música. Chiao

watchmehussle > Watch Me Hussle

Photos by Me Official Site: www.watchmehussle.com Instagram: @watchmehussle Email: Cesar@watchmehussle.com

michaelpfk > Huffington Post

Stroll along the Universe

cleosel > cleosel

pornography and art lover. taurus. (Ryan's baby)

katyisasissy > My Sissy Dream

My name is Katy, I'm a cross-dresser, a sissy, a slut, a whore, a cocksucker, a cum dumpster. Eat cum is like a part of my daily life. I

missifnotmr > The mind is everything. What you think you become

Heya :3 Instagram: My horse blog: unimaginaryequine.tumblr.com

thepersianprincesss > نادیا

Hello, my name is Nadia. Australia | 18

maliciouschan >

My interest's include the following: art, video gaming, music, animals, love for creativity, photography, animal crossing, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, anime. I also enjoy being around friends, meeting new people and most of all my boyfriend.

xakihito > hey ! cupid has shot my heart ♡

lydia / 17 / female I love coffee & girl groups

katuccino > Katuccino

All couture has been relocated to here

marcobotds > we were born sick

you heard them say it hello i'm remy and this is my anime blog "how rare and beautiful it is to even exist" /

books-and-musicals > Books & Musicals

Useless information: 25 years old, Swedish, somewhat bitter, used to be a student of literature and popular culture and have no idea what to do with my life. But is still pretty happy with it (most of the time) even though I do complain a lot. But feel...

violentbutttouches > Where the Fence is Low

"Pars maior lacrimas ridet et intus habet" -You smile at your tears but have them in your heart.

mikrydee > xmiraclesx

mikayla // 15 // aussie

hvngryasfvck > FOREVER HUNGRY


success-less > Success and Nothing less

17 - Germany - End racism thru unity

badmotorfinger > big fucking soulkiss

hi i'm taylor and i like sam smith and soundgarden and gta 5 and vans.

katiethehuang > thehuang

why, hello there. the name's katie. :] chances are, i should be doing work, but i'm on tumblr instead. yay!

guifuyinzei > 齐齐哈尔_鬼父_S


veinweb > with grace in your heart, and flowers in your hair

my favourite words are verisimilitude & aesthetic

warpedmouth > Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Angel/14/Australian/ENFP. This is the clusterfuckery of my interests, findings and whatever the hell distracts my goldfish-like attention span.

wasalladream > that place between sleep and awake

ashley rego. 22. rhode island. graphic design major & relentless creator.

nerdyronny > NerdyRonny

Let's be friends.

hollowgrounds > SUBURBIA

instagram: Sub.urbia from MarylandThis blog is mostly gay porn, and some other fun stuff

jewelfool > je\/\/el⊕F0O0L

i basically love being hawaiian

nomadish >

Book lover, tea drinker, story writer with many, many obsessions.

mental---disorder > Vladislaus Dragulia

Hay cementerios solos, tumbas llenas de huesos sin sonido, el corazón pasando un túnel oscuro, oscuro, oscuro, como un naufragio hacia adentro nos morimos, como ahogarnos en el corazón, como irnos cayendo desde la piel del alma. Hay cadáveres, hay pies de pegajosa losa fría, hay la muerte en los huesos, como un sonido puro, como un ladrido de perro, saliendo de ciertas campanas, de ciertas t...

thisaintmaceysbitch >

|| Blog dedicated to the life ruining show Shameless(US) || ((And all my other favorite shows during the hiatus))

hzsky > An Enigmatic Mental Capacity

i selectively destroy my own kind.

thelittlemermaidanon > Under the Sea

I'll always be here for you if you wanna talk. I'm open minded, so you're welcome to be an open book. As a curious mermaid, I'm curious about you. So tell me all about your problems, I'm all ears. I used to be all fins, but then I learned to take the proper risks.

midnight-findings > love me

~ romantic porn blog run by a bisexual nymphomaniac ~

wesandersigh > stylish but illegal

21, MANHATTAN/PARIS (for now) Old guys Old Hollywood Jean Dujardin's teeth

strippers-fun-club > Need a drink? Or a dance~?

Hello~ Im Arthur A Kirkland. But please call me Angel~ I work here as a stripper~ If you would like a pole or lap dance just ask and don't forget to tip the dancers~ Please don't mind the cat ears and tail, I was born with them~ Meow meow~ M!A: None Status: lovable CANON Relationship: Alfred ~*ENGAGED*~ AU Relationship's: 1- Matthew 2- Isla and Art (because thats how I roll thats how I get al...

butt-soupbarnes > shama lama ding dong

izzan // lvl 20hi i'm a soft marshmallow person. i like flowers and crying. come hang out we could be buddies.These days this blog is mostly:The 100Parks and RecNetflix's DaredevilLizzie's Selfies

patronsaintofsassy > Fake Your Break Up.

Amber. 15. This is my best friend. I'm just a shitty teen with a shitty blog. |

andshejustdisappeared > Dark paradise

-Indira-Croatia-14-Skater-Football-Music-Single-AM-The XX-I always follow back- "We meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch you. And than you meet one person, and your life changed. Forever".

andremuslupin > to one thing constant never

hen - gryffindor - tea enthusiast  - bookworm - infj - actual reincarnation of hefina headon - "We meet no ordinary people in our lives." - C.S. Lewis

felinodorado > | felinodorado |

| twitter.com/soyJoseMario | Costa Rica |

fa11-0ut-at-the-disc0 > Joe Trohmeme

I post a variety of things, most of the time they're pretty random. Kinda like my thoughts. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and way too many other bands to list, are my life. Sooo...yea, that's it I guess...

the-ballerina-falls > Hostage to my own humanity

"The girl at her music sits in another sort of light, the fitful, overcast light of lie, by which we see ourselves and others only imperfectly and seldom." -Susana Kaysen

hztm > tmku


heroinkaos > No Fancy Labels Needed.

Don't like what you see, fuck off.

cumming-inside > Cumming Inside

Hi there :) Thanks for cumming by ^^ 18+ only please I'm a 26 year old male and I love the idea of pumping a load into a girl and knocking her up. My kik is Cumming_inside and I'd love to see more of you tonight Xxx

dishwasherr > Titled Blog

A blog with a title

forever-wonder2 > forever wonder

This is a secondary account Girl. Twenty-two. Loves to read, write, draw and procrastinate.

lucylovecats > Lucy

Aqui vou deixar um pouco de tudo o que faço, do que gosto....mas também vou falar das minhas insatisfações.....enfim....serei eu !!😊

mochi-ball > ruby ^.^

more into lana del rey than you

mibalo > Sheep in wolf's clothing

nineteen years old vietnamese girl that lives in finland - NSFW blog

justaguysdesires > Just a guys desires

Just a few things that turn me on. 23 South Yorkshire - UK

fuuckyouanyways > The Fault Is Not the Stars But In Myself

Hai. My name is Joellyn. I like to post about my feelings and stuff.

nickknucles > Untitled

just a blog of pics and vids that i see and like

xpjbdx >

Daddys little thug bitch

hisfaithfulwhore > Sex makes me happy

I love to get fucked. My husband is happy to oblige. This blog is stuff that turns me on. I'll answer any questions, don't be afraid to message me :) Enjoy! Under 18 leave now. If you own something here and want it removed please let me know. 

ffionneko > if i breathe, will he think i'm Kira

Literally a temple of trash. Ffion|Genderfluid/non-binary|use any pronouns I don't mind. Hanji Zoe, Eren Jaeger, and Light Yagami, and many others are in the process of destroying my life.

twentyfreckles > Hexed Doki Ball

She/Her | ♏ | ISFJ | Pansexual What an Asshole

gumbytheboo > Why's A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

Gumby◄ Graysexual.◄ ♀◄ current mood: wants donut◄ attemptest ◄amateur artist◄ just a bit madI really like spn and sherlock and i also draw, but that's on my art blog: Skittlelass. Welcome to my blog! HERO OF TIME/

purpleninjas09 > Nothing Gold Can Stay

I didn't choose the fandom life, the fandom life chose me. Theme from: timelordgrace.tumblr.com She has made my blog beautiful :)

dreamstakemeforward > chi si appartiene si ritrova

hai dormito sul mio petto, non importa se non ricorderai, ma la mia maglia ha ancora il tuo odore,buongiorno amore

weliveinadream-anca > just do it...✌

Ancuta. 15. 22 iunie. Drobeta Turnu Severin. pace si biscuiti! ☀🌙💖

dogsingingshow-tunes >

An assortment of fandom and feminism

ketel-one >

Hayley // 19 // WI

jnguyenisfresh > Fade Out. 육체

Joseph Nguyen || 22 || 206 Seattle Seoul || College Student || 넌 나에게 정말 소중한 사람이야. || Peace out to my Lovers, Haters, and Masterbaters. SnapChat: jnguyenisfresh

hardcoreuniteditalia > Hardcore United Italia

※ Not a gabber.  Hi guys! Welcome to Hardcore United Italia - Tumblr! Enjoy the player with more than 500 songs of genres like Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Happy Hardcore, Frenchcore, Psycore, Terrorcore, Speedcore, Gabber, J-Core, Hardtek, Freeform etc... Let's be friends! HARDER friends! And feel free to send me the music you made!

fiercesansa > dude its beacon hills

“We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.”

take-me-to-bondi > let's move to down under

hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages -

dxpe-as-coke > Que sera, sera 🌺

I don't care much to be understood, I solely care to understand.

herecomeslouis > living

----Here-comes-louis---i want to go to san francisco and read lots and be happy. it can't be that hard. can it?

love-lust-cinnamonbuns > Apodyopsis

Aliese -16- British/Dutch

clover102 > Clovo's Shederoni

Clover here,I make youtube videos Usually...

jellyfishes > c a r n e

hey im lily, cis female (she/her)

perfectforyou17 > make me alive

Sound Designer, Composer, Engineer, Future Tony Winner (#TonyCanYouHearMe)

bi4liquids > goddamnjummycummy

hairy pissdrinkin cumslurpin juice pussylickin asslickin dicksuckin oral cum pee cunts dicks asses

blackcatsandhats > I'm a stranger...

Hello! I am a 24 year old Australian woman who spends her time watching tv, bird watching, painting, working, slothing around on the internet, gardening and other sedate things. I like to reblog a lot (and I can get quite ...political... so if you don't like that stuff, good luck) and post my own text posts, which generally become more frequent during the holidays. I did have links up to my fa...

hashinoco > *One Day*

1 day…1 photo…

phuckyogirl23 > Sexual Adventures

hello we are a couple from California, who love to have sex everywhere we go, in the sense of leaving our mark on the world. We like to try new things sexually. Mrs.V loves to dress up and suck her man up and get dirty. Mr. V loves to watch his woman get down and dirty but also satisfy her more than ever. We are a HOT young couple in our 20s who love to show everyone a great time. Mrs.V is one sex...

coolest-girl-starkid > Drew (AKA Mini-Starkid)

my name is Drew! I'm just your every day fangirl. I mostly reblog fandom stuff, but also anything I wanna reblog.

trloofzs > I don't do drugs I am a drug

I do what I want, I don't give a shiit.

naiokeemarie > more.

Chy Sienna Bee 💄Tastee007 🌻

screwmedean > Do you understand the sorrow of a star?

Do your job and do it with a smile. Because if you let it get to you, you will only end up miserable. So be professional, do what you're good at, and do it with a smile.

et-inarcadia > Even in Arcadia, there am I.

Not safe for work, sometimes. I like classic literature and red lipstick Hi, I'm Abigail.

missstar489 > The Tagless Wonder

I post what I love and like and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Also for fair warning I do not tag all posts. Good thing I try and keep this place as safe for work as posable.

i-just-wanna-laugh-bro > Welcome friend

I'm Noelle, (but call me Ellie if you want) I'm 18 and I love people. So this blog is for all the ladies and gentlemen who wanna smile. You can talk to me about anything you want, so send me messages. Or if you just need someone to listen, I'm here. Link to my faqs page at the bottom of my blog.

ehoang > Good Morning

EH. YVR. 1993.

liastiel > princess

Hi I'm Lia & I suck

icel0vesfire > The closer you look, the less you see.

Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them.

enerolove >

two months, twenty-nine days♡ very much a personal no-theme blog

just-a-worthless-whore > unhealing wounds

Black Metal | Sex | Violence 18+ ________________________________________ I do not promote selfharm or eating disorders, i just suffer from it!!

auwynn > i'm a ruin.

mounia. nineteen. 24/07. ISFJ. hopeless romantic, addicted to fictional boyfriends & music. game of thrones, supernatural, teen wolf & anime.

elvenite > ❁✿❀

my name is kalei and i am super coolthey/them♡she/her

thyphos-tales > Thyphos tales

Copious amounts of sketches featuring all sorts.

harrybiker > Untitled

D/s guy. Learning the art and finding my way.

chiefluke > FROZEN TO THE BONES, I AM.

feed my entrails to the beasts.under co.

beating808s > Loading....Please Wait.

Finding my way in this miserable world

maid0ftimearadia > Everythingwillbe0k

Hello Have fun on my blog

brycelikesstuff > Needs More Queer

Queer. Non-Binary. Autistic. Social Justice. Multiple Fandoms. For more info go to my about me page. My pronouns are they/them/theyself, fae/faer/faers/faerself, or just Bryce

akbiona48 > BEBEBEBE

Green Tea and Wasabi are't same.

hae-eeena > It's not an "End," it's an "And."

God; True Friends; Dreams; Love = ♥ Forever an ELF. Mad love for Playgirlz, Blackjacks, VIP. 070408 - Forever {EverLasting Rabu} ♥ ; 090410 - Dreams Come True♥ ; November 2010 - Beast Lee Donghae. Park Kahi. Sandara Park. Lee JiEun. OUAT. Bones. Doctor Who. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

storieswelove > Of house elves and children's tales

We're all stories in the end.I travel a lot. I've met some incredible people and done some amazing things. I do it all for the love of stories. My life is pretty cool.

willella > ♥ i am a conversation ♥

♥ Rose | 15 | ENFP | cisgendered female-she/her ♥

jx1212 > A Fapshack

mostly reblogs

mintyrosesandrain > here

inspiration for drawing / mainly for me to use / i can't be bothered saving everything into a file

smilejuicecuz14 >

Hiii I'm SJ!This is my super swaggy blog. That is all.

captain-of-the-faptrain > Commander NSFW

I post all my NSFW stuff here. Nothing too weird.

mstleeapp > Untitled


irocketshipsandradios > 쉽죠

Jay | 19 | Canadian Just another lame kid with a lame blog. Enjoy~ 내가 끓이는 더럽게 맛없는 라면은 이제 누가 같이 먹어줄까?

devon-john > Devon John Monfils

Devon John | Rhode Island | Twenty | Aries | Electric Soul

kirstenly > When In Doubt, Bloodlet & Apply Leeches

My name is Kirsten, and I am here to bring you art, and things I happen to be totally into. Also feel free to drop me asks! As a courtesy, it would be nice if people did not repost my art on Pinterest, Facebook, or WeHeartIt. Thank you.

tacospop > Tacopop

I am a straight male and this is what I jack off to. Enjoy!

incatdescent > after the storm

Vivian, 17. poet, writer, vegetarian, work in progress. It ain't about how hard you hit. (I wrote a book. You can buy it here!)

badneverprevails > lets get lost tonight

I'm christy! I'm 18 and I love Chris, my Sailor ⚓️

chillin-in-my-mind-tardis > The Once and Future King

Hello and welcome to my blog :) Claire ~ 13 ~ Canada Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Welcome to Night Vale

mackle-mel >

melisa || 18 || i like books and netflix

subjectivelyclear >

Valentina - Maryna - Edita - Doutzen - Kate - Sasha - Natasha - Lara - Magdalena - Alexander McQueen - Dior - Dolce&Gabbana - Versace - Miu Miu - Ellen Von Unwerth - Details

0ceanofdarkness > Moments Spent Elsewhere

Still obsessed with Rumplestiltskin, but I've had to move a few other things around recently to make a bit of space for my rage.

gigionegigione > +18 Amo Lo Strapon

Mi piace farmi scopare con lo strapon dalle donne mentre gioco con lui

dontshipiknowwhatuthink > I Saw There's Something In The Wind

Alessia,18. I love writing, books, tv series and famous dorks. Or not so famous dorks. Fangirling is a part of me that I will never leave behind ( or worse, regretting it).This is my new profile. I was @iwasaloneatookaride.

scottieboi21 >

Hello and welcome to my blog. don't get on to often but I usually post stuff I like, find interesting, and of course guys. I like the mainly sexy guys and I will put pictures of them when I find them. I enjoy not only the sexual aspect of a man but really everything he has to offer. I admire sexy bodies and the tattoos or piercings they may have. so hope you enjoy. none of these pictures belong...

hwonder > second-hand smoke

halle.21.italy -op/knb/hq/ywpd -kpop -books -music

madhattermiss > MadhatterMiss

20/ Pansexual/ Anime Lover/Artist/ No-Lifer/ Human Rights Enthusiast

creams-for-shaving > It's A Ride.

I needed to get away. I needed somewhere to go. I needed to find solace. it's just a state of grey

embri-agada > drunk

Dois foras da lei, quebrando as regras

beautiful-mexicans > Diverse beauty🇲🇽

Blog dedicated to celebrating Mexican beauty.

bloodyvampire-83 > Enter My Mind...

I post what I want, I don't make my blog a certain "theme" because that wouldn't make it personal. Sometimes I'll have moments where I share random shit about my life or I'll tell you something that came down, you can always ignore that.

slenderman13 > Just a Blog

One does not simply tumble

whydoeslifehavetobesodifficultxc > Lame

Life's too short to even care at all.

olderhornyguy > What gets me horny

This blog is mainly pics of nude females, from blogs I follow, that give me a hard on!

duke71hh > Hamburger Jung sucht...

aufeschlossene Frauen die sich gerne vor der Kamera zeigen. Bitte PN

aurorarie > cuter than u

I'm Lovisa, and i blog about pretty much everything.    Beautiful

aquagruntlana > You Are Challenged By Team Aqua Grunt

Lana | Pokémon fan | Loves comics | Markiplier fan | will post random stuff. | Lana live blogs (insert pokemon game title here)

maccdemarcoo > Do you like music we can dance to?

Hey there, I'm Zan. I'm 19. I know my ABCs, I know my 123s. I play guitar and hockey. I record my own songs. I collect records. I sometimes post my photography on here, just search for under the tag 'photography'. I have nothing else to say about myself. I suck at introducing myself, sorry if this is a bad introduction. Have a nice day. Please check my music! https://soundcloud.com/zan_khan_music

kari-de-origami > Kari De Origami.

Hola :) Tengo 24 años :) Me gusta la musica que me entrega sensaciones placenteras y leer libros que me llaman para que disfrute de sus paginas :) Soy una enamorada de aquellos objetos que han sobrevivido años en el mundo :) Estoy enamorada de un hombre...

kanamie-is-da-best > Kanamie's World of Randomness

That one cool guy you might know that plays Tera and if you have guess it my ingame name is Kanamie, I have other characters but you don't know who they are hahaha >:]. So yeah this is my tumblr, and I'm still wondering how you might have found out about this blog but whatever lol. So yeah ask me anything I'm bored at work most of the time so yeah. This blog is some what SFW(not really anymore lol...

ruff-blue > Ruff Rabbit and Sly Blue

-- Destroy ! -- Don't even try to beat us at Rhyme --Destroy them all ! -- Rp blog for Noiz and Aoba (Regular, Sly Blue, and Shiroba) --Destroy Everything ! -- 

maico-a > Ellenisia Garden

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

myszux > My private bordello.

I post some shit because i like this shit and... i can. 16 y. o. ○ Poland ○ tanks ○ more tanks ○ cats ○ games ○ smoke ○ dragons ○ to fuck ○ jelly beans and your mother. 🎮 Take a look.

xixexitxit > 夢のまにまに


yaoiisgod > I am YaoiIsGod and this is my heaven ~

NSFW ~ ! My name is Sami, I am an 18 year old guy from England who loves yaoi and is completely In love with Makoto Tachibana. Enjoy your stay ~

dghernandez > degenere 16.3.92

David Gabriel . 23 años. Tecate B.C.

chairsandnudes > Chairs & Nudes

After looking at a gazillion images for my main "Art Nude" photography blog http://ellmofudd.tumblr.com/ I started finding images with a common element. In this case "Chairs" which every photographer seems to have lying around when they are looking for something for a model to pose on. Also see my other blog www.tumblr.com/blog/nude-almost where I like the image but they don't qualify fo...

aaptitude > jasmine ♡

15 | Wales | instagram: jsssalbn |

itsfuckingbatman > Batman

A little thing any nerd could call home

madatthedisco > Shenanigans

Kind of funny kind of serious

hornygurl87 > I'm Always Horny!

I'm 27 years old. Things I enjoy are a little bit of everything!

unforgettablemind > unforgettable mind..

Daniela.18. "It's so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind."

augmentedinterval > •War. War Never Changes•

Truth is, game was rigged from the start.

karsonv13 >

It's a beautiful day to save lives

duca-swe > From Sweden whit love!

All things beatiful! I do not own any of these pix only if stated

uncleodious > Dear Old Uncle Odious

Dearest friend, I must warn you that the content you find within is intended only for those who have reached the age of 18 years. Furthermore, it is likely that your co-workers, family, and fellow parishioners, possessing what we must assume to be a more delicate and sensitive geste, will find my collection quite loathsome in nature and tone. Please take care with whom you share it.. Welcome...

upsidedownhappyland > Last Exit Before Tollway

Many know me as AthenaMuze. I'm a fan of EVERYthing Whedon, AoS (FitzSimmons!), BtVS especially. Also enjoy Dredsen Files, Homestuck, Sherlock, Orphan Black, pretty much anything geeky.

danesi24 > The d&s diary's

Everything I love and find funny, ENJOY!!

scottmczall > This plan is stupid

Multifandom blog that's like, almost totally Teen Wolf all the time. Welcome to this mess. (/next/ button is up there in the image)

maylee-misspelled > The Spirit of Adventure

Multi-fandom, Disney-dominated. Future DCP participant. Walt Disney World - It's home.

because-5seconds-of-summer > *C.A.L.M*

~Princess getting naked~ Kinda obsessed with 5sos...

hold-myguns > Havoc City

I swear i'm trying my fucking best but i just can't breathe anymore every second i'm alive i feel like drowning.

theladywren > a little bird told me

Hello! My name is Ren. This is my personal blog where I sometimes post art and reblog things I like. My art only blog can be found here. Background by koolaid-girl.

baekhyunlover13 >

Life is a test and a trust.

whatiwant71 > Sexual Frustration

NSFW Anyone not at least 18 needs to leave please. Married male 42 MidwestI have become increasingly interested in Dom/Sub culture yet my wife isn't into it. I am a "Closet Tumblrite" who enjoys chatting with the female persuasions. Suicide Girls was the first blog I followed and how I found tumblr. Tattoos, even though I have none have become a fetish of mine. My favorites are sleeve tattoos and...

vickiruka > Waluigi Artist

Mexican ♓ 21 Bisexual WaГuigi Time

fjprofis > Profis Untitled

פרננדו זיוזה פרופיס יש רק אחד

topgradedairy > HOT MESS

Aidan, 18, hedonistic little prince.

essentialinsanity > Ready to leave?

...and all this bunch of things that make me wish to be...† DEAD † → ----→ † RANDOM SHIT † ←---- people lost their time here... Now, there are Zombies Online

i-am-not-telling-you > Not That Important

I'm Angela,15, and I'm American. Singer/songwriter. Bisexual. She/her.

bridgesburntandtablesturnt > Trigger Whorning

You're the universe hun, act like it. Thomas Twins defense squad! Love yourself so no one has to. They/Her pronouns please xx

dickmambo > Your death with lead to peace

"...Do you understand pain a little now? If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn't mean you can come to an agreement. That's the truth."

dickmeatsix > dickmeatsix

my theme is shit and i hate tumblr

clairyvanna > unravel

poop. don't mind me~ ✧ ~ multifandom ~ mostly anime related stuff (yaoi included) sometimes a bit KPop~ not spoiler free ✧ the reason behind everything is milk. ✧

riseoftheawesome > Rise of the AWESOME

Hello my fearfull Mortals~ !!Warning, i could reblog trigger!! //German// 22 // AOT/SNK // Free! // Tokyo Ghoul // Food // Disney // Dreamworks // yaoi //

the-aleister666 > ALEISTER 666


fireinmyspine >

Jessica. 25. I take pictures of people's insides . I am an introvert consumed by wanderlust and a love for art, inspiring words, live music, and coffee. flickr. last.fm. life.

frootsnacks > †

My Pastel Pleasures ♡ dA: colorgush.deviantart.com

meganhaner > Vanilla Unicorn

Mean, stressed out, 'n straight-up hella small.

shes-got-fluid > Shes Got Fluid..

indecisive,straight black coffee drinker,continental u.s. traveler but trying to explore more, stubborn but a great listener, confined to the love of 90's music, love the sound of her own laughter

shakeyhandsandhomicides > I get lost in my own mind.

I'm Chelsea. 23 years old,Live in Maryland.

beafashionnugget > ♡ Sαme ℳistakes ♡

My nαme ιs Mαrιlyn, ι αdmιre God, My pαrents, One Dιrectιon, Alex Turner, Chris Martin, Isaac Newton, Alfred Nobel, Michael Angelakos, Ben Hαggerty, Ryαn Lewιs, Mιley Cyrus, Frαncιsco Lαchowskι, Mαrιlyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Lαnα del rey, Megan Fox. I am a...

living-life-like-a-gamer > Become What You Want

Mariana Maia/17 years/Porto,Portugal. Oh yeah and...i'm a GIRL GAMER

wild-rain-11862 > Oblivion

I used to know where I wanted to be.

dr4gonsex >


ironchefmorimoto > snurge

ciara / 22 / northern california(formerly charliekelly)if you ever need anything tagged let me know and I'll tag it

whymsicalempyrean > Iroha Nekomura

Len keeps saying he's better than you... and I agree with him!

mask300227 > random crazy stuff

17 year old with a bad case of wanderlust, I post random stuff from hipster & gypsy to comics and manga

archangelsandvampirates > Shake it off, Dean Winchester

My name is Heather. I am nineteen. My nickname is Cricket. I'm bisexual. My family includes one ex-blood junkie, one dropout with 6 bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. My home is the back seat of a '67 Impala.

moustache-conversationalist > 112 ounces of pudding

greetings i'm julia - 110% canadian trash!! i guess this is pretty much a dragon age blog now. also mass effect and battlestar galactica. sometimes hockey, lots of dogs and music. i don't even really know what this blog is but you're guaranteed no sherlock or supernatural so there's that my banner or header or whatever it's called is the-barn-rat's wonderful art~  

knownpleasurerecords > Known Pleasure Records

Independent record label spread throughout Chicago/Northwest Indiana Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Store    Bands     Contact/Submissions

walker-girl-816 > Multifandom

My name is Elaina. I like drawing, editing videos and obsessing over tv shows.

nowivegotyouintheundertow > Doth No Fucking Sense Make.

Mal, 26, New Orleans, Music, Scorpio

forgengred > Find a happy place

Smile-inducing things

towanttounderstand > My very empty blog...

Lawrence // 18 Watches too much Youtube and not enough much Tumblr.

grvceviolet > ships are launching from my chest

Edie. 18. I'm just a girl with a lot of love for Grace Violet, guys named Alex, and Ezra Koenig. And corgis. Also ikea.

rickitty-wright > ♡Pink Floyd's My Wonderwall♡

back in the '60s everyone dressed like a spanish waiter.

feufeud > C'est le bazar là-dedans ...

18 years old french girl. ISTJ. Sometimes I think I love horses more than people. I'm a sucker for bad puns and a shipper trash.Currently watching : AOS, Bones, Suits, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM, Doctor Who, Elementary, Jane the virgin, Arrow, Agent Carter, Scorpion and Brooklyn Nine-nine. Currently crying over : FINALEEES.

lookcarefullyandthink > look carefully & think...

19 London cityy "you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

loveversuslust > LoveV$Lust

... clothing line based off of the concept of "love" x "lust". A concept which impacts us all on a regular basis whether we believe it or not Not just the love x lust you have for a a living being but for any/everything The love x lust we have for our passions, for music, for sex, for our economy, for life. You're input is valued & appreciated. EVERYTHING dealing with Tupac x B...

wermiesunite > pol

paul / i have no interest in real, real people bore me / 19 / scotland / future film maker

what-is-fandom > As if this would actually happen.

I'm Marisol! I make a lot of edits and youtube videos. My fandoms are Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Buffy. (Also my YouTubers, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, kickthePJ, charlieissocoollike, crabstickz, nerimon, troye sivan, bertiebertG, liam dryden, and communitychannel.) Thanks for visiting! To get my attention send a message or tag your post "pmints" T...

siryana > I breathe books

Sarah, 20, Italian. I'm awkward, quite misanthropist and bitter. Books and music are the reason I breathe. Tv shows took over my life. Hogwarts is my home.

rosish > r o s i s h !

I wanna live like we don't know much but we know we're gonna make it

1nksxnity > I N K S A N I T Y

Ask + FAQ Uploads Main Blog

honeybell95 > Isabella

I am an Belieber and Otaku. I post about random Stuff, Justin and Anime's.

animeisbadforyou > Sorry bro

Roses are red,Violets are Blue,Nichijou will never have a season 2

graciemonaco > graciemonaco

The Philadelphia Princess

solluxuallyfrustrated > Mah Personal blog

Just a place for me to come back to whenever I feel like ranting or the like...

textbookdoppelganger > Monstralia

Your name is Harlen Wishel and you are the Admiral in charge of the Fleetship Linashia. Commission Me

germanordic > ♬ Germans and Nordics ♬

Hello I'm Jessica. This right here is a Hetalia blog where I reblog and occasionally post Hetalia fan art. Most of it involving the Germanic and Nordic countries, if ya want to get specific. My ships include DenNor (OTP), SuFin, and a little Germancest, but I'm pretty much open to anything. Anywho, I hope you enjoy your stay at my blog, and feel free to ask me anything ! (Got my tags on the side...

anobsessedgirl > an obsessed girl

im always obsessivley bloging about something

iamnorthwesthardcore > Zack Triplett here.

.DirtyWhiteKid.18. Eugene Oregon.

effleague > Ohayo ♥

Maybe I could see you just once by coincidence. ^‿^ ♥ Hello, you either know me or you don't know me. I mostly complain about league and school. I also reblog my bby Rei, Shishio-Sensei, and Sugawara senpai c: More Links: About me|League?

c-r-i-m-s-o-n-a-n-d-c-l-o-v-e-r >

Alysha - Taurus - BC 'Don't see me only as I am see me how I long to be'

quality-cafe > are you not entertained?

I like old converse and being enthusiastic about fictional characters.

bigtitsboobsandbreasts > Big Tits, Boobs, and Breasts

Check out these Tumblrs Bisexual Cuckolds Slut Wife Ass Gifs Hotwives and Bulls Sexy Asians Yoga Pants Blowjobs Big Boobs Advertise with Anonymous Ads web counter

notsafeforweeabs > cute girls rainbow swirls

active on -snap: pandorasheart insta: captaintightpants_

chichiliki > Chaotec Chichiliki

Im Elias Zacarias an emerging artist from Mexico City. My work its a tribute to the universe and tries to get people to enter on higher levels of consciousness by the closest representation I can do of the indescribable. Mandalas represent to me the fountain of love that forever expands they are rabbit holes that take us to other dimensions. Follow the white rabbit. I as well like to help out...

rappines-s > r u mine?

Eu esperei que você dissesse: ‘’Não vai embora, fica comigo’’ Mas você me deixou ir.

enamouredcas > Desperately Unspoken

“They’ve been put in the most trying situations over and over again, yet they still find the strength and courage somewhere in their hearts to choose each other.”

libertinelover > The Rake's Progress

....On being the life and times of a gentleman rake and his libertine lovers of the Hell Fire Club. This tumblr serves as an aesthetically erotic hors d’oeuvres for the real life and times of a modern day gentleman rake and a band of libertine lovers who together founded their own Hell Fire Club. Individual posts are by us, Rochester, Juliette, Hildegarde, Lucrezia, ( Vanessa and Shaka). The...

ohsotoxic > 怖い お

You tortured little girl, showing them what love is all about, where did all the time go?

thelatestrecordofhe > HE IS KING

Give it up for HE who is king of punk rock, Harry Evans and his prestigious band HE IS KING. Here to deliver fun, sex, music and games. Send some fanmail my way and I'll make sure to send my love back. (Independant RP blog for APH 2p!England)

latinthundah > Gringo Venezolano

I'm a Venezuelan nerd who lives in the U.S. but in reality I live on the internet. I rep JMU Duke Dog pride and I'm a music major. Watch a lot of Firefly, Doctor Who, Sherlock, HIMYM, Adventure Time, Supernatural, Community, Friends, etc.....Could go on forever.

wildandsexygot7 > 그냥

     Andrea ||| K-pop and K-hiphop

theywillfindawaythroughthedark > they'll find a way through the dark ♥

I'm from germany | Larry is real ♥ | favourite photos & lots of love

starchild-26 > Art Punk

Other professions may define the world, but artists CREATE it.

demoncookie101 > Land of Fire and Waterfalls

that of the Aquarius thingo //sometimes does a thing//derse dreamer//Rogue of Hope//Choleric

celestial-flash > la luna

Valentina, 17 Solipsism (/sɒlɨpsɪzəm/) is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. Solipsism essentially is the idea that everything in the world (outside of your mind) is the product of your own imagination.

erisfuror > Discordant Things

So... I'm new to Tumblr... Please ignore any and all sorts of failings

gingycricky13 > Oh you know...just stuffs

My name is Rachel, I'm just a quiet lil girl that enjoys reading.

ensnacka > ensnacka

Ida [Ee-da]. 22. F.

loveinitall > Loving It All

NSFW | 18+ New blog: radiant rump

imperfectxarchive > & Angels will die

Names Katherine Pierce. I'm a 25 year old waitress who moonlights as a stripper to keep myself from living off the streets. My life isn't pretty and it sure as hell ain't easy, but it's mine and there's nothing I can do about it. { independent rp for a au!human!katherine pierce. Please read biography and disclaimer completely before interacting. Not canon to any season of tvd!!!!! } Tracked T...

rinasources > 000 rinasources

personal blog for resources

caricapus > Caricature Confidential

My recent work as a Caricaturist and Freelance Illustrator.

ncistivotee > Confessions of a Fangirl

A blog dedicated to all things NCIS!

computernoise > joms

my name is joe i'm a libra i'm 18 and when i was little i would cry every time cher came on the radio you can view my photography here

cocaine-snowballs > oh hey

My name is Raina and I'm socially inept...

madaaeuu1 > Don't take my kidness as a weakness

No one wants to hear my story,but all judge me like they know me ! #M..#6..#Romania...#"Stories and words make humans don't feel alright" Nu am o cea mai buna prietena,nu am pe nimeni caruia sa-i zic ce ma preocupa,in ziua de azi daca ii zici unei persoane ce simti,ori te ignora si isi bate joc de tine,ori spune la toata lumea,crezand ca vrei sa pari important..Mai exista si oameni carora le pasa....

buffyssummerses > and everything else goes away

rachel//16//jewish//queer//unfortunately a fangirl

gifsofsupernatural > Supernatural Gifs

This is a Supernatural blog. Only gifs, only reblogged. Everything is organized by episode or character. Sidebar Gif credit. Run by Becca & Tyrell

will6160 > Chunky_N_Funky

Pics of chicks I'd like to stick and other shit

unknownboho > megan wert

myrtle beach sc

stonerclown > The Classiest Motherfucker

I am the Christmas. little skater dickhead that liked cats way too much Say hello to Robert in the corner, he's staying here forever because I don't know how to get rid of him.

soiiigne > We'll always have Paris

Valentina, 19, Montenegro

clara-died-again-when-i > We bought the ticket so we'll take the ride...

Kezia 19 Bi I am kinda odd but my ask is always open all time low, doctor who, sherlock, SPN, fandoms, bands and stuff Warning SPOILERS Stay Strong

mad-king-jean > Jean's wonderful blog of fandoms

Sup, I'm Jean and well I like anime and Video games. I'm into Homestuck too. Some anime I like is Snk, Pandora hearts, Hetalia and black butler. I also enjoy Supernatural.

e-m-m-a-xo > We all have stories we won't ever tell.

The past is the past don't let it kill you. Get over the bad things that happend. It's gone People change, Memories remain, but it's time to move on!

meatwadds-wonderlust > Meatwadds Wonderlust

a place for my dirty mind to subside, Welcome to my wanderlust . P.S. master shake is not allowed in here

luxamatorius > Lux Amatorius

Lux AmatoriusErotic LightOur travels through the digital world of the erotic.We are a Californian couple, 35m and 30f.

sappydreampie > I'll just bullshit this

Tena, Croatia, humor, fandoms, bullshit

ourpreppyworld > The Young Gentleman

Style, Love Clothes, Luxury and Life

breathelovesurvive > Life's A Mess

"What's depression like?", he asked. "It's like drowning, except you can see everyone around you breathing."  10/27/14

eheggcaat > Ehegg

Caitlin. 20.

i-cant-even-fandom > *Insert witty title here*

Emmal15lIrishlENFP Was rwbstercast Welcome to the clusterfuck of my random fandoms (THAT RHYMED) that I call my blog. Enjoy your stay

xenoshock > Xeno Von Kafka

 Shhhhhh. Just go with it. 

metalsparty > YouNanimous

My blog. Mostly porn, with a few other things sprinkled in like comic book heroes, Music, Michigan State, art...etc. Going to try and add more and more of a personal touch to my posts so that I'm not just a reblog machine, we'll see if I accomplish this.

unpassatochetormenta > Waiting.

Sara.18.Italy. "Esiste anche questo al mondo, la tristezza di non poter piangere a calde lacrime. È una di quelle cose che non si può spiegare a nessuno, e anche se si potesse, nessuno capirebbe. È una tristezza che non può prendere forma, si accumula quietamente nel cuore come la neve in una notte senza vento."

super-aries > sexy things all the way around

all things that turn me on or are just interesting

toothout0fline > Champagne And Cocaine

Lauren. I live in Delaware. I don't keep to a certain theme, I reblog/post what strikes me at the moment.

elynorclaireyoung > Love.Hope+Dreams

Believer in the religion called Paramore, Twilight, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Coldplay and so and so.. (basically everything that I reblogg shows what I like). True Krisbian and I find inspiration in Shailene, Hayley and Kristen ... and did I...

erostonia > Erostonia

NSFW: Mostly vintage pinups, erotica, and pornography. And some modern stuff sprinkled about.

arielindeep > Ariel

Maybe we're all a little messed up.

hoffnungslos-ohne-dich > Ich brauche dich einfach💕💔

Ich bin morgens aufgewacht und hab mich auf jeden scheiß Tag gefreut, wegen dir. Weil ich wusste dass es dich gibt. Sofort auf's Handy geguckt und gelächelt bei jeder Nachricht von dir. Dich in der Schule, wo all die ekligen Menschen sind, vermisst. Den Weg nach Hause gerannt um mit dir schreiben zu können. Den ganzen Tag. Gott, ich war so glücklich. Ich bin nur wegen dir so spät schlafen geg...

lesexaayowl > ♡kisseu♡

steph || 16 || pan || 10.29.12greatest accomplishment to date: getting full combo on soldier game.

johnmena11 > John Mena

Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.

lavender-soul > Soul's Lil' Lavender Patch

The name's Helena but I also go as Lavender Soul on steam and dA. Expect mostly posts revolving around the following: * Team Fortress 2 * Don't Starve * Welcome to Night Vale * And doodles done by yours truly Click on the Art Tag link for Art updates only or feel free to browse through my blog to find what you're looking for in particular. Current OTPS: * Heavy x Medic * Maxwell x Wilson * C...

naughticals > you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer

soph. 18. australian. i really love harry and louis ok gr8 I know you're looking for salvation in the secular age, but I'm not your saviour.

kagamis-hot-body-and-eyes > Blood,Gore,Anime,and Achievement Hunters.

Hello Beautiful People!! If ya like anime you`ll like this blog. If ya like RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter you`ll like this blog. If ya like both then you`ll love this blog!!

mgmgmg1 > I Have A Dumb Nameythingy And I Cant Change It 😃

I don't really know how to classify this but it's mostly things I like and/or think should be addressed I follow back everyone who follows me sorry if things get weird on here but you know, life so

rcnqldweqsley > secretly hermione granger

the stories we love best live in us forever

tolan > TolyTime

i'll have a cafe mocha vodka valium latte to go

joyfulchild > Joyfulchild

22. Zoology Major. Desert inhabiter > Beach dweller. Gaucho. Sherlocked. Supernatural-ist. Reader. Book Addict. "A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken." -Proverbs 15:13

hylennaa > A little piece of heaven

Sarah.19. I live on the Mediterranean. I play League of Legends On EUW.

underthemoonlightising > Tonight's The Night

Tiana. Hispanic. SoCal lovin' ♥ Numbers 3:42 Twitter/Insta: @tinnaafaceee

karengillan--scandalous > / the girl who waited .

[ karen sheila gillan-smith ] place of birth: inverness, scotland. currently residing: los angeles/london. daughter: amelia lynne gillan-smith. amelia's birthday: nov 2nd, 2014. matt smith has her heart. anniversary: march 16th, 2014. married: august 28th, 2014. roleplaying account @ so so scandalous.

the-devils-nightshade > Deadly

loser/ tired/ Virgo/ piercings.I'm an anxious mess most of the time.Look like shit and feel shittier.Hate my job/ hate my life

blanksexual > lack of

brent. queer. vegan. 20

jess-ellington > Jess Ellington

A Blog All About Me! A mixture of pictures of things of interest, mainly sexual based but not all, I do have hobbies too! Also a written blog for those who want to know more about me and my life!

seduxxion > Seduction


sauver-cosima > e n c h a n t é e

Michal. 18. Queer. Poly? currently ENFP but personality is mercurial. Columbia University '18 Sherlock. Hannibal. Doctor Who. Marvel Supernatural. Welcome to Night Vale. Orphan Black . Hannibal. Game of Thrones. Adventure Time. etc. {previously definitelyamadgirlwithabox} {previously iblog-heforgetspants} {previously sherlockwhochesters}

thedisneygamer > CovertCommander

Twitter: @TheDisneyGamer Follow me or ask about stuff!

masturbating-meat > She'll Go Blind

Masturbation, Orgasms, and girls with their hands where they belong. Male, 50's, Fit, Dominant, Sadistic, Experienced. What do you do when Tumblr deletes your blogs and your 10,000 or so followers? You start over... Enjoy my family of blogs, and if you find something you like, follow and reblog! Good Sex Looks a Lot Like Rape Broken Meat Piss, Shit, Gape, Cum, Spit & All Things Nasty Fuc...

luaqua > 🌻🌞🐝

clear mind and happy heart

fetish-guide > Fetish Guide

A view on weird fetishes of homosexual men. Not all fetishes are mine. A sexual fetish is an object, idea, or a situation that causes sexual arousal and can enhance sexual satisfaction. I appeal to those of you who have an inner kinkster to satisfy. Don't expect models or twinks unless a clear defined fetish is being expressed. I can guarantee that at some point you will be offended, disgusted, or...

burnovts > cotton mouth

-i'm hallie and i'm kinda real-

tonystarkmeetsthedoctor > HI! Hi! Hello? Hi!

Multi-fandom blog (lots of supernatural though, also doctor who, and much much more), anything I find funny, and anything I find important to share.

art-peasant > Do Rocks Scream When You Step On Them?

Hello I'm Rachael, I'm 15 and I enjoy drawing. This is a personal acocunt that I use to post whatever I'd like. My requests, commisions and art trades are open. I welcome art collaborations!

xindievamps > flower crowns♡

I'm a mess but that's okay

truecoloursatsunset >

tori, uk - lover of sunsets, girls, cats & red lipstick 🌈🌈🌈

livelovedie95 > Live~Love~Die

Be who you want to be, not who people want you to be.

x3hopeless-dreamer > Heart on my Sleeve

21 yr old college student

hornyteen4 > HORNY. TEEN.

I am an 18 year old boy who goes on this separate account simply to fulfill my horny needs... ;)

freebachproblem > ya wha'?

"we forget we're mostly water, till the rain falls and every atom in our body starts to go home" Cam, London, Writer. I've got 99 problems and an assortment of fictional characters, beautiful and terrible things are all of them. "going nowhere slowly"

diamondsandruby > Diamondsandruby

Ruby, 18, NE England I live for beauty and laughter

madelynstilinski > I miss missing you

Remember me as I was not as I am.

daddyspr1ncess > Princess👸🏽

New York | Drake | Keep your eyebrows thick, your thighs thicker and your wallet thickest.

maybe-mendes > ju.

I like internet boys and alt bands

sheissocheeky > things you will never know about me.. . .♥

I'M IN LOVE WITH.. black straws, coldwater,autumn, miumiu, marilyn monroe, pink, rings,spontaneity, traveling, glitter, babies, dresses, cupcakes,11:11, dad, my friends, hot buffalo sauce,pink limonade, fruits, heels,mini shorts, tumblr, sushi,apples, JC,quotes, music, milkshakes, lana, tea, ipod,vintage stuff,celery, mom, martinis,italian soda, lace,love, bodylotion, green grapes,bubbletea,cute u...

justthenightinmyveins > Just the Night In My Veins

Erotic images. Mostly artistic nude photos of beautiful women and couples.

satoruchan > mocchi

cosplayer, doodler, upredictable. i dont tag stuff. NSFW

yewterus > Moonstruck

18. Female. Procrastinator. Carpe Natem. Snapchat coolkidinsight

hikari-no-sakura > Nightwalker's Path

Welcome to Hikari-no-Sakura! This is mainly about manga and anime, sometimes my ramblings. This isn't a spoiler free blog! Please use tumblr savior if you don't want to see any spoilers I hope you're enjoying your stay and free to ask me something ♥

itsginabean > Be Inspired

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAMFollow @itsginabean

babaunicorn > Wonder Woman

My name is Chloé, I'm french. I reblog mostly kpop groups, some dramas and random things sometimes. Inspirit & ST☆RLIGHT & Ailean & f(x) stan

magui-gui > Rad

Maguire/16/M I ship ships.

ticosbae > preserve goth

xxi | 6ix |the occult, style, taboo

whorrorprincess > Blacken the Eyes

"Scream my name feel my pain I'll bleed you dry of faith"-C.G

wankspawn > How I Wonder How I Wander

Frankie. 17. New England. Anarcho-Pacifist. I write poetry and I like languages, linguistics, history, and punk music.

the-two-germanys > the two germanys

TOMES, MOANS, & CRONES Cosmic hauntology on the cheap Bobby Bræger Screenwriter. Genealogist. Lost film hunter. Tacoma, U.S.A. Mundo patens est liber. UA-45528272-1

kindacravingshortcake > Watermelon smiles?

hey! i'm rhi and i WISH i was as punk rock as jean prouvaire.

88809 > You play with fire, And you'll get burnt.

Rachel. 20. Taken👭💕Melbourne/Australia.Instagram- rachelouuise.

indecisivediana > No.

"The best part of waking up is literally nothing, so fuck off and let me sleep" 🔫🌙

slavetolover > SLAVE TO LOVER

It makes me horny. I am a married man from the North West of England. These images turn me on and hopefully they will do the same for you. Feel free to ask questions or submit a picture, but remember I am a straight male. I do not own or claim to own these images.

rayvnslezbyrinth > -Rayvn Massaker-

-October 9th -26yrs -Model (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1569670) -Gender Fluid -Lesbian

halfcat1996 > Sassy Cass

I'm a bit of a quirky girl who loves dancing, writing, singing, drawing, and dreaming :)

realfire > AtTheRealFirehouse

NSFW 18 and older! My place to find what I like and post what I like to share. It's stuff that turns this 40-something guy on, reminds me of my sexy MILF wife and our adventures or fantasies. Please say Hi and tell me what you like. All pics posted are from Tumblr posts by other users. If any need to be deleted, let me know. Enjoy! I do!

hankdavidpark > cool shit

Eastern Washington, of age, bass head, we out here

dudeyougotatattoo > dilly dally, shilly shally..

angel. 21. glasgow, scotland. buddhist. that's all there is to it, really.

tristezaveraniega > y las nubes

consuelo, 20 inviernos

fictional-lie > Yung Isis 女神

Respect me today or i might be your stepmom overnight

aprikoko > 404 - Page not found

I'm Anzu, 25 years old and an anime freak from germany! How do you do? (◕ ヮ ◕) We can be friends, so feel free and follow me! But watch out: i like to spam! Avatar is an artwork about me from my BF. It looks really like the original! Fascinating!

fairy-dream > ♪ A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes ♫

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m 24, daydreamer and occasional fangirl from France. I love Harry Potter, Disney, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Jpop and Kpop and many things XD Well this blog is all that ^^ GRYFFINDOR{ wear }

whatsthatmeme > What's that Meme

All the memes, all the time...

sei-kunnoe > Biting is like kissing, only there's a winner

I have no idea anymore. I guess I post stuff I find funny, important, or interessting. Sometimes I post art of my own. Art Tag

my-personal-inner-desires > Welcome!

THIS BLOG CONTAINS 18+ RATED MATERIAL. 18+ ONLY NSFW PLEASE!! I do not own 99.999% of the images.. if you do and want it down.. just tell me.. Majority are just re-blogs..

nai-chaan > アルマ

Girl | 21 | Mexican | Manga & Anime | Videogames | and random stuff |

chocolateal > Pastel punches (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Teal (or M.P.)/demigirl/ace/college kid General cuteness and good mojo, plus some feminism and cats

wawkawawka > Untitled

18+ I blog stuff I like, I do not own any of the pictures I reblog. Hit me upKik: esaywhat Male CO usa

getyourownkush > Shit Happens

~ Out of this world ~

iheartmaprforever > St. Jimmy! \m/,

nice guys finish last :)) St.Jimmy ! ♥

zorisama > ᕙ( `▽´ )ᕗ

Qis | 18 | Libra | Multifandom animanga blog | I follow/message with the username lonelywhale | status: (98%) HIATUS

tyler-interupted > carldell

I get bored, & this is what I do. [instagram]@tylerdrake_mclevain

whyteshadow > Within The Shadows

The name's Daphne. Female. Christian. Filipino by Blood. Canadian by Citizenship. Australian, Hawaiian, and Irish by Education. If you wanna know more 'bout me, feel free to follow me and/or ask. Warning: Posts may contain traces of nuts.

anionce > Morphin3

"I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination"

inspireligncy > inspire me.


thephantomcasebook > The Black Case Book

Orginally the Phantom Column till I got Screwed by Tumblr. I'm a 24 year old retired Private Detective now a Writer who's just trying to make his way in this world. The foundation of this blog is built on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Batman: The Animated Series (Batman in General), and Game of Thrones. With Guest Appearances of The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, and Doctor...

thegardenpartyshow > The Garden Party Show

The Garden Party Show is on Saturdays 10pm12am pst on www.party934. Check out thegardenpartyshow.com

meihua-1st > 不 要 忘 记

. . 我所 爱 的 人

cheesepizzaluke > Lets Forget The Past

I'm obsessed with too many bands ~Jenna~

imaginando-un-mundo-perfecto > Imaginando un mundo perfecto

Hola! mi nombre es Yadira soy de México, Amo escribir, los libros, la música, la fotografía, el dibujo, el mar, la lluvia, los días nublados, el olor a libro nuevo, la poesía, los gatos, John Lennon. Gracias por seguirme. ¿Quieres charlar un rato? Con todo gusto estoy para leerte +52 81 1993 8236

badboygoodlipps > Mexiico Joe

Sup?I'm Joe........ Vine:Papicake Insta:lilpapi_

squeee-my-otps > No I Won't Calm Down

Multi fandom but majority OUAT. I will ship Captain Swan till my dying breath. Once Upon a Time || Castle || Grey's Anatomy || Reign || DEFINITELY NOT SPOILER FREE SORRY

stephshinebrightlikeadiamondsds > Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I'm Stephanie. I love music, sports, and life.

love-waffles-work > Chaos. Chaos Everywhere.

'Twas a tale most entertaining, brother.

lamxchops > Home

Andrew Lam, Vancouver twitter - andrewlam17 instagram - andrewlam17

wherehaveallthegoodensgone > party&bullshit

not the most oringal blog but hay! theres no orignality nowadays.

thebirdsaidnevermore > Quoth The Raven, "Nevermore"

Jordan, 19, New York City. Currently attending FIT, Aspiring designer, Helplessly in love. I believe that all things have a funny way of working out in the end.

elux10 > jhon manuel jaime

comun y silvestre

bigcockedpornlover > Horny & Bored

So yeah how's it going? Welcome to my blog. I'm a married and very open minded edger from the UK.My profile pic is me (Search for "bigcockedpornlover") and I also have kik - bigboye1981 So this is basically a collection of hot pictures and videos that cause me to explode huge ribbons of hot cum, over and over. So tell me what a filthy horny little fuck pig you are, tell me how you need my big thic...

folle-pensiero > PENSIERI COLORATI

Lascio spazio alla mia fantasia colorata da fotogrammi di vita vissuta. Amo la vita come amo il sesso. Non disegno nuvole non coloro la pioggia. Sono in un volo perenne oltre questa mia mente. Aspetto per rapirti piccola idea innocente

the-tazz > The Tazz

I Love Everything about a Woman

jothecatlover > What Even Is This

Nice to meet you, I'm Johanna and this is my blog.

blade991 > GIFFan

Just stuff I like. Feel free to post your stuff

horrors-and-sins > Ça ira.

Marisa. Los Angeles//Rennes, France; the city of fallen stars. • adrenaline junkie, scary movies, eyeliner, cuddling, blankets, animals, mascara, heels, boys, rain, sarcasm, concerts, blueberries, apples, cupcakes, roller coasters, hip bones, collarbones, chocolate, house, dubstep, alternative, dtp• rose(s) hit counter

chikazoe > タン侮ラー

画面をメインにピックアップしています。 頭おかしい認定ニャ お尻画像掲示板 侮ログ

i-am-b-east > Sri Rama

23 MD artist. producer. dad. dreamer http://beastcode.bandcamp.com

a-tightlittle-skirt > Expecto Patronum

my blog for all things fandom related pjo | hp | tw | tmr | thg | atla | lok disney | dreamworks | avengers friends | tfios | taylor swift | ed sheeran swiftie since '09 08/10/14 • 24/06/15

meghammer > Queen Meghan of all Meghans

Meghan / 19 / Voice Actor/ Dragon Age / Video Games / Art / Avatar / SuperNatural

xrachelxmusicx > xRacheLxMusiCx

Heayy, I just post what I like. And I don't know how this all works xd. :3

reishibe > ~cool&beauty~

♪Daizystripper ☆ Rei Bassist ☆ Mahou Shojo AIM: acerolacheesecake Nya nya~ [3.1.15] Multi-verse capable! JPN Collective RP blog, not the real, not affiliated with 'em either.

captainrossalexander > Ross, not of the Geller variety.

INFP. 18. Feminist. Trans. My pronouns are he/him/his, but I will also accept "sir" and "your majesty".

radlittlepeach >

sushi fanatic and wave riderIG- kai_khim

kuroshirotoiro > 無色の?

Lily | 19 | Taurus | Alt I do not own any of these images or posts unless stated otherwise.

manly-shoes > Manly Shoes

We're completely obsessed with fashion. So much so that we built a fashion search engine that keeps tabs on over a 1.5 million products from across the web, and a 700,000 person community to help us find the best items. See something you like? Just reblog it and that tells us you think it's hot. The more reblogs something gets, the bigger the box.

whispersovertea-ask > Cooper Kingsley

Cooper H. Kingsley, currently a professor but hope I don't come across as too boring. Usually you'll find me at the tea shop grading papers or you know, sipping on tea. But don't hesitate to come by and say hello. I won't mind.

is-allowed > Believe.

Aquela morena de saia pequena com seus olhos grandes parece voar.

alasiacat > HopelesslyTragic

Familiar taste of poison~

raethequeenofchaos > BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

A look into the mind of a fun-loving, soft butch girl who plays guitar and bass, loves food, video games, the various fandoms, tends to get absurdly pissed off about gender issues, and is apparently super intimidating and unapproachable. In reality, I'm super sweet and I love talking to everyone! Please, come chat with me ^^ I always love making new friends. I also need to learn to stop using the...

lunar-princess13 > 🌙MoonChild⭐️

Hi, Nikole here. I'm 19, bisexual, definitely a nymphomaniac, single 🔓, advocate for LGBTQIA, ALL RACES, and Animals.

juggalo-king69 > JuggaloKing69

Just a normal 24 year old guy posting/reblogging things I like or find sexy. Most is porn so only 18+ please. Most to all the things I post come from the amazing (at least to me) blogs I follow. And to them I say thank you for the pictures I enjoy looking at so much. :)

dirtyearns > satisfied with nothing

lets take trip through my mind and see what we find

hinahana > ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Hayley. ISFJ. Special talent is falling asleep anywhere and everywhere. old url: hailing art / about / team 8 blog / hyuuga clan blog / gintama / daiya no ace

disintarrested > Blased

Something borrowed, something new.

luxuria1 > love you al ;-)

i'm from Belgium and like nice pics...

waytoomuchcum > waytoomuchcum

No Kids allowed! - no one has to know you follow a cum blog (but your Mom called!)

fr-eaks > ∆ fr-eaks ∆

hi i'm kat // melbourne // 21

marcus-t-heisenberg > Marcus T Heisenberg

collection of the type of style I m into the quotes i fucks with and anything else i think should be on here.

bananagurl97 > lame-o

massive thanks

strainingbriefs > Straining Briefs

side blog - ask for main

edgarallenbro >

im katelynne and I'm working on my theme & stuff bare with me pls

righthand482 > Robert Hand

64, Irish, male, atheist, anti Zionist

bigpeace77 > Only The Best

I repost only what I think is the best porn.

reconforto > Reconforto

"Os olhos sempre dizem a verdade"

sunnyr21 > I Am Me!

I am a writer who loves to write! Ask me anything.

leave-me-out-of-this-2 > what

NSFW porn blog of stuff I like

i-love-brainss > ✖ZOMBIES✖

✖☯♡☮✌¡Hola!✌☮♡☯✖ ✖☯México,Aguascalientes,☯✖.... ♡✖☯16 inviernos☯✖♡ ✖☯♡♥My Boyfriend: last-insane-lover.tumblr.com/♥☯✖♡ ✖instagram [sanndyss]✖

kabooru > KabooRu

*Imperial March playing* Welcome to the pink side. 24. Exiled in Texas Loud, abrasive, and angry.

lauchis > Welcome to the planet!

~Laura/25/Argentina~ played by Jensen Ackles See a random post from my blog Here are some of the things that I love and post about: Futbol (Racing Club ♥), movies, cats, food, fashion, shiny things, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, SHERLOCK and more...

sergioomachadoo > Now This Is A Blog >;3

Hey I'm a blog :3Depending on my mood my posting and pref will change but I'm postlude horny so no worries ;)

tjxxx > Enemy of the World.

BORN TO LOSE - Kaytee - West Virginian livin' in California - Straight Edge - Hardcore - Records - Comics. Facebook - Twitter

bilbo-swaggins99 > Pretty Boy Thing's

Ftm, Him/His, 16, Zacharie, i love The Hobbit ok

ladaidama > Y ahora que...?

Una simple mirada a los laberínticos e Intrincados rincones de mi mente en forma de imágenes, frases, videos y canciones

enidaabbath > wilting.

Enida Abbath, 21, Ontario. brewery slave/bar rat. mentally unstable chubbster.

gattsupozu >

Animanga tumblog. 99.99% SFW. Everything is tagged. Not spoiler-free. Got another blog for other stuff, if you want to check it out just send me an ask.

wantedapostate > fuck it

trans, he/they pronouns video games, gore, gender, aesthetic lots of dragon age and sometimes iasip

drakerav > The Fun

this is where it begins

tuesdaykids > tuesdaykids

Girl from Sweden | 19 years old | Addicted to tumblr | Slightly obsessed with nature.

jazzyxbonafide-hustla > Naughty By Nature

Jasmine Ambrose. One of those make-up artists back stage that helps all those Diva's look pretty, and I'm not just refering to the females either. Mun and Muse are 18+, multi ship and multi verse, If you wanna cuddle, I ain't your girl. Aim: Jazzybrosy .

guardianofspaceandvoid > Dowdy's Vault of Fandoms

Just a guy on Tumblr ready to waste hours at hand.

howlthemarquis > a realistic imagination.....

Come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring. This blog is NSFW if you're not of legal age please leave now. 6' tall redhead with a beard. Have any questions? Just ask. instagram howlthemarquis 

qtg1rls > qtg1rls

My name is Max, and I'm a 19 year old college student. I have another blog and that's where I spend most of my internet time on.

heyypenny > Halespennywell

20. i like my cat a lot. im just trying to figure myself out. criminal justice major.

captainasscheeks > Fairy. Fruit. Homo. Too Gay To Live.

Avery. 18. NJ to FL. USF Film Major. I'm a big nerd loser and this is where I look at all my big nerd loser stuff.

thesamzilla > u do u boo

being majestic or some shit idk

sexy-things-110 > Sexy things

Things I saw that are....sexy!

themangopeel > themangopeel

Welcome back to school, Mangolians!

sorta-kinda-special > hahaha no.

hi im Abigail. *TRIGGER WARNING* stressed, depressed, but well dressed(sometimes)

itlookslikesuicide > Don't trust quiet people

Don't you ever wonder what's the shit that's actually worth fighting for? Cause lately everything is just FUCKED UP. Stop worrying about romantic bullshit. Just be yourself, noone gives a shit anyway. I got to the point of "I don't give a fuck" a while ago. You can't BS a BSER so fuck off. I don't regret anything I've done. I don't cry, tears are useless. Walk tall ALWAYS. I never take things too...

scienceof-pleasureandpain > Don't let me be lonely

18+ please NSFW taken/pansexual/little girl You will see here, hot sex things, lots of ladies, dd/lg stuff and general BDSM stuff. Feel free to message, but give it a second of thought. Don't be creepy :)

thisisfrapu > Live together, die alone.

David. 22. Valencia (Spain) To know more click on About me! ABOUT ME ME :3 My Facebook Last.fm My irrelevant life My vinyl collection "Live together, Die alone"

upsid3-d0wn > Keep Calm and Kill Zombies.

Victor | 22 | Sao Paulo - Brazil. Instagram:victor_lemes Ask Me Me D: Facebook Favorite blogs Friends Submit Blogroll UNF page

tothe-moon-andback > Treat others as you wish to be treated.

old soul with old habits. Canada. Reduce , reuse , reblog.

saywhatjessie > Hungry Hungry Jess Jess

RAVENCLAW Student at Penn State. 20 years of personhood. I'm Darren's Jess Jess*

xffuck > OFWGKTA

Luís, 1996, Brazil.

lithauriel > a walking study in demonology

🌹22, pisces, infp, n00b witch, equestrian, she/her🌹

entirelyreal > Entirely Real

Curated by Luke Morgan

endlesspit > Blahblahblah

My name's Julie. I'm from Prague, Czech Republic although now I dwell in Belgium. I'm an awkward nerdy person and that's probably all you have to know for now.

warlockfallingupwards > Warlock Falling Upwards

The aesthetic obsessions of a dedicated occult dilettante.Magic, witchcraft, occasionally porn. NSFW, so 18+ only.

ryyyye > I wish I could do the hunter scream

Brandon. 18. East Coast of the USA. Click the links!

yaoiwatcher-bllove > YaoiMadness

All yaoi! boyxboy Mainly just pictures though

sequeer > hala madrid

i 🍩 like u

sexua1-preferences > The beauty of sex

SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX NSFW. 18+ only, if you need or want a photo removed contact me through messages or email.

meeowzer > ∞

19. Piper Kinley 💗

agnessara25 > NeNeNerd

otaku, horse riding and drawing

stayingicons > welcome to stayingicons

♥icons and headers♥ Para formar parte de la cuenta, leer faq. / ©

lasartesuniverse > Las Artes

Movies, series, shootings, musics, ...

ask-irl-mountiewilliams > Ask-irl-MountieWilliams

[ask box open] Welcome to my ask blog, where you can ask me any questions you want (Almost any) and I hope you stay amazing and stay nice to one another!

its-amihan > Amihan

Waiting for the day the Amihan url becomes rightfully mine, but until then...hey! It's Amihan. I run a blog. She/Her • Cisfem • Bisexual • Filipin@ • Able Instagram

auroraaborealice > Nightmare before Wonderland

You got Caitlyn~This is a multi fandom blog, I basically post whatever I want to post. Enjoy your stay in Wonderland; Dont worry, we are all mad here~Town: WonderlaFriend code: 083429710949Dream address: 4500-5293-0850

tick-tick-bloom >

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” ― Virginia Woolf

infelphira > i will gladly become a song

rowan/infel. 20. ae/aer or he/him. i'm nonhuman and this is my personal and fandom blog. previously: treeboa, grant-kendrell, galley-la, steel-ball-run boa pixel made for me by lan, picture referenced from crispysnakes. Why Donate?

way-too-fab-4-u > We are what we are

Angela Petruseva from Macedonia. Don't follow your dreams,follow me

drhanniballs > *rollin'*

19 Finder of weird and funny things Reblogger of the Mass Effect, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed and other awesome things

keegmonster99 > Keegmonster

Batman is life. Comics. Cartoons. Games. Movies. Anime. Funny shit.

leyla-lovely > Leyla Lovely

German student of art and animation. =) deviantArt LJ

kayyceegurl > Kae Cee

KC | 15 | chiilll | some of this...some of that....less of that more of this. lol we're all flawless in my world....

kataraqui-muse > Bitey Mad Lady

Where I post reference for the art I make, stuff I like, and my travel diary. I also have tumblr blogs under fourfears (Grayscale comic) and londonbattlefield (Sherlock fanart). Basically whatever I want.

perritoscalientes >

Does it come in black tho

the-age-of-silence > ۞

Daniela ∴ 16

fall-out-182 > ✌🏻️

Peacocks are just rave turkeys, and once you realize that, everything will be okay, my friend.

whereittakesyou > Where It Takes You

'And the rest is rust and stardust.'

positive-damage > swagless

photographer.  writer.  trouble maker.  rock hunter.  thrift shopper.  I like pain killers and working out for long hours, along with spinach underneath most of my food and a good slap on the ass.  most of my friends call me Carl.

hodgepodgehazzes > Less Is More

A typical blogger who has a wide range of interests in people, fandoms, slash pairings, events and media.

awkward-h > Awkward_H


highwaytohella > Ooh, I wanna see!

Francisco (He/Him) I don't even know what this blog is anymore, Marching Band, puppies, and Marvel. Proudly taken by my girlfriend Haley since 4/2/15

iluvthick > My Get away

A Place where I can let my thoughts meander without reservation.

webjunkie3437 >

Oklahoma discreet guy (by job needs). I'll post what I like and if you want to follow, great! If not, that's ok too. This will be a little bit of every lifestyle. I like pussy and love self-shot teens. If you have any questions feel free to give a yell. And, girls, send me your self-shots! clothes or no, it'll get posted. Just let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.

verycoolandcuteboy > Gay Love

Hi, I'm Lorenzo and I'm from Italy 🇮🇹.I mostly post or reblog pictures, gifs and videos of guys I like.WARNING: Contents are NSFW and you should be over 18! If images and videos of nude men offend you, please browse away.

fondlyregarded > Dingle My Ronpas

   ♥ | ♦ | ♠ | ♣ It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

wastedpotentially >

if you're attractive and funny, i probably have a mad crush on you.

mel-is-in-wonderland > melisintumblrland

Cosmic space panda at your service! I am a bit of this and that; here and there. Not really one to talk about myself unless asked, or if I have a funny story to go with it. I adore making others smile; so please, let us become tumblr acquainted. :3

ugh--rachhh > i'm getting there

rachel • 22 • NYtake a breath & let the rest come easy☯

wildestmomentslover > My Wildest Moments

"You can't process me with a normal brain."

leonamedvanessa >

she's the giggle at a funeral